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Contents : WHAT GOES INTO MAKING A LAB REPORT? KEYS TO LAB REPORT SUCCESS LAB REPORTS THAT GET RESULTS Conducting and analyzing research can be a real challenge even for the best students. This is why so many people buy lab reports online from the best academic writing company in the industry. You need to […]

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If you have come across our website, there is a good chance that you are thinking about getting help with writing your academic board posts. You have definitely come to the right place. is a reputable academic service company that offers a full range of assistance, including discussion board posts that are often an […]

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According to the common definition, a thesis proposal is a short explanation of what will be written in a thesis. As one may notice, this assignment is pretty important for the development of the student`s academic career; so if you believe that your writing and research skills are far from being perfect, do not hesitate […]

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If you are thinking of asking someone to “write my poster presentation,” then it is possible you have been considering how an effective presentation poster could alter your academic prospects and maybe even your entire life. Even if it is the case you are doing a lot of eye-rolling reading this, perhaps you should consider […]

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If you are looking to buy book reviews for college, you have come to the right place! is the leader in providing academic writing services, including high quality college book reviews to buy at the best prices on the market. When a professor assigns written book reports by students, they expect them to read […]

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Imagine that you are a self-taught artist who was given a task to paint a beautiful picture. However, nobody gave you any specific details and instructions regarding this painting. In addition, your knowledge about the very process is too general. Yes, such task is challenging, but when you complete it successfully, you will get a […]

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Writing an essay by using an outline composed earlier is a lot easier than starting from scratch. It is like half a job is already done. The same concerns a dissertation or research paper: it is usually difficult to complete, but with a well-thought-out research proposal, it is a way simpler task to do. So, […]

Why Metaphors in the Most Dangerous Game Are Attractive

Why are Metaphors Important in Writing? It is simple and complicated at the same time. Never underestimate the effect of a good metaphorical art on the reader. No matter what type of writing the author engages in – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or even a blog – it is almost a guarantee that it will contain […]

Emotional Benefits of Emotional Writing

As you are doing your emotional writing job, you also assume better responsibility for your and others' mental health outcomes. If you think that emotional writing is not something that you can reasonably do, it is your time to test your writing capacity. Authors who write about mental illness actually fulfill two valuable purposes. They […]

Substitute Teacher Resume

Educational Qualifications in Powerful Educational Resume Educational qualifications entail the skills and knowledge that you acquired during your academic career and are able to apply to a particular professional field. This list of academic qualifications includes applicable courses that you took, college internships, and projections related to the job you are seeking. In resume for […]

Effective Tips on How to Create Educational Content

Professional Tips for Creating Educational Content The final results were absolutely unanimous: Children felt free to use humor as the tool of teaching that helps them to study. Different examples were given spontaneously: one teacher of science prefers to light the lab on fire. Another teacher used a gun made out of marshmallow in different […]

Learn How to Make Electronic Books with Pictures for Children

How to Create Unique Picture Ebooks for Kids The creation of electronic books for little kids has always been tasked to the most popular and best selling illustrators and writers. When a person wanted to make interactive children’s books, he/she should have paid a large amount of money to the electronic book creation company in […]

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Elements of Good Writing in Psychology If you were asked to describe three qualities of good writing, what would you say? Definitely, you have to be clear in every word and sentence that you write. You need to know how to express yourself clearly. When your first draft is completed, you can read it aloud […]

Test Prep: 7 Tips for LSAT Success

Are you dreaming of getting into a top-tier law school? Having a solid GPA is only part of the equation; getting a high school on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an absolute must. But unlike most standardized tests that test subjects like mathematics and science, the LSAT is significantly different in that the […]

Most Popular Health Topics in 2018 (Bonus PDF)

Adding More Fruits and Vegetables Can Lead To Psychological Improvement in Just 14 Days Current Health Articles: Study Looks at the Link Between a Lack of Sleep and Our Learning Abilities Poliovirus Effective at Killing Cancer Cells and Preventing Regeneration of Tumors Curing Baldness: Are We Reaching a Breakthrough? Reasons Behind Gray Hair, Baldness Uncovered […]

