Strategies to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

#1 Avoid repetition like the plague Although it may sound counterintuitive if your task is to write a, say, ten-page paper, you must eliminate repetitive structures and banal statements to improve your writing skills. Be careful, however, not to confuse repetition with summarizing. Also, don’t try to pad out your... More
Six science books small

6 Science Books That Will Change The Way You Think in 2018

The new year has arrived and it is high time to start reading books that will change the way you think. Besides, winter is a perfect season to get away from the outside world and immerse yourself in the gripping life changing and brain expanding books. Nowadays the global readership... More

Does Selfitis Exist?

Have you ever caught yourself on a thought that you can’t spend a day without posting at least one picture? Or maybe you’ve started noticing that taking a selfie a day has gradually become an everyday habit you can’t go on without? Hmm…seems like a vivid reason to begin to... More

8 Best TED Talks on Psychology

A human is an irrational but wonderful creature, who sometimes acts in strange ways. This often makes us difficult, but it also is a reason why we are totally charming. Each of our fads is fuel for psychologists, who are striving to get in our heads and uncover the processes,... More
Popular Mistakes When Writing Mental Illness

Popular Mistakes When Writing Mental Illness

What the average person believes about mental illness is heavily influenced by pop culture, particularly Hollywood screenwriters. According to the conventional portrayal of fictional characters with psychological disorders, the character's mind is either full of homicidal thoughts or their disorders are merely eccentric and even humorous. Mental illness crime statistics... More
Great Networking Ideas

Great Networking Ideas for Students

What is networking? Networking is forming a chain of contacts that can be useful in the future profession and can also serve as a source of additional information in the field of activity. Such connections can also serve as a great way of creating and identifying business opportunities. Accumulate Your... More

How to Become a Morning Person & Love It

Mornings… How different they can be. Some are lazy, slow, willing to procrastinate, when others are effective, productive, and active. Which group do you belong to? Statistics show that successful people choose the last option, as they know that morning routine sets the rhythm for the whole day. In another... More


This year was full of events that might have made you totally exhausted. Your winter rest should be as lazy as possible if you want to accumulate energy for the next year. That is why it is not a bad idea to begin a TV marathon with your favorite movies... More

Tips to Stay Active in Winter

The human body is genetically programmed for constant activity and movement. Therefore, the person who woke up at 5 am and spent his or her day actively will feel better in the evening than the one who usually sleeps until lunchtime and leads a lazy lifestyle. Movement is the key... More

Important Things to Do Before Winter Break

Right now you might be overwhelmed with the tasks you still have to do before college winter break – finals, packing, Christmas presents… However, to successfully end this semester and start the new one happily and healthily, there is a list of crucial things you simply must do before the... More