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In a nutshell, an expository essay is a write-up that aims to research the point of view, analyze credible facts, develop solid arguments, as well as support them with appropriate data. To write such a paper, one should be aware of all the aspects of the subject being studied and possess excellent writing skills to convey the messages flawlessly. Also, it is necessary to support the arguments with a number of good examples.

It should be noted that an analytical expository essay can be assigned to students regardless of the degree they are pursuing. Since this assignment is unavoidable in the academic curriculum of every student, it is important to figure out its characteristic features.

Find Out the Difference Between a Persuasive Essay and an Expository Essay

Let us help you understand what are the main differences between a persuasive and an expository essay. The essential difference is that whereas the former argues about something trying to convince the audience about a certain viewpoint, the latter explains a specific subject in detail.

Expository essay. Such a paper aims to explain something. This means that the writer should provide the reader with accurate information, define the subject, and analyze it in detail. Since this document is always factual, it should be written in the third person. Besides, it should be free from emotional statements.

Persuasive essay. This paper aims to convince the target audience that the author’s point of view is rational and correct. Typically, it is an opinion paper that is supported by solid research.

For example, if you are reading the paper “The causes and consequences of World War II” then it is expository as it just explores the subject without persuading the audience about something.

Now, when you have an answer to the question “how are a persuasive essay and an expository essay different?” you need to learn more about the popular types of expository papers.

Common Types of Expository Essays

An expository essay may have different forms depending on the purpose. Before you start working on your paper, you need to understand whether you need to explain something, analyze something, compare and contrast two or more subjects, etc. Only if you clearly understand what you are going to do, you will be able to do it properly. Now, let’s have a closer look at the common types of expository essays:

  1. Compare and contrast essay. When working on such a paper, you are supposed to compare two or more things, events, figures, etc. To write it well, you need to focus on the main similarities and differences between these subjects. Pay attention that the subjects you are analyzing should belong to the same category.
  2. Definition essay. As its title suggests, a definition paper should define something. Usually, this paper revolves around explaining the purpose and nature of the subject being studied. For example, it may begin with a dictionary definition of the subject and then provide a detailed explanation.
  3. Classification essay. When working on a classification paper, one should divide the topic into several different categories and groups in accordance with certain criteria. A good topic for such a paper is one that can be divided into smaller groups.
  4. Problem-solution essay. This type of expository paper should analyze a specific problem in detail and provide one or several feasible solutions to it. When working on such a paper, one should explain why the problem is worth investigating and analyze the main pros and cons of various ways to solve it. Finally, it is necessary to explain what solution is the most appropriate and explain its choice.
  5. How-to/process essay. This paper should analyze the particular process in detail paying attention to every single step;
  6. Cause-and-effect essay. Such a paper should uncover the relationship between two objects explaining how one causes another. To cope with this task successfully, you need to provide enough supporting evidence explaining the relationship between two subjects.
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Expository Essay Example

As it was already noticed, in this type of paper the author should explain the topic using credible facts and in-depth research. Below, you will find some examples of expository essays that will boost your writing inspiration and facilitate the writing process.

Negative Effects of Spread of English

As people pursue their interests, communication becomes inevitable. The effect of English dominance over other languages remains a controversial issue. Apart from being perceived as a global language, English is credited for reducing disputes among native languages. In India, for instance, English has reduced disputes among Bengali, Hindi, and Telegu languages among others. On the other hand, the spread of English is believed to have negative consequences or many people. According to Wierzbicka, English, as opposed to being neutral, has inculcated an Anglo culture among people, thus impacting social and political ideas. Owing to its widespread usage, English has gained pre-eminence in education, immigration, social status as well as employment and business opportunities among others.

Raine asserts that the spread of English and its dominance over other languages is strongly associated with British imperialism. To be able to expand its colonies, Britain had to introduce education systems that overrode the significance of native languages to locals. English would later become the basis of financial success and future academics for people in the colonized nations. This was intensified by the use of English as the official and/or national language among newly independent nations. By 1960, approximately 2.2 billion people in the world were exposed to English as the official or national language.

According to Wierzbicka, globalization has played a major role in the establishment of the dominance of the English language. With globalization, there developed increased interactions among people, governments, and institutions. Cultural diffusion and economic interdependence make cross-boundary communication a matter of necessity at both national and personal levels. This has seen the usage of English to gain popularity as a cross-boundary language. To be precise, its usage has also extended to nations not colonized by Britain. Whereas the use of English among businesses and nations is limited to administration, people of lower class have also been influenced to learn English as a critical requirement for career growth. Increased multinational corporations have necessitated cross-boundary movements. To build competencies required in the modern world, students have been moving across boundaries as well. Developed economies such as the United States and Europe have witnessed international students’ influx in the recent times. A different perspective, though, emphasizes that British, Australian, and American businesses among others are not interested in spreading English; their interest is rather business success and profitability. As such, English dominance is circumstantial.

Thomason asserts that English has historically taken a large proportion than other languages in publishing. Apparently, though, English has gained dominance in increased translations. From a small proportion in the 1960s, approximately 50% of the current translations are being done in English. Further, English’s dominance has impacted negatively the talents held in other languages. Literary writing is a good example where gifted and supremely gifted cannot turn to the use of English easily. This limits the usage of talents and talents’ growth. By attracting the best of talents, the English literature tends to be the best. This owes to the dominance of English in the literature market.

As observed, the negative effects resulting from spread of English mainly relate to its dominance over other languages. This is a result of British imperialism, increased translations and publishing as well as globalization. Although it has improved communication and hence enabled economic, political, and social welfare, it has overshadowed other languages. As such, it is threatening the existence of other languages and cultures.

Initiate a Discussion

A very effective way to write an expository essay is to initiate a discussion in a form of conversation with a reader. For example, if you want to explore the causes and consequences of marijuana legalization, it would be good to set a dialogue with the reader and support your arguments with real-life examples. When working on such a paper, you need to provide a full analysis of the topic. Otherwise, the readers will have doubts about the credibility of your work.

Expository Essay Structure

Let’s have a closer look at the typical outline for an expository essay:

  • An introduction with a brief and coherent thesis statement. A thesis should correspond with the topic being studied. If you fail to formulate a good thesis, it will be very difficult for you to write a high-quality paper;
  • Main body. The main body should consist of several paragraphs that should be linked with each other with the help of smooth transitions. Pay attention that your task is to make your document easy to read for our audience. Each of the body paragraphs should be dedicated to a specific point related to the topic. Pay attention that the main body is the part where you need to provide as many details about the topic as possible. When suggesting any arguments in your work, you need to support them with appropriate evidence. Finally, you should not forget about the creative aspect of your work as it will give a kind of attractiveness to your masterpiece;
  • A concluding part. Finally, your paper should include a conclusion that will summarize the major points of your paper. Please note that a conclusion should not introduce new facts and arguments. In fact, the primary goal of this part is to wrap up your analysis.

By following this outline of an expository essay, you will be able to turn in a properly structured paper that will bring you the anticipated grade.

Five-Paragraph Expository Essay Structure

Typically, there are five paragraphs in an expository essay. In fact, this structure is perfect when it comes to writing a clear and coherent paper. If you decide to follow this structure, your paper will consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Main body;
  • Conclusion.

The main body of your paper will include three paragraphs whereas an introduction and a conclusion will take only one paragraph.

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