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If you are in a trouble and do not know what exploratory essay topics to choose, it is time to learn what an exploratory essay is and how to write an exploratory essay easily. Students write dozens of exploratory essays in their career. Their purpose is to explore and analyze any given topic in more detail. What is an exploratory essay? It is a unique opportunity for you to examine either your views on the topic or the objective knowledge about the issue of your choice. Of course, you can find hundreds of good exploratory essay ideas online. However, writing exploratory essay will be much easier, if you consider our exploratory essay topics list. Do not wait, until it is too late to do anything about your paper. Start right now. Choose the most suitable topic and go on! Time has come for you to become a better student!

List of Exploratory Essay Topics for You

  1. How has the importance of families changed in the 21st century?
  2. How has the meaning of family structure changed in the last years?
  3. Are early marriages worth the effort?
  4. Divorce has considerably negative impacts on family functioning. Explore the claim in detail.
  5. Divorce is the source of negative influences on children.
  6. Gay couples should have better opportunities to adopt children.
  7. A non-married man or woman without children should have a legal opportunity to adopt a child.
  8. How does financial wellbeing influence families?
  9. Differences between partners – do they strengthen or weaken their relationship in a long-term perspective?
  10. Many families could be preserved, had they been allowed to adopt a child.
  11. Parents should participate in their children’s affairs on equal terms.
  12. Who creates most problems in families, men or women? Explain.
  13. What are the social implications of the growing number of women going to universities?
  14. Do children feel better with both parents, even if they constantly argue, or is it better to have troubling relationships dissolved?
  15. Children are better in families with two parents rather than single households.
  16. What if all schools gave up using printed textbooks altogether?
  17. Divorce – can families minimize its risks?
  18. How important it is for men and women to have their own biological children?
  19. Is there any family structure that best suits the social and cultural conditions of life in the 21st century?
  20. What should the U.S. do to stay ahead of the whole world in adopting and using advanced technologies?
  21. How problematic is it for single households to bring up educated and well-balanced children?
  22. Religion has positive impacts on family cohesiveness and strength. Explore.
  23. Parents should assume primary responsibility for raising their children.
  24. Can adolescents create a strong family union?
  25. Should partners seek their parents’ consent to get married?
  26. How should the healthcare system in the U.S. be financed?
  27. Distance – it is good or bad for romantic relationships?
  28. Surrogate parenthood – should it be made available to everyone? Should it be sponsored by states?
  29. How do children live through their parents’ decision to live separately?
  30. Is monogamy still relevant in the developed world?
  31. Should the state relieve the tax burden on families with adopted children?
  32. Divorce – what are its lasting effects on children?
  33. Is divorce a good solution to families’ financial problems?
  34. Is gun control a good response to the growing frequency of school shootings in the U.S.?
  35. Can cohabitation benefit the two people, who want to get married?
  36. Should working mothers have access to free childcare to pursue a career?
  37. How different is same-sex parenting from the parenting practices in heterosexual families?
  38. How do children survive through the loss of one parent as a result of divorce? Explore and defend your position.
  39. Are longer marriages better than shorter ones?
  40. Is it good for a woman to be a breadwinner?
  41. Are children growing up in single households more prone to face behavioral problems than children raised by both parents?
  42. Has the function of family in the 21st century changed?
  43. Religious diversity in families – it is good or bad?
  44. Love or rationality – which works best for building a strong relationship?
  45. Cohabitation – can it be disruptive for a romantic relationship?
  46. Is pre-marital sex a serious issue for couples?
  47. What problems do two partners of different races face?
  48. Can arranged marriages be treated as a form of discrimination?
  49. Is there any love without friendship? Guarantees

  1. Should children and their step parents be in good relations?
  2. Marriage or cohabitation – what is better for modern youngsters?
  3. Can religious commitments become a barrier to happy living in a family?
  4. Are women more likely than men to ask for divorce?
  5. Getting married after 30 is much better than doing it before 30.
  6. Women and men have equal chances to break their relationships – is it true?
  7. Conventional and non-conventional marriages – explore the concepts in detail.
  8. How important is religion in 21st century relationships?
  9. Cohabitation is unethical and violates the basic religious principles. Explain.
  10. Parents should do their best to avoid divorce for the best of their children. Explore.
  11. Being married for the second time is a good chance to become happy.
  12. Marriage – what meaning does it have for men and women?
  13. Are marriages involving young people who are still students strong enough?
  14. Why do people decide to break up?
  15. What does it mean to be in a perfect relationship?
  16. Are most people realistic about what it means to be divorced?
  17. Why do people seek to build strong relationships?
  18. If two young people want to have sex, should they get married to satisfy their urges?
  19. Surrogate parenthood should be controlled by state.
  20. How does parents’ divorce change their children’s perceptions of marriage?
  21. How important it is for partners to maintain close relationships after divorcing each other?
  22. Should grandparents have a say in their grandchildren’s family decisions?
  23. Should young families assume greater responsibility for managing the daily affairs of their older parents and grandparents?
  24. Is it good for children to have pets at home?
  25. Technologies and social networks – how do they change the nature of family and marital relationships?
  26. Is the system of education capable of improving students’ motivation to pursue better learning results?
  27. Should colleges and universities put a ban on using smartphones on their campuses?
  28. Is there any universal strategy for helping students improve their knowledge and skills?
  29. Should the United Nations preserve their status of a global peacemaker?
  30. Should the U.S. engage in foreign conflicts like those in Syria?
  31. Should the U.S. be an active defender of human rights at a global scale?
  32. Should the U.S. leave the Middle East?
  33. What is the key reason behind the growing number of obese and overweight Americans?
  34. Should the U.S. promote the development of cloning technologies and use it to grow human transplants?
  35. How can colleges and universities create better conditions for students’ learning?
  36. Should presidential campaigns be funded by private actors? Explain.
  37. Should organ donation become a mandatory procedure for everyone?
  38. What should the federal government do to ensure that all young people can afford going to college or university?
  39. Should the government put a ban on showing violence and pornography on TV?
  40. Professional sports – how damaging are they for human health?
  41. Should the government obligate car owners to minimize carbon emissions?
  42. Is the European Union likely to preserve its current political status in the coming decade?
  43. How can non-governmental organizations contribute to prisoner reintegration to community?
  44. Can the world guarantee that all countries and populations have easy access to quality drinking water?
  45. Are diets good for the human body and health?
  46. Why are young men getting so concerned about their appearance? Explore.
  47. What does the present research say about the health benefits of organic products?
  48. Is there anything workers can do to become more effective at work?
  49. Drinking and smoking – what are their effects on the human body?
  50. Should male and female athletes receive the same amount of salary for their efforts?
  51. What will happen to North Korea, if it does not stop launching its rockets?

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