Great Media Essays Topics

The process of choosing media topics for essays involves thinking about the field of study your paper is aimed at. Clearly if your essay topic is about Linguistics, it is important to pay careful attention to how the mass media use language and their choice of language. If, on the other hand, your paper relates […]

Research Topics in Psychology (Bonus PDF)

If your major is psychology and you are going complete a research work in this discipline, then you are in great need of choosing the most interesting topic out of a wide range of research topics in psychology. In case you have plenty of free time, you can look through the recent scholarly articles on […]

Katrina’s Children: Stories Out of Age

Analyzing children’s drawings and paintings is a renowned technique widely used by psychologists. Art is rightfully considered as a means through which children can express themselves to the fullest, portraying all their feelings and emotions – those lying on the surface as well as those hiding in the subconscious deep. The documentary Katrina’s Children utilizes […]


In terms of working on the presented research question, much attention was paid to the issue related to the social disability which is widespread among the different groups of the population. Unfortunately, the tendency dedicated to the health disabilities among the patients remains rather tremendous. That is why the current investigation was called to reveal […]

Language and Literacy

Language and literacy is a crucial part of communication in the modern world, as it serves a medium of interaction and delivery of information. In a disaster or an emergency situation, effective communication between emergency victims, witnesses, and first responders is especially important, as it enables a smooth delivery of humanitarian assistance (Hadley, 2015). On […]

Rogerian Essay Example

Ban on Smoking in Public Places Introduction and Claim Smoking in public places is the immoral behaviorof people who do not take into account the fact that they poison the life of non-smokers with the smoke. Each person has faced with such people who smoked around them and thought of nothing. Thus, it is relevant […]

Women and Sport

Question 1 The first thing she is remembered for is launching a case court against a white man for illegally enslaving her son, and she became the first black woman to win such a case. Secondly, her famous speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?” that she delivered at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention. Lastly, she is […]

Validating Cases for Gun Control

Section 1: Introduction The present study draws upon Campion et al. as a candidate argument proposing some plausible policy remedies in response to a ‘burning issue’ as well as to a recurrent downside trend that has shown some troubling evidence of worsening, supposedly nationwide. It has yet to be seen if this pattern in question […]

10 Effective Tips On Creative Writing For Dummies

Do you dream of becoming a successful writer? Are you dreaming of seeing your name or pseudo printed on a cover of your best-selling book? In case your answer to the above questions is YES, there is a high chance of you becoming a good writer. In addition, maybe it is your destiny to bring […]

Tips on Becoming a Medical Writer and Medical Writer Salary Requirements

Thinking of getting into medical writing? If you think you have what it takes to be a medical writer, you should first decide whether this job is right for you. If the following medical writing definition and description looks right up your alley, you should consider a career in medical writing. Guide How to Become […]

Ten Simple Steps for Writing an Exclusive Psychology Paper

Do you know how to write a psychology paper properly? Writing psychology papers is time consuming and requires superior research skills. Along with figuring out how to write a thesis for a psychology paper, you also generally need to put together a literature review based on the most relevant and up-to-date research. If you are […]

Important Psychological Benefits of Writing Things Down

Human civilization is pretty fond of writing. Case in point: the Kish Tablets, which is the most ancient document in existence, dates back to around 6000 B.C! Today we still write – and experience the benefits of creative writing – but instead of busting out a notepad and jotting things with a pencil or pen, […]

Writing for Dummies – Great Help

Nick Morgan has written books on body language, brain science, and the process of human communication, the latter of which was released in May 2014. Based on his experiences, he has a lot to share about the steps in writing process. Think of it as "writing for dummies." Is there truth to the idea that […]

Essay on the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a renowned novel by F Scott Fitzgerald and one of its main themes is the American dream and the pursuit of this. Would you disagree or agree with this statement? Select a particular situation or key character from the novel and discuss whether or how the author successfully exposes the other […]

