Interesting Information About Thanksgiving

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of American citizens prefer sitting down to their traditional meals devoted to Thanksgiving day. However, this important holiday is actually celebrated not in a similar way in comparison to the historical event that was the source of inspiration for it. In spite of... More

How to Write a Killer College Paper

Over the course of years, I have mastered the art of writing outstanding papers and developed a certain recipe how to do it. From my experience and from the experience of all my friends, who have used that recipe, your success in writing killer essays depends only on one thing... More

Top Facts About Veterans Day

The history of Veterans Day began with the end of the World War I. Back then in 1918, on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 p.m., the war between Germany and the Allied Nations was officially over and in 1919 this day was celebrated as Armistice Day... More


We all like to celebrate Halloween now. But do all of us know how this celebration appeared? What’s its history? Why is it celebrated on this particular day? And why do we wear scary costumes and give away candies? Let’s find the answers to all these questions now! Ancient origins... More
Study Smart with Smart Tips

Study Smart with Smart Tips

Young people who transition from high school to college might find it hard to adjust to the new environment and everything it brings. The changes affect different aspects of daily life, including studying routine. The way you study in college differs dramatically from the ways you’re used to after high... More

The Actual Meaning of Columbus Day

Columbus Day is probably one of the most controversial federal holidays in the US. The reasons are various: the number of deaths in the discovered world caused by European diseases, Columbus’s attitude towards the indigenous inhabitants, the actual territories Columbus mapped, etc. At the same time, the fact remains that... More
The pros and cons of living on campus


Students who have just entered the college have to choose their housing. More than a half of first-year students live on campus. Living in an apartment outside the campus can be a great stress for young people and brings a lot of life challenges, while living on campus, you can... More

Mistakes College Students Make

Being Not Attentive Students tend to read exam instructions very fast without getting into details, thereby causing their low grades. Misinterpretation and rush will never make you get a good grade, so devote some time to reading/listening carefully. If you don't get something, you can always ask a professor. Wasting... More
Learn to Manage Your Time in College

Tips on Managing Your Time in College

What do we know about students? That they are always busy and short of money. No time for anything else except for what they are doing at the moment. The key to this mysterious student phenomenon is that most of college students are not pretty good friends with their personal... More

How to Be an Outstanding Student

Sometimes studying at college is hard. Nevertheless, each of us would like to become a better student. You can reach your goal easier using these effective strategies! Tune on positive Many professors argue that it is much easier to work with people in a good mood than vice versa. Be... More