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A thesis or dissertation is the final assignment that students must complete to receive a Master’s or doctoral degree or some similarly high-level academic qualification. When it comes to this stage of your academic career, your coursework is complete and you will probably be allowed in the region of 12 to 18 months to complete your thesis or dissertation. By now, it is likely you and your course supervisor have agreed on a research question and topic for your paper. It is now your responsibility to do the rest.

Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

When your writing project is a thesis or dissertation, it is possible you and your course supervisor will meet several times during the writing process to discuss various issues. However, you are fully responsible for writing a thesis or dissertation proposal and all the chapters of your paper, and you will probably have to defend it orally i.e. in a presentation. The process is often a long and occasionally lonely one. At times you will feel anxious, frustrated, angry, fearful, and often stressed out. No doubt, there will be times when you wish you could wave a magic wand and make it all happen at a stroke. There will also be good times, for example, when you complete various chapters and the paper begins to fall into place, and you can move to the next part. However, during the process, expert assistance is available in the form of the professional writing services offered by Great-Essays.com.

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Be Selective When Looking for Outside Assistance

If it is the case you have previously used an online writing service, you will know that there can be a considerable discrepancy in the professionalism and quality of these services. It may be that you have been “conned” in the past or you may have been sufficiently lucky to find a wonderful writing service that satisfactorily met your requirements when you were studying at undergraduate level. But now that you have the most important writing project of your life to complete, you should be especially careful when looking for assistance. In the first place, not every writing service offers help with thesis and dissertation writing. Secondly, some writing services may well offer assistance with theses and dissertations but not have PhD-level writers and researchers to provide advanced students with the high level of academic assistance they require. They may insist they are capable of producing a Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation on any topic, in an extremely short timeframe, and all that is required of you is to pay whatever price they are asking. And although it can be tempting to trust them, you probably know this is not achievable because it is your responsibility to agree on the research question, hypothesis, and research design with your course supervisor.

At this level, as a candidate for a Master’s or PhD degree, you will certainly not be looking for the following type of writing service:

  • A service that only requires you to provide the topic and no other information while they promise to provide a completely original and fully researched paper. Clearly these services are fraudulent and do not understand what is involved in dissertation writing.
  • A writing service that promises to have your thesis or dissertation completed in seven to ten days. These services must also be fraudulent since the only way to complete a bulky paper in this timeframe is to rewrite one that already exists. Consequently, the topic may match yours but the research area will not be the same and resource material is likely to be out-of-date. Since you will be working closely with your course supervisor and examining committee, a thesis or dissertation of this caliber will not be acceptable. For example, your research will have to be original and locally set up if you are to get it approved. How can a writer who is possibly based in a foreign country achieve this for you? While it may be tempting to cut corners, you can be certain these shortcuts do not work. You need a writer with a PhD in your own field of study and one who can act in the capacity of consultant while you both work collaboratively to produce a truly scholarly and worthy piece of writing that will win the approval of the examinations committee.

In fact, what you will be looking for is a writing service that can offer:

  • A paper that is entirely original, well researched, beautifully written, and perfectly presented.
  • Free revisions to cover you in the event you are not satisfied.
  • A 24×7 customer support service in case you have any questions or concerns.
  • Full money back guarantee to protect you in the event you do not get the product you paid for.

Great-Essays.com Can Provide the Writer/Consultant You Require

You may purchase as much or as little writing assistance as you need from Great-Essays.com, depending on what you require. We do much more than simply taking your topic and then writing a thesis or dissertation. You decide on the scope of the assistance you need and we provide a Master’s or PhD-qualified writer to work in a consultative and collaborative capacity with you throughout each stage as and when required. The following is an outline of our process:

  1. The Process Begins with You Submitting an Inquiry

You may inquire about our writing services either by contacting our customer services team or by completing our online order form. Regardless of what point in the writing process you are at, we will assist you from that stage onwards. We will assess your present situation and allocate our best writer/consultant to you. Regardless of the field of study, every writer at Great-Essays.com will have:

  • A PhD degree in the same field as you
  • Vast experience from having written their own thesis or dissertation
  • Extensive experience in undertaking high-level research and writing theses and dissertations for other Great-Essays.com customers.

Once your requirements have been assessed and a suitable writer assigned, our administrators take a step backwards. You will liaise directly with your writer to suit your requirements. With regards to the cost, prices are determined according to the amount and type of work our writer does. Payment for large projects is distributed across the different stages, as also happens with delivery i.e. when each chapter or section is complete. The following are the different areas we can help you with:

  1. Your Thesis or Dissertation Proposal

A thesis or dissertation proposal is a paper that provides essential information about a proposed research project. This paper should be formal in style and needs to be submitted to a college examinations committee before the project can go ahead. A proposal states what the research problem or question is, what you expect to contribute to the subject area by undertaking the work, your rationale or justification for the work, a brief summary of the initial work, an outline of the design and methodology of your research, and a completion timeframe. Dissertation committees tend to scrutinize proposals very carefully and they often have to be revised. Hence, it is best to get them right first time around. Our writer will help you develop a winning proposal.

