University Project: Using Files

Pseudocode Step 1: Take Input: Enter number of courses taken. Step2: Enter name/code of the book or code of the course for which the book is required. Step 3: Read price from the file for the entered book into an array. Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all... More

Coca Cola Essay Sample

Management Essay
Name: Name of the subject: Name of institution: Name of professor: Date of submission:   Coca cola was invented in 1886 by doctor john Pemberton who was a pharmacist. The coca cola formula was concocted by Pemberton in a three legged kettle in his backyard. The name was suggested by... More

Marketing War between Pepsi and Coca-Cola

Management Essay
Student’s Name: Maksim Gonchar Instructor’s Name: Course Name:                                                                                  11th November 2011. Marketing War between Pepsi and Coca-Cola Virtually every corner you turn to in major U.S cities, there is an advert of coca cola or Pepsi daringly inviting you to sample a few of its present crazy offers. It is... More

Strategic Analysis: PepsiCo, Inc. VS Coca-Cola Company

Management Essay
Introduction The soft drinks are the most popular among the teenage and the middle age group peoples. The soft drinks contain the sodas, in taking of sodas cause the problems. People taking without this are healthier. But these drinks somehow are the leading and they are having lot of brand... More

Analysis of coca-cola company

Management Essay
Coca Cola Company is one of the largest drink manufacturing companies in the world It manufactures and distribute large amount of drinks to various parts of the world and this helps in raising the living standards of the people. Such drink makes life comfortable as they serve as refreshers. The... More

Life & Letters of Paul

Literature Essay
Focus on Rom 13:1-7 and the readings form Gorman and Brauch. Explain how Paul’s admonitions about subjection to governing authorities should be understood in light of their original context. What were the circumstances and main concerns that Paul seems to be addressing in this passage? In what sense are believers... More


Management Essay
Multinational companies face many challenges. According to Welford (2016), although there are major challenges associated with international business, there are still a number of companies which have extended their operations across boundaries with an aim of making higher profits. One such company is Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. The company started in... More

Web Security

Education Essay
Web security refers to all the activities that are designed with an aim of protecting the use as well as the integrity of the network and data. The main aim of the network security is to control the access to a network. The security identifies threats in a network and... More

Road Congestion

Introduction Transportation engineering is crucial when it comes to solving some of the issues experienced during transportation. Some of these issues have a wide impact on the economy as well as the society. As a result, if such issues are not fixed, then losses made by a country or a... More

A Whole New Ballgame

Literature Essay
Macy’s story is about the love for baseball and how fans feel regarding all about the game. It depicts how the game had a direct effect on the fans’ and players’ lives leaving behind a long-lasting influence, as well as a legacy that will be shared by many generations. The... More

Buddhist Psychology

Psychology Essay
Buddhist psychology views the reality mainly as everything that is up to change where it is basically scientific and that various ideas have to be conceptualized (Ganeri 23). The self, being the hardest to understand and the central to religion, is viewed as changing where one is being separated from... More

Cognitive Psychology

Psychology Essay
Dogs can be taught new words in the same way as small children do A 2004 research study by Kaminski et al. reported the case of Rico, a 9-year-old border collie that could recognize more than 200 items by their names. In two experiments, the dog demonstrated genuine acquisition of... More

Business Ethics

Ethics Essay
Case 1 Business ethics refer to the standard principles and behaviors that are acceptable to customers, competitors, the regulatory authorities, and any other stakeholder during a business transaction (Boylan, 2001). Apart from making profits, any business needs to consider the impacts it has on the society.   The cruise industry... More

Medical Care and Ethics

Ethics Essay
Problems with medical ethics emerge for a great number of reasons Having the force over the death and life, medical workers can either abuse this power or be negligent with it. Medical ethics joins general ethical principles with medical research. Costing a lot, healthcare arise health-care ethics problems. There appears... More

Children Nutrition Education

Health Essay
With the increasing rates of children obesity an intense need for promotion of the health of the children is highly important. Children nutrition is a key unit that contributes to obesity and other health deficiencies to the children. Domain The key domain under the topic falls is nutrition. Through the... More

Improving Business Performance

Management Essay
Introduction The performance of an organisation’s business operations is dependent upon several factors that are ascribed to the human relations within the firm. In particular, the relationship between the staff members with the managerial team significantly impacts on the activities carried out in the company. For instance, healthy relations amongst... More