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The requirement to write essays and other types of papers is an aspect of student life that cannot be escaped. Irrespective of whether you are studying at a university or college, assignments can prove extremely difficult. They take up quite a bit of time and you need to put a lot of effort into them. […]

Personal Checklist for Writing a College Essay

Tips how to develop writing skills: Study Yourself Before getting down to writing, you need to understand what you want to describe in your essay. A college essay is the way to show the admission commission who you are. Ask these questions and create a plan of what you can write. What are your strengths? […]

How to Write Great Essays

Writing academic essays and various papers is an inescapable aspect of student life. No matter whether you are a university or college student, written assignments can seem like a considerable challenge. They require a great deal of time, effort, and energy. So, instead of all this effort, should you not consider ordering the essays you […]

A Book Review Essay Based on the Novel The Great Gatsby!

There are several key messages in The Great Gatsby – the renowned novel by F Scott Fitzgerald. These messages are mainly portrayed through the characters of Daisy, Tom, and Jay Gatsby, the way they live their lives, and their actions. One of these messages concerns shallowness and the fact that everyone can be prone to […]

Excellent Guide to Short Essay Writing

The following are some useful tips for writing a short essay: It is important to make a distinction between an essay paper and various types of reports. A report has the objective of conveying information while an essay is thesis-based and puts forward supporting evidence that can be opposed or disputed. Summarizing what you have […]

Sequence Essay Writing

Thousands of students all over the world spend their time looking for unusual and fresh ideas for their papers. You are not the only one being in dire straits of academic writing. However, as a young and ambitious personality, you always have a vast space for your creativity. Our website was designed for those, who […]

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Review Essay Writing

Review Essay Writing: Simple Tips for Superior Students While reading the book you are expected to review: Read the introduction and, possibly, the preface, which usually includes the purpose and intent of the book. Take enough time to read the whole book. You must make notes! Once you are done with each chapter, think of […]

Writing a Response Essay

A response essay, sometimes called a reaction paper, is a distinct kind of academic writing. If your professor asks you to produce a response essay, it essentially means that you should share your reaction to something, be it a movie, a book, a peer-reviewed journal article, etc. Thus, you might expect that your response essay […]

Writing a Research Paper

On this page, you will find the best recommendations for writing a perfect research paper. You will see a sequence of actions you should follow to produce an outstanding paper. However, do not expect this process to be easy and smooth. Most likely, you will have to repeat some actions more than once. Selecting a […]

Formatting Your Reflection Paper

If you are writing a reflection paper for the first time, most likely you will encounter difficulties. Of course, you do not have a single idea of how a top-notch reflective essay should look. In most cases, reflective essays are based on personal experiences. Students write about the lessons they have learned from their successes […]

Expert Guide to Writing a Process Essay

The aim of a persuasive essay is to describe a particular process by describing the stages or steps needed to complete it. The procedure should be described in detail. Additionally, you should choose a title for your essay that is informative and lets the reader know what process you will be describing. It is essential […]

Position Paper Writing

The purpose of writing a position paper is to Systematize and present your opinions about a problem or an issue Provide others with a better understanding of your position Offer an extraordinary, unexpected, or radical solution to the problem you are discussing Set a context for your problem and provide your audience with a better […]

Political Theory Essay

Expert Advice on How to Write a Political Theory Essay The process of writing a political theory essay is different to writing a politically motivated pamphlet, and there is some advice worth bearing in mind if or when you have to write this type of paper. It is tempting to use technical terminology and/or jargon […]

Tips on Persuasive Essay Writing

In many ways, persuasive essays can be likened to fantasy insofar as they are a dialogue that takes place between writer and reader. Indeed, the process of writing this type of essay is similar to a lawyer arguing their case to a panel of jurors. A persuasive essay writer builds arguments to convince their readers […]

