Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay topics you get for your assignments differ depending on various factors, including your professor. Nevertheless, the topic of your paper does not influence the very essence of the paper itself. To write an essay, you should choose an issue and then argue “for” or “against” it, presenting the most convincing arguments.

The main idea of this kind of essay is not only to support your point of view but also to prove that opposite side of the issue is not correct. For this reason, persuasive essay writing requires thorough preparation and good research. If you ask yourself “How to write a persuasive essay?” we offer you to read the information provided below.


The Main Steps in the Process of Persuasive Essay Writing

Regardless of the persuasive essay topics, the structure of the paper remains the same. At, we recommend you to consider the following information in case you are assigned a persuasive essay.



At this stage of persuasive essays writing, it is very important to make up one’s mind whether to support the chosen issue or deny it. Moreover, the writer should study the audience in order to understand whether they are going to support the idea or vote against it. It will help to influence their minds and points of view.

After the two previous steps are completed, the writer starts collecting information for the paper. At this stage, it is strongly recommended not to use only one or two sources. The writer should use as many sources as possible to study different thoughts regarding a specific question. Moreover, the sources chosen for the research must be reliable.


When preliminary research is done, you may start writing a draft of your essay. Writing a persuasive essay draft is very important as it will help you structure the paper and find its weak and strong points. To create a worthy draft, it is recommended to follow the below given instructions:

  1. The introduction of the paper must contain a strong argument to immediately catch attention of the audience. For this purpose, a question or quotation can be used.
  2. Writer’s position should be clearly represented by the thesis statement.
  3. Each paragraph of the paper should be supported by facts and strong evidence.
  4. Do not count that the audience know much about the issue you defend or refute. Outline the issue and use terms to make the statement clear.
  5. In conclusion, try to convince the readers that your point of view is correct by making a statement that will provoke them to think and act in your favor.


When revising the paper, writer has to check if the essay corresponds to its main idea. He/she must also make sure that the statement is supported by reliable facts, introduction is catching and each paragraph contains convincing evidence. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to conclusion and make sure that it can influence the minds of readers.


After revision, you have to proofread your paper to rectify possible mistakes, check correctness of grammar and spelling and ensure clarity of the information provided.
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Introducing your essay to the audience

When the paper is completed, share it with your class. It will help you earn new, exciting experience and learn from your mistakes. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to improve your writing in the future.

So, in order to write a high quality persuasive paper, you will have to spend much time and efforts. Anyway, preparation of persuasive essay outline, research work and further revision of the paper will help you improve your writing skills and make your future work much easier.

Check Our Examples Below

  • Do people become isolated when they use social media?

Social media help people to be connected. However, some people state that social media makes people lose the connection with reality.

  • Is it reasonable to allow gun use on the territory of college campuses?

Students feel the need to be protected by possessing guns on the territory of college campuses due to the increasing risks of school massacres. On the other hand, the opponents state that such permission will increase the crimes rate.

  • Does modern society depend on technology?

Modern technology gives ultimate opportunities to people. As a result, a number of individuals become dependent on their gadgets and cannot imagine their life without using them on a daily basis.

  • Parenting classes. Should they be obligatory for all high school students?

Some parents support the opinion that parenting, sexuality and family planning can be easily taught at home. However, not all parents are willing to properly educate their children on the above-mentioned aspects. That is why they want the school to teach them parenting classes.

  • Should the school day schedule be changed?

Some researchers state that schoolchildren need to wake up early in the morning while others state that children should sleep longer, and thus school day must be changed.

  • Is it necessary to increase minimum wage?

Most business owners state that increasing the minimum wage will impact on increasing the prices. However, many employees state that minimum wage should be increased to help people fight with the poverty.

  • Handwriting. Is it still needed?

Some people believe that handwriting is still obligatory and should be taught at elementary school. On the other hand, the opponents state that keyboarding has already replaced handwriting and there is no need to teach it.

  • Do security cameras invade our privacy?

Security cameras are used to protect people and businesses. However, some individuals believe that they invade our privacy.

  • Should a dress code be more relaxed in the working place?

Some employers state that relaxing dress code has a negative impact of productivity of workers. However, some people state that it helps to make the working place more friendly and creative, thus more productive

  • Is it necessary to advertise corporations at schools?

Some schools welcome corporate advertising since they help to fill the school budget. However, others support the viewpoint that schoolchildren should concentrate on effective learning process.

  • Is it dangerous to play professional football?

A number of scientists state that professional football rules should be changed due to the recent discoveries about CTE. However, the opponents state that every football player is aware of possible health risks and it is their choice whether to play football.

  • Can teenagers have a tattoo when parents allow them?

Some individuals believe that parents can decide and allow children to have a tattoo. However, tattoo is permanent, and thus some people think that tattoos can be allowed only when an individual is a grown one.

  • Should everyone receive free college education?

Some people support the opinion that education should be free for everyone. However, others state that it is impossible to offer free education to all people since education must be funded in any way.

So, you have read the list and now choose the most interesting topic to start writing your essay!


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