Arguments for and Against Abortion


Abortion is the removal of an embryo or a fetus from the uterus before it is viable in order to end pregnancy. It can occur due to natural reasons, whereby it is referred to as a miscarriage, or it can be induced on purpose (Bailey 12). Abortion has been practiced for ages as a means of birth control. It was later forbidden and condemned by most of the world’s religions, though it was not made illegal according to the law until recent times. Some countries have explicitly made abortion under any circumstance illegal by law, while some countries have laws which permit abortion in certain circumstances. Such circumstances include instances of rape, incest, and to protect a woman’s health. Abortions carried out illegally and in unsafe conditions could result in death of a mother, infertility, and other health complications.

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Arguments against Legalization of Abortion

The issue of abortion is a bone of contention in various parts of the world as people debate both ethical issues and legal issues it raises. Abortion should not be legal in any country as it condones killing an innocent human being. This is despite the fact that a fetus cannot be seen as it has not come into this world yet. A person’s life begins at conception, and it is inherently wrong to end it. Abortion deprives an unborn child of its natural right to live. Undergoing abortion could also result in various complications for any mother bearing a child. These complications include infertility, dangerous infections, and, in some cases, even death. In addition, procuring an abortion could result in psychological trauma a person may suffer for a long time after it. This happens especially when that person is young when she procure it, and she does not have sound judgment at the time.

Arguments for Legalization of Abortion

People who support the legalization of abortion claim it to be a personal issue, and only women should make that decision for themselves. They state that the right to abortion is a right like any other and the government should not impose people’s decision on this issue. They add that mothers should maintain the right to abort a fetus if they are not financially secure enough to take care of potential children. They also raise the issue that, if abortion is made illegal, it encourages mothers to procure abortions which are unsafe and dangerous to their health.

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However, legalization of abortion means that one could procure an abortion at any time they want without any questions asked, since it is their decision to make.

Despite all the debate, an immense number of problems still lies with the issue of abortion. In definition, abortion is the termination of pregnancy way before a fetus has developed significantly. Differently, various countries have diverse views concerning abortion. In countries like the USA and Britain abortion is legal. This act in these two countries is defined as loss of pregnancy before the twenty either week of menstrual age . The majority of other countries still term abortion as illegal; this fact has brought a lot of debate.

Many people are dissatisfied in the countries where abortion is illegal. It causes a real life threat to the females living there. This is due to the fact that women will still continue undergoing abortion; since it is illegal, they will have to do it in unprofessional ways. The acts of unprofessionalism in the way abortion is being conducted can be witnessed when fetuses are found dumped near rivers and forests.

Those who support abortion believe that women can rightfully decide what to do with their bodies, and should not suffer at the expense of unborn babies. Furthermore, they continue to argue that life begins at birth, and not at conception. Thus, women can freely terminate undesired pregnancy . On the other hand, abortion can be implemented as a birth control mechanism. In this case, a woman can employ it to regulate the size of family she wants. Birth control is not only beneficial to families, but to the nation as well since the resources are being depleted with each day. In case incest occurs, it is advisable to undergo abortion since children with complications can be born . Moreover, if a woman is pregnant out of rape, abortion may be the only ethical way out to prevent mother’s suffering. To ease the lives of many women, abortion should be legalized. If this happens, all the procedures will be conducted in a safe environment and by professionals in that field. Hence, chances of complications as well as loss of lives will be reduced dramatically .

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The abortion debate has been profoundly based on the grounds of policymaking. A new perspective has to be introduced. For example, it is wise to deal with social issues that lead to the so-called unwanted pregnancies. Courts have also attempted to unravel the problem of abortion. The case of Roe vs. Wade is a historical Supreme Court decision made on January 22, 1973; it legalized abortion in the United States. The court ruled as follows: the state would allow abortion under certain circumstances during the first and second trimester (Lewis). That decision was seen as a success and was profoundly welcomed by the majority of women in the world. Moreover, a research conducted in the USA indicated that 60% of individuals interviewed believed abortion should not have been banned at all; 38% stated it should have been permitted when the mothers’ lives were in danger; 22% believed abortion should have been legalized at all costs.

A conflict arises between pro abortion and anti abortion groups. People’s beliefs are biased according to social diversities like age, gender, race and religion. Societal problems connected to the abortion dispute comprise overpopulation, violation of women’s rights, indigence, undesired kids and the threat of illicit abortions. Speaking of poorness, pro-lifers contend that a poverty-stricken mother will remain poor in spite of whether she undergoes an abortion or gives birth to a child. Issues like an unfavorable financial situation and unemployment are not resolved by abortion. According to statistics, approximately 21.3% of females who underwent abortions would not be able to take care of their future child efficiently. 78.9% of women had decided to murder their unborn children not because of their financial state. The problems associated with cases of abortion can be solved amicably by legalizing it. The advantages of abortion being legal outweigh maintaining it at an illegal state. In this spirit, legalization of abortion will be of more good to the society as a whole.

Making abortion legal would ultimately eliminate any right to life of unborn children. A person could just attend a hospital and acquire an abortion based on temporary feelings. In addition, legalizing abortion could allow unprotected sex, which results in unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand, this should not be the case as there are various forms of contraceptives people should be encouraged and educated to use. The view that a woman should be allowed to procure an abortion if she is not well enough financially stable to take care of a child is not a sufficient reason to make abortion legal. People should be aware of the risks of having unprotected sex and should be educated on the use of various contraceptives. This would avoid situations where they are limited to choosing between the cost of raising a child and the cost of an abortion operation. Moreover, there are many people who try to adopt children since they cannot get children of their own. Women can give their children up for adoption, thus providing them with a chance to live.