Personal Statement Writing

A personal statement is the work that will help you advertise yourself. This type of paper can be divided into two categories. A general personal statement: If you are assigned such a work, you are free to write about everything you consider essential. Such kind of statement is usually produced for typical application forms submitted […]

Features of a Narrative Essay

If you want to focus on your personality while writing a paper, you are to produce a narrative essay. Every person definitely has a wealth of experience, remembers some pleasant events, and unforgettable moments. Why not share them with readers? At prewriting stage, you will deal with choosing what exactly you want to present your […]

Literature Essay

Introduction: Be accurate but concise. Include a brief outline of the essay and specify the results you intend to achieve. Paragraphing: As you are working on your literature essay, you will have to identify a minimum of three and a maximum of six points to support your thesis statement. Each point will need to be […]

Tremendous Informal Essay

An informal essay is written mostly for fun if it can be said so. It does not mean that this paper provides no information about the chosen subject. The thing is that it is of less formal character. An informal paper presents a particular point of view about the examined issue or gives a reflection […]

How-To Essays

“How-to” essays are oftentimes called “process” essays. They can be compared with creating recipes because one should follow specific instructions related to an action or a procedure. In most cases, students are allowed to choose a topic they want to explore in a how-to essay. However, be sure that your topic complies with your professor’s […]

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

The history of the 5-paragraph essay is quite interesting and a little turbulent. For a long time this format has been used a useful method for explaining the art of essay writing to students, and it has received both praise and criticism from members of the higher education community. There are those professors who say […]

Impressive Extended Essay

This article will help you find some ways that will make academic writing less challenging and time consuming. Shortly, you want to spend less time on writing and still achieve good results by taking fewer efforts. We can explain you how to overcome all challenges when it comes to creation of an extended essay. By […]

Excellent Expository Essay Writing Provider

An expository essay deals with researching the point, analyzing facts, developing the main idea, and giving evidence supporting that idea. One has to make sure that information is presented flawlessly. In order to make a proper analysis of the issue, it is necessary to define it accurately and cite a large number of good examples. […]

How to Make an Exploratory Essay Engaging?

An exploratory essay is concentrated on presenting detailed research of the problem. You may not know a lot of information about the discussed issue and your opinion about it may not be formed yet. However, in course of research you will find out considerable details about the subject you are examining. Therefore, you will be […]

How to Give a Great Zest to an Explanation Essay?

An explanation essay, which is also called an expository one, provides detailed information about a situation or presents a certain viewpoint on the scrutinized subject. If there are any inconsistencies or confusing facts, this is the very paper that will make everything clear. Explanation essay is produced to analyze the chosen matter and not to […]

Exemplification Essay Written up to Standard

Students of different educational establishments write various kinds of papers. The most popular among them are narrative, argumentative, and descriptive essays. However, there is one more type of essay, students should succeed in. It is an exemplification essay. When students are to produce such a work, they feel confused as a new type of assignment […]

How to Write an Exam Essay

Useful tips on how to answer an essay question in an exam situation: Read the question carefully and answer it This piece of advice is the first thing to remember and the most important. A common error that often occurs among students is that they answer the wrong exam question. This, unfortunately, can have a […]

Writing an Evaluation Essay

Undoubtedly, there are cases when professors ask students to prepare an evaluation essay, but the latter either do not remember or do not know how to write it. As a result, students start panicking and have no idea what they should begin with. However, there is no need to worry as we are going to […]

Supreme Discursive Essay

Writing different types of papers is rather complicated. You just have a blank sheet of paper in front of you and you never know whether you manage to produce a great piece or not. However, if you follow the steps described below, you will find out how to prepare an excellent work. Make every effort […]

Top-Quality Dialectic Essay

Writing and Structuring a Top-Quality Dialectic Essay A paper that presents a particular concept or theory and then argues about the validity of the examined matter is called a dialectic essay. The aim of such a work is to examine different ways out of the discussed situation rather than present one possible solution. Writing dialectic […]

