My Best Friend Profile Essay

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Friendship is an important part of our life and therefore I value it very much. Sometimes it is impossible to imagine my life without friends, those people who make our life more colorful and interesting. In my opinion, we should choose friends very carefully, and the person who says that he has got a best friend is a lucky one. I am glad to be among these lucky people because I have Christa.

I have chosen Christa to write about not only because I can call her my best friend, but because she is the person I admire. Her actions and style of life really inspire me. Her life is not an easy one but whatever difficult the situation is Christa never loses self-control. Life brought her many surprises, but despite that she is the person who inspires me to avoid depression. She could always cheer me up even if her life is not quite smooth. Probably she is so cheerful and strong because she managed to overcome hard life difficulties.

Christa is a single parent and brings her child up without any external support. Once she had to realize that her life would change greatly soon. A baby in the family is always a great happiness, especially when you have someone to share this happiness with. Unfortunately,

Christa had no family that could share this bright event with her.

Any other person would give up, and I know even people who leave their children as they think they are not able to support them. However, it was not for Christa. With tears in her eyes she promised that she would do her best to make her child the happiest in the world and he will not be in need. I cannot say that she is an iron lady who thinks that it is unallowable to express emotions and weakness. She had to become strong once and she was not afraid of this perspective.

I think that upbringing is a hard thing, especially if you are a single parent. But Christa’s way of life cannot be called a simple existence devoted to her child. She looks forward to the future and tries to think everything over in advance. She possesses stromg critical thinking skills and always sets ambitious goals.

She was determined to go to college; and most people around her did not share her intentions. They tried to persuade her that it would be extremely difficult to devote equal time to her child and classes. Christa believed she could and she coped with it. She wants to give her son all the best she has, and she knows that she requires some knowledge. She wants to improve herself, because only being better than others she could increase her chances in the job search. Her son is growing up and he is very curious about everything in the world. Christa thinks that she should be able to explain him everything.

Certainly, her life is not easy. She faces difficulties and disappointments very often, nevertheless she enjoys every day of her life because she knows that the only person she can trust and depend on is herself. Looking at her I understand that there is nothing impossible for a person if he is determined and has a strong will. Christa is young, but she has already achieved a lot, and I am sure that it is not a limit for her. She will move further because she is not afraid to start even if she knows she could fail once. When she fails, she simply gets up and goes further.

I am inspired by her life views and goals. I always encourage her new beginnings, and she is always my great supporter and adviser. I value our friendship, and I’m happy that Christa appeared in my life once.

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