Article Critique of Hyundai ‘First Date’

Advertising is a form of marketing that aims to promote a brand or a product to increase its sales. It can also be done to assure stakeholders of the well -being of the business. Advertising is done through various media such newspapers, magazines, televisions and radio. Companies use a lot of resources in the form of finances in advertising. Apart from cash there is increasing the need for creating captivating ads that win many customers. Customers are touched by funny and creative ads which can still deliver the message clearly. This paper will analyse one of the funny ads that still maintains its intended message clearly. It will examine an ad by Hyundai named ’’first date’’

Hyundai, ‘First Date’

The ad is about a father who is worried about his daughter’s first date. He is worried about what will happen to his daughter in his absence. The ad uses a comedian Kevin Hart as the worried dad. He is able to find a solution to the issue that is disturbing him. He offers to loan the car to his daughter’s boyfriend. The car can be tracked and the dad is able to follow the night’s events as a result of the Hyundai Genesis technology.

During the night of their first date, the boyfriend has taken the daughter to a movie, then to a store to purchase a doll. In the two areas the boyfriend notices the father was watching them. The boyfriend is the only person who notices the father while the daughter does not. The boyfriend quickly disengages from Kevin Hart’s daughter without telling her the reason. The daughter is safe throughout the date.

The ad uses humour all through. It is a very hilarious ad that attracts the attention of the audience. The ad first attracts audience by making Kevin Hart the starring. He is a renown comedian and his presence means that the piece would be hilarious yet maintaining the meaning of the ad. The various scenes created are hilarious. At the movies the father of the daughter takes a noisy seep of the juice so as to destruct the boyfriend and still tell him that he is around. The daughter’s boyfriend is able to notice him after the destruction. At the shop, the father is hiding amid the dolls, after the boyfriend picks the doll he notices him. On their way home the father is watching them from a helicopter. The boyfriend is dismayed by the fact that the father is keeping watch over the duo. He finally decides to take the daughter home. The daughter is not aware of the boyfriend’s reason to take her home so abruptly. To his surprise on, getting home, the father is waiting for them. The dad has successfully monitored the night by the help of the Hyundai Genesis tracking technology using the track on his watch.

The father lastly appreciates that what Hyundai can do a dad can do. The new Hyundai car avails a lot of possibilities to its users. In this advert, it takes the roles of a father who wants to protect his loved daughter. The car finder feature of the Hyundai can help in tracking your car at the comfort of your home. The ad is emotional. In the past, ads always show the connections of mothers and sons. It is difficult to show the connection of a father and a dad. In this ad, the connection of the father and a daughter is depicted which brings emotional. Fathers are concerned about their daughter’s affairs. In this ad the father is not comfortable with the first date of his daughter and that is why he keeps track of every move.

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Target Audience

The Hyundai Genesis car ad targets American customers especially fathers. Men in most cases are the customers of cars. In the US, fathers have a say on what car to be bought. The fathers again are perceived to have the income that can purchase new cars. The ad has succeeded in the target by showing Kevin Hart as a father who has acquired a new Hyundai genesis car. He can keep track of his daughter and her date using the tracker. The Hyundai’s technology of incorporating wearable with its infotainment makes it one the cars to first achieve this milestone. In the US mobile phones such as the Apple are known to have used the feature on their mobile devices. It is a feature that makes tracking a car simple. The engine can also be started or switched off through the wearable. Hyundai genesis is a modern car that anyone can dream of having. The ad is informing the American customers of the unique feature of Hyundai genesis and telling them that it is not only a mobile phone feature but can also work in cars.

The experience of tracking a car from your wrist is awesome and the Americans can enjoy it. A part from the customers, the ad reminds audience of the forgotten connection of a father and a daughter. The ad is hilarious and catches so many people. The humour part of it makes it easy to be remembered by the audience. Fathers can remember the features of the Hyundai genesis tracking with the tracking of their daughter’s first date. The car market is full of competition. The manufacturers keep on improving the features of their models to outdo their competitors. The advertising allows the manufacturers to inform their target customers. The ad should also be created properly to be appealing to the target audience. Hyundai has achieved this through use of a comedian and hilarious bits in the ad. The celebrities have a big following which can appeal a big number of the target audience.

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Use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos

The ad has employed pathos in its communication. Fathers have a relationship with their daughters. The father is always worried about daughters especially in relationship matters. The father is always interested in knowing what happens to the daughter. They do not actually show the feeling openly, but inside them the connection is very live. The neglect of the connection in other ads makes it special in the Hyundai genesis ad. The ad revives the connection, hence becoming more appealing to the target audience. This emotion in the ad is persuasive. The target audience can be lured into accepting the brand as a result of the emotions created in the advert. The father gets to monitor every step of the couple just as he can monitor his car. Pathos tends to inspire people into action. Fathers can be lured to monitoring their daughters like Kevin Hart. They can only achieve this through the use of a tracker in the Hyundai Genesis.

There is the use of ethos in the ad in various ways. Hyundai is a worldwide trusted brand. Among the many car manufacturers, Hyundai is one of the big brands. The audience does not struggle to identify it. The fact that the brand has introduced a technologically advanced product proves that it is the brand that target customers should go for. The trust that people have for the Hyundai brand gives the ad the strength to introduce a new car with advanced features. It is giving more possibilities to owners of the car. The trust will persuade the target customers to purchase the product.

There is also a substantial use of logos in the ad. Technological advancement is inevitable. The use of technology in the new brand distinguishes it from other brands. The Hyundai Genesis incorporates a technological feature that was previously available on mobile phones. Incorporating this technology into a car makes the car attractive to the audience. The other bit of use of logos is the bit of car tracking. Every car owner is interested in the tracking of his car. The tracking ensures that the owner is aware of the cars whereabouts. Tracking a car from a wearable device makes it more intriguing. The audience will be persuaded by the ad due to the technological bit added in the Hyundai genesis. In case of loss of a car, the tracking device can be used to trace it with ease.

In conclusion, the Hyundai genesis ad ‘first date’ is a funny ad yet it maintains its intended message to its target audience. The ad has successfully communicated the message of Hyundai Genesis with advanced tracking technology. The ad has employed humour to make the ad more attractive and effective to the target audience. It has used Kevin Hart as a father who tracks his daughters first date to make it hilarious. The target audience in the ad are fathers who are known to have the purchasing power. It is clear that the ad has made clear use of ethos, pathos and logos. It has used them to effectively persuade the target audience. It is a persuasive ad and very effective in communicating the intended message.