Writing Unique Descriptive Essays

Modern Technique for Writing Unique Descriptive Essays What is a key feature of a descriptive essay? A descriptive essay is characterized by providing a full description of a place, person, object, situation, feeling, etc. When writing this type of paper, students should apply all their skills to perfectly perform a record of some events in […]

Expert Advice on Writing Definition Essays

What are Definition Essays? Definition essays are types of writing that provide explanations about the meaning of various terms. A number of terms have clear, concrete and definite meanings e.g. book, flower, glass. Other terms, however, are of the abstract variety, which means they are less clear and more dependent on an individual’s viewpoint e.g. […]

Guide to Writing Deductive Essays

Contents : WHAT IS A DEDUCTIVE ESSAY? WHAT ARE DEDUCTIVE ARGUMENTS THE THREE MAIN PARTS IN A DEDUCTIVE ESSAY THE STRUCTURE OF A DEDUCTIVE ESSAY Writing serves several purposes. For instant, humor writers craft pieces to entertain, novel writers and poets craft pieces to explore our language and the human condition, journalists write to convey […]

What are Critical Essays?

Critical essays are a review or critique of another author’s work, often a piece of work related to the arts, e.g., a movie, play, book, or piece of artwork. This type of essay is, however, more than a mere summing up of what is contained in another work or the writer’s opinion of the work’s […]

Compare and Contrast Essay

Tips on Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay In academic circles, the compare and contrast essay is another popular type of writing assignment. Essays of this type are based on a particular question and they are reasonably easy to write. When it comes to the actual writing, there are a few different approaches the writer […]

Classification and Division Essays

Expert Guide to Writing Classification and Division Essays The idea behind a classification and/or division essay is that it takes what the student has learned and understood about using models or examples and applying these to the development of a thesis. Put another way, it means using examples that show how the composition is formed […]

Tips on Writing Classification Essays

How to Choose a Topic, Use Examples, Format and Structure Your Essay! How to Write a Classification Essay Classification essays are quite specific in that they deal with organizing classifications and identifying logical links to the classifications. Anyone writing an essay of this type is expected to sort or organize the main points or arguments […]

Writing a High Quality Choice Essay

Definition of a Choice Essay Choice essay allows students to choose a topic that interests them the most. Thus, they are free to select any subject they want to write about. The opportunity to choose a topic on their own helps students to express their interests as well as potential. It is a well-known fact […]

Writing Great Cause and Effect Essays

Ten Essential Steps to Writing Great Cause and Effect Essays Cause and effect essays serve the purpose of explaining why certain things occur and what the results of those things are or, in other words, what they lead to. When writing an essay of this type, you should carefully identify the relationships or links between […]

Expert Guide to Writing an Argumentative Essay

There are many tips available on how to write argumentative essays, especially where putting it all together is concerned. The following are three essential pieces of advice on the process: Identify a solid and preferably controversial subject on which to base your argument. Make sure your essay is correctly formatted. This can be helpful for […]

Analytical Essay

Top tips on writing an analytical according to standards: An analytical essay should be written in response to the assignment’s instructions and description. Because they often do not read the requirements and grading rules properly, a lot of students end up with low or failed grades. Focus on developing your analytical essay in an argumentative […]

Expert Guide to Writing an Admission Essay

Admission essays are required by most universities and colleges as part of the application process. Additionally, these essays are often required with applications for scholarships. Usually, an admission essay is submitted along with evidence of the applicant’s exam scores and grades. Typically, admission essay questions require the applicant to provide some personal information to enable […]

Proofreading and Editing

Provided by PhD and Master's degree holders only! Free plagiarism report (on request) Free revision (within 2 days) Anonymity and Privacy Proofreading Services from If you are one of our returning customers and you have already placed an order for a writing project, you will receive proofreading services as part of this project package. […]

Professional Assistance with Essay Writing

Essays are one of the most popular types of assignments given to students at every level of education, from high school through to college. Because of this, receives more requests for assistance with essay writing than we do for other types of writing. We are entirely happy about this. Our company has a sufficient […]

