How to Make Money Fast: Money Making Tips

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Ways to Unleash Your Creativity and Find Inspiration

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You always knew what to do when you were at school – get up, go to classes, study, go home, do your homework, meet friends, and repeat it every day. Feeling uncertainty and anxiety is a common thing when you are about to graduate from high school. A new life... More

Everything You Need to Know About Mother’s Day and Its Celebration

When do Americans celebrate Mother's Day? Mother's Day (sometimes it is called Mom's Day) is celebrated in spring. This date falls on the second Sunday of the fifth month of the year. It is the holiday of maternity, maternal upbringing and relations between a mother and a child. This year... More

Best Tips for Writing College Essays You Have Ever Read

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What You Should Know About Cinco De Mayo

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11 Ways How to Find Passion in Your Life

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5 Tips for Writing College Essays

5 Tips for Writing College Essays

If you’re struggling with writing at college, remember that we’re all in the same boat because this activity rarely comes natural to anyone. More

Is an Introvert Personality the Same as being Shy?

Barbara Streisand has an outgoing personality, but she constantly struggles with the paralyzing stage fright: she is a shy extrovert. Bill Gates is bookish and quiet, but is obviously unfazed by other people’s opinions of him: he is an introvert, but he is not shy. More