How to Make an Exploratory Essay Engaging?

An exploratory essay is concentrated on presenting detailed research of the problem. You may not know a lot of information about the discussed issue and your opinion about it may not be formed yet. However, in course of research you will find out considerable details about the subject you are examining. Therefore, you will be able to understand it clearly and provide readers with reasonable arguments and interesting content.

This type of paper is not aimed at dealing with only one piece of evidence concerning the explored question. On the contrary, it is focused on gathering several facts and examining them fully. Writing an exploratory essay means setting up an in-depth discussion participating in which will help readers broaden their outlook on the tackled problem.

How to Make an Exploratory Essay Engaging

The topics for writing exploratory essays are numerous. Some of them are given below:

  • The Role of Green Peace
  • Sport and Its Influence on Health
  • Democracy: pros and Cons
  • Innovative Teaching Approaches
  • Immigrants: the Freedom of Choice

It does not matter what subject you select. It is important to be interested in it, as it will be reflected in your way of the paper writing.

Exploratory Essay Definition

There are various kinds of essays. This kind of assignment is so popular because it follows the liberal rules and gives the freedom of thoughts and actions to the writer. Different students prefer writing different types of essays: argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, etc. However, there is a type of essays that requires much more efforts. An exploratory essay wants the student to apply his/her best analytical and critical thinking skills. A common exploratory essay definition says that this essay is the perfect instrument for exploring various points of view on a specific question using many sources and consolidating them with the sound discussion. As such, mere writer`s observations are not enough to create a good exploratory essay.
You have to dedicate much time and efforts to writing such an essay because this task will show you as a mature and qualified expert, whose skills and possibilities go far than the skills of the average student. Are you scared? Well, you shouldn`t. Knowing the essential secrets of exploratory essay writing, you will be able to achieve the desired outcome. We have gathered the important secrets that will help you become a better writer.

What Is an Exploratory Essay

According to the exploratory essay definition, this essay aims to explore the specific issue or topic. Keep in mind that you do not need to stand for or against something; you just need to provide the reasonable arguments to present the issue from different perspectives. To write a good exploratory essay, you need to utilize different approaches. In other words, you do not have to invent something new, but try to gather the reasonable opposing views regarding some event, issue, or process.

However, at the same time, only the essay that brings something new to the topic can be considered as well written. As such, try to work on some unexpected conclusion or find one more perspective for analysis, and you will impress your professor by the creative approach to writing. Indeed, when it comes to writing an exploratory essay, all restrictions are rather conditional. Thus, you should not be afraid to develop new approaches to the analysis of a specific problem.

The essential characteristic of exploratory essay writing is its objectiveness. As such, the writer should explore the issue from different angles paying equal attention to all opinions and arguments. As you do not have any specific audience, you are free to choose any approach. However, nevertheless, try to make your essay interesting and thought provoking for everyone.

How to Select a Good Topic for an Exploratory Essay

In order to create a good topic, you have to search for the issues and problems that are of current interest world and cause significant controversies in the present-day. In particular, it can be some ethical quality, a collision between two cultures, as well as some political issue in historical perspective.

Of course, your topic should not be limited to the options mentioned above. Speaking figuratively, you have to find the topic that will burn the light in the hearts of your readers. Keep in mind that you have to explore two or more opinions regarding the issue. You are not asked to solve the problem, as your primary task is to show why this problem is relevant.

The Structure of the Exploratory Essay

As well as any other academic essay, an exploratory essay should follow the common structure that includes an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction. This part requires from you to provide a brief background of the issue that will be discussed throughout your paper. It is great if you manage to create some hook that can engage the reader and make him/her follow your ideas. At the end of your introduction, you have to pose the question so that the reader could understand the essence of the problem. This question should be rather controversial because the audience needs to realize the relevance of your topic.
  • Main Body Your main body can be separated into two different steps:
  1. In the first step, you need to describe your topic more thoroughly. In this part, you can present your topic from different perspectives. Usually, it requires one paragraph. However, if you need more space, feel free to do it just keeping in mind the word count.
  2. The second part implies presenting different opinions regarding the issue. Each body paragraph should be dedicated to a separate issue. Do not jump from one idea to another since you will just confuse your reader. Only such an approach will help you turn your essay into a single mechanism in which every element performs its function.
  • Conclusion. According to the exploratory essay definition, a conclusion serves not only for the restatement of the ideas analyzed in the essay but also for expressing the personal opinion regarding the topic. Previously, it was told that you have to be maximally objective when writing your essay. However, this rule can be applied only to the main body. As such, your conclusion is the field for expressing your position regarding the issue. You may adhere to some opinion discussed in the essay or present a brand new approach. Besides, if the word count allows, you can explain why you chose this particular topic.
  • Epilogue. It is believed that the good examples help understand the information better. However, it is not right. In many cases, examples distract the writer from his own thoughts and observations. As such, if you want to become a good writer, you should not be blindly guided by someone`s words. You have to demonstrate an original and authentic approach towards the analysis of the specific problem.

In conclusion, we assure you that writing more exploratory essays you will gain more writing practice. If you want to get a positive grade, you have to learn carefully the exploratory essay definition and follow our suggestions. We do hope that our exploratory writing techniques will help you cope with the task quite effortlessly.

Follow your writer`s instincts and use your imagination and we guarantee that your essay will be a brilliant exploration paper example for your classmates. Remember that only determined and goal-oriented writers are able to reach academic success.

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