Dissertation and Thesis Writing Services

The Dissertation and Thesis Writing Services Offered By Are the Best You Will Find  A thesis or dissertation is the final assignment that students must complete to receive a Master’s or doctoral degree or some similarly high-level academic qualification. When it comes to this stage of your academic career, your coursework is complete and […]

Academic Writing

Welcome to Our Expert Custom Paper Service! is a distinguished and reputable essay writing agency, which provides all kinds of paper writing services to students. Our mission is to help students from around the globe to improve their academic results. We work hard to provide our customers with academic papers of unparalleled quality. We […]

Recommendation on Writing College Application Essays

Want to find out how to write college application essays of premium quality? Read the following information and you will create the best application paper that will impress the admission committee members.   A college application essay is a list of reasons why someone is applying to a college. The applicant has to state how […]

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics you get for your assignments differ depending on various factors, including your professor. Nevertheless, the topic of your paper does not influence the very essence of the paper itself. To write an essay, you should choose an issue and then argue “for” or “against” it, presenting the most convincing arguments. The main […]

Choosing World Class Research Essay Topics (Bonus PDF)

Writing a good research essay is a challenging task for any student. Beyond the quality of your writing, you should know how to choose among multiple research essay topics. As you know, finding good research essay topics for an excellent research essay has never been easy. You need to be sure that the research essay […]

Impressive Variety of Reflective Essay Topics (Free PDF)

All people remember some remarkable events in their life. It sometimes happens that a particular situation or moment may change our whole life. It should be noted that any item may have a significant influence on you. It can be a picture, a place, or even your memories. Such issues are usually explored in reflective […]

What a Good Essay Introduction Is

Obviously, an appealing and logical first paragraph of a paper is half the battle. A strong introduction will make the reader interested in your subject matter while a poor one can become a complete disappointment and depreciate all your efforts. A good essay introduction has three main objectives: Providing the background and context of a […]

Problem Solution Essay Topics – 100 Great Ideas (Free PDF)

Do you know what a problem solution essay is? If not, then the first thing to know is that you should start by looking at a number of topics before choosing one that is suitable. After that, you will need to: Provide a detailed explanation of the problem; Recommend a suitable solution; Develop an argument […]

Professionally Written Thesis for You

It is a very complicated task to ensure high quality of the Master’s thesis and to guarantee its adherence to the academic standards. In case you feel that your experience is insufficient for writing such an important paper, make sure you get assistance from a trustworthy company that you can rely on. is the […]

100 Unusual Expository Essay Topics (Bonus PDF)

As a student, you know that you can choose from dozens of expository essay topics and enjoy the best academic result. However, every expository essay should be unique. This is why it is so important for you to understand the meaning of an expository essay definition and follow the requirements provided by your instructor. Whatever […]

Ideas for Best Exploratory Essay Topics + Bonus PDF

If you are in a trouble and do not know what exploratory essay topics to choose, it is time to learn what an exploratory essay is and how to write an exploratory essay easily. Students write dozens of exploratory essays in their career. Their purpose is to explore and analyze any given topic in more […]

Cause and Effect Essay Topics (Bonus PDF)

Use the Topics Below to Create a Perfect Cause and Effect Essay If you don't have quality writing skills and don't know how to write a cause and effect essay, feel free to choose among the best cause and effect essay topics provided below. Do not hesitate to use any of the cause and effect […]

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics (Free PDF)

If you have to write an essay, the first thing you should do is to choose a good topic. We have composed a list of the best compare and contrast essay topics, which will be beneficial if you cannot come up with any topic for your comparative writing. Choose an interesting topic and schedule your […]

Fantastic College Application Essay Topics (Free PDF)

The process of writing application papers is rather complex. You have to make every effort to produce a work of the finest quality. The point is that your future depends on it. The major aim of such an essay is to show that you have outstanding abilities and differ from other applicants. It is very […]