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Journal Entry: Internship Plan

I am undertaking my internship at NutritonicUS, a company that has designed and created health products in a bid to promote people’s health. Its products include sports supplements, minerals and vitamins, as well as children and adult natural gummy vitamins. Described below is my internship goal statement as well as specific goals that I desire […]

Vitality Health

Problem Statement In 2011, despite high revenues, Vitality Health was under a high threat of competition in the global market, and the vice president of the company was afraid that the problem might grow further. The issue was related to the performance measures and management of employees. A number of competitors was growing, especially in […]

Roc Beatz Headphones Plan

Introduction The global headphones market is set to balloon as the demand for these products keeps growing each year. Dealers in this market segment thus brace themselves for the increased market. The availability of the market for these products provided a market niche, which can be exploited through the provision of affordable but competitive quality […]

Case Analysis

Statement of the Problem The current problem Doug Cook is facing concerns the challenge of determining the actual value and opportunities of business before buying it. Cook wants to purchase a company, but he is unsure whether the owners have given an accurate reflection of the business values. The uncertainty was brought by the fact […]

Health and Medicine

In addressing the Lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, several objectives should be considered. One of the objectives is on developing the care for the LGBT people. An example is the nurses increasing their knowledge of gender identity and sexual orientation. Even though sexuality has been generally categorized between feminine and masculine, there are […]

Top Ranked Health Issues

Non-Communicable Diseases The World Health Organization ranks non-communicable diseases as the number one death cause with examples being the heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Research shows that 11% of the deaths result from this area which includes injuries (Ryan et al., 2016). Of all the health challenges ever faced the world, none has been […]

Health and Medicine: Health Risk and Inequitable Distribution of Liquor Stores in African

Rates of Alcohol Consumption Among African Americans Compared to Other Races Information collected by several health agencies in the United States shows that African Americans drink less alcohol in comparison to other ethnic groups. It has also depicted the alcohol consumption rate among the African American communities to be lower than the national average. An […]

Health Needs Assessment of Navajo Indians

Navajo Indians are Native American tribes that occupy Southwestern parts of the United States of America. Arizona and Utah are their concentration points. Federal government identifies Navajos as the natives of the USA and, therefore, it allocated a reservation to them. Most of the Navajo Indians live in the reservation (Norris, Vines, & Hoeffel, 2012). […]

Interview Assignment

I am a 32 year old female biracial (African American and Latino) full-time student. I eat healthily but I don’t work out. I stay at home and I am a mother of a 1-year-old. Previously, I worked at culinary arts in the U.S. Navy and most recent I am an Esthetician. Besides, I don’t smoke […]

Advocacy Plan

Non-Communicable Diseases (Global) The advocacy strategy for non-communicable diseases should consist of several stages as far as it is connected to a variety of issues. The first step is monitoring of the current situation because the number of people who suffer from such type of diseases should determine how many resources should be devoted for […]