Supreme Discursive Essay

Writing different types of papers is rather complicated. You just have a blank sheet of paper in front of you and you never know whether you manage to produce a great piece or not. However, if you follow the steps described below, you will find out how to prepare an excellent work.

Make every effort to write an essay that is:

  • coherent;
  • logically organized;
  • understandable;
  • reasonable;
  • well-formatted.

In addition, your paper should capture readers’ attention, contain valid arguments, and be based on in-depth research.

How to start doing this tough assignment? Do not panic! All you need to do is follow these detailed instructions. As a result, you will write a paper of high quality.

In order to prepare a work consisting of 200-250 words, you need about an hour. The best option is to divide this hour into a few time frames. Consider the following:

Read and analyze the essay title (1 Minute)

  1. What is the matter under consideration?
  2. Discuss the key point throughout your paper.
  3. Explore exactly what you are asked about.

Make a plan (about 10 Minutes)

  1. Write concise introductory section.
  2. Present the items discussed in the first paragraph, e.g., Item 1, 2, 3.
  3. State the items discussed in the second paragraph, e.g., Item 1, 2, 3.
  4. Examine the same number of points in both sections to make the discussion reasonable.
  5. Write a succinct conclusion.
  6. Avoid using lengthy introductory sentences. Use different grammatically correct structures.
  7. List the words related to your subject. Write the paper by using modern language. Thus, your reader will be impressed with your work.

Writing Style

When producing your discursive essay, you should do the following:

  • Write short sentences.
  • Use formal language. Avoid using jargons, colloquial words, etc.
  • Be objective because you just present arguments.
  • Passive voice is to be used.
  • Always support your opinion by providing solid evidence.
  • Use transitions.

Avoid doing the following when writing the essay:

  • No personal pronoun “I” should be used unless it is specified by the guidelines (e.g., you need to express your personal viewpoint about the examined subject).
  • Do not use contracted forms of words (for example, use “is not” instead of “isn’t”).
  • Minimize the use of exclamations and adjectives.

Write the very essay (approximately 45 minutes)

Introductory section

  1. Describe the problem you are going to examine. Use quotations and rhetorical questions.
  2. Look at the question from one angle.
  3. Consider the issue from another angle.
  4. Make a summary.


Provide the pros and cons of the examined matter.

Concluding paragraph

  1. Start with a concluding expression.
  2. Conclusion should summarize the arguments you have provided.
  3. Express your personal viewpoint about the addressed issue.
  4. Avoid presenting new facts.
  5. Mention the title but not exactly as it is written at the essay beginning.
  6. Make references for the future.

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