Features of a Narrative Essay

If you want to focus on your personality while writing a paper, you are to produce a narrative essay. Every person definitely has a wealth of experience, remembers some pleasant events, and unforgettable moments. Why not share them with readers? At prewriting stage, you will deal with choosing what exactly you want to present your readers with. Unfortunately, memories can fade and it can be very hard to talk about particular issues.

Writing a narrative essay can be compared to storytelling. Your narrative paper is nothing else but a story about your experience, life, interests, etc. By the way, preparing this type of work is a great way to know yourself better.

What do narrative essays deal with?

If you want to create a paper of top quality and provide readers with useful facts about yourself, you need to write about the way you have gained particular experience. You may write about the event or decision that has changed your life once and forever. It will interest readers for sure. It should be admitted that narrative essays are focused on a certain point which is expressed in the opening sentence of the initial paragraph. Sometimes, the main idea may be presented in the last sentence of the introduction.

When preparing a narrative work, you will learn to adopt different methods for telling about your experience. It can be said that narrations entertain readers. They fill readers with positive emotions and provide them with unmatched content. Furthermore, narrative papers can:

  • Join people together
  • Clear some issues
  • Broaden readers’ outlook
  • Leave readers with great feelings

Narrative Essay Plan

A common narrative essay should consist of the following elements: the plot, setting, description of characters and their actions, climax, and the conclusion. Remember that a narrative essay always describes some features of a certain subject or person. A characteristic feature of narrative papers is that they show a person’s feelings and actions in the discussed situation. In addition, such kind of work demonstrates what he writer has learned from the presented experience. However, when doing this assignment, you should not just talk about the events that have happened in your life. Your aim is to explain readers how the described events or situations have affected you.

Summarizing details about narrative essays:

  • Narrative papers present a certain viewpoint. It also provides arguments to develop and support the expressed opinion.
  • Narrative essays are full of exact details.
  • These works contain a large number of attributives, different types of adverbial modifiers, and phrasal verbs.
  • There may be dialogues in the narrative papers.
  • This kind of paper can present contradictory points.

When the subject matter is chosen, you need to adhere to the following standards:

  1. Make readers involved in described activities. Provide all details about the addressed issue.
  2. Your statements have to be based on straightforward facts.
  3. Present a general idea which you intend to support in your work. It can concern social communities, people of different age, and other groups.

Formatting a Narrative Essay

The first person singular “I” is used in narratives. Nevertheless, such pronouns as “he, she, it” can be used as well. The tone of a narrative work depends on the provided details. It means that the specific details that the writer provides create a special effect, and it is known that everyone likes reading fascinating stories. One more thing that you should know about a narrative essay is that they do not only present content, but also convey writer’s message.

Prewriting Stage

This is the first and the most essential step which is taken when writing different types of papers. At this stage, you should think carefully about what you want to say in your paper. For instance, your topic may sound like this “The strangest thing that happened to me on weekends” or “The tastiest cake I have ever tried.” Note that even a common topic can be an excellent subject for writing your narrative essay.

One should not be in a hurry when preparing a narrative paper. It is necessary to have enough time to recall all details of the situation you are going to talk about. Try to remember when the issue occurred, who took part it, and what its purpose was. Do not miss minor details as they can make your essay complete and specific.

Making the Draft

It is necessary to make your narration lively. As it has been said, narrations are produced in the first person singular, i.e. “I” what helps readers consider themselves close writer’s friends. When producing this type of paper, you need to give as detailed information about the subject as possible because readers may not know a lot about it. Therefore, omitted details can confuse them.

Colorful descriptions are to be provided in narrative essays as well. Readers should be not only informed about a particular topic, but also engaged in it. A narrative work has to demonstrate that readers can learn a lot of new things from writer’s experience. Though narrative papers are of non-fiction nature, they still may contain some storytelling elements. Thus, they will become more appealing.

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Revision Process

In order to be sure that your work is great, you need to review it. Check the following points:

  • Are the transitions used appropriately?
  • Is the reader an active participant of the story?
  • Is there any irrelevant information in the paper?
  • Is an essay clear?
  • What is the character of a narrative paper: descriptive or informative?
  • Is the main idea presented in a right way?

When writing a narrative essay, the writer chooses on his/her own in what paragraph to illustrate the importance of the discussed matter. Some authors highlight it in the opening paragraph, while others – in the last. There is nothing wrong with trying different variants of organizing your essay.

Editing Stage

At this point, one needs to check the errors connected with grammar, style, spelling, format, etc.

Presenting a Narrative Essay

It is true that every writer cares about the created paper. Therefore, presenting one’s work to others may be a little bit frightening. However, it is necessary to learn from this particular experience to be able to create an outstanding piece of writing the next time.

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Narrative Paper Subjects

  • The Most Delicious Dish I Have Ever Tried
  • If I Could Be a Kid Again
  • My Loving Pet
  • What Animal Do I Remind Myself?
  • If I had a …
  • If I Could Have Supernatural Abilities
  • Seeing the Rainbow Is Happiness
  • Would It Be Cool to Become Invisible?
  • My Impressive Achievement
  • How Lucky I am!
  • I Would Like to Live Two Centuries Ago
  • I Would never Change My Life to That of Another Person
  • Being a Child Is the Greatest Period of Time
  • Something That Helped Me Cope with Difficulties
  • Being Like a Baby Means Living a Happy Life
  • Friendship, Love and Loyalty Are the Greatest Assets

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