  1. The Literature Review Chapter

The Literature Review is the second or third chapter of a thesis or dissertation. Most people who are experienced in dissertation writing recommend leaving the first or introductory chapter to the end. Many students say that reviewing available literature and writing this chapter is one of the most boring and tedious aspects of writing a thesis or dissertation. This is how it works:

When your thesis or dissertation proposal is approved, it may follow one of two paths. Some academic institutions or departments can require a thesis or dissertation to be a detailed research on a given problem or question without you having to do any new research. In these cases, the bulk of your work is based on reviewing existing literature ending with discussion and a conclusion(s) that answers the given problem or question. However, other academic institutions or departments require you to undertake some original research, which you design, argue, and implement in answer to the research question. In the latter case, a literature review is also usually required. So, in both cases, reviewing available and relevant literature is a crucial part of writing a thesis or dissertation and it should be completed in a scholarly manner i.e. by making effective use of the work that other scholars have done in your field.

In the event you have not yet started this chapter, or are in the middle of it and are stuck, ask a writer at Great-Essays.com to complete it for you. Even if you just want someone to help you find the most relevant source material or you want the entire section written, just tell our writer.

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  1. The Methodology Chapter

In the course of writing your thesis or dissertation proposal, you outlined how your research is to be designed. You should now use the methodology chapter to give more detail e.g. what methods or instruments you have chosen and how your research is to be implemented. Regardless of whether you are using quantitative or qualitative research, or whether you are using group experiments or random sampling, it is important to be careful how you collect, organize, and report data to ensure it is accurate. For instance, it is essential to only collect data that is directly relevant to the research problem or question and to recognize any obstacles that will need to be dealt with later on. The majority of Master’s and doctoral-level students carry out their own data collection and research because this is often in a laboratory or confined to a specific geographical location. However, a lot of students find this section the most interesting and exciting aspect of thesis and dissertation writing, but it is also considered to pose the greatest challenge. Therefore, once sufficient data is amassed and if you are finding the rest of the process difficult, an Great-Essays.com writer can help you organize it and create accurate graphs and/or charts or any other visual aids to ensure it is presented in a flawless way. The data will also have to be reported in prose, which our professional writers are expert at doing.

  1. The Analysis and Results or Findings Chapter

In this chapter, data is organized in a logical manner and presented clearly. You will need to begin by analyzing the data you collected to show its statistical importance and to see how it answers the central question. While there are digital tools available for analyzing statistical information, any student who is not mathematically-minded can find it difficult to enter numbers and formulae correctly. Your writer at Great-Essays.com will take care of all this to ensure statistics are perfectly analyzed, even if they have to draw on the skills of a third-party statistician. We have access to these experts as well. Once again, the analysis part will be beautifully presented in both the verbal and visual sense.

  1. The Discussion and Concluding Chapter

This last chapter is used to explain how the research you have undertaken answers the central question, why it is important, and how it contributes to the field it relates to. It is here you also address any obstacles or issues that underline the need for further work at a later date. It is unlikely your particular research will be flawless – very few research projects are. But you should present it in as perfect a manner as you can, and our writers will help you do this.

  1. The Abstract

While an abstract is often included at the beginning of a paper, we mention it here toward the end of this guide since it is sometimes optional. Most university departments will ask for an abstract, particularly if a paper is to be published, even if it is only to be published internally. An abstract is essentially a summary of your thesis or dissertation but contains certain mandatory elements as specified by a particular faculty or department. Because our writers fully understand the requirements of abstract writing, they will help you develop a suitable abstract according to your course supervisor’s requirements.

  1. The Introductory Chapter

Once you have written the other chapters, you can return to the introduction since, by now, you will have a complete perspective on the research you have done and can provide an overview of it without revealing the full picture.  You should try to make this chapter engaging for your readers too so that they become interested in your work and want to know about it. The writers at Great-Essays.com can create an exciting and compelling introductory chapter if you enlist our assistance. If it is the case you have written an introduction yourself, our experts can review it and suggest ways to improve it. They will even rewrite it if you wish.

Great-Essays.com Guarantees

Proofreading and Editing Services

Once you complete your thesis or dissertation, it is best if you are not the person who edits or proofreads it. This is because you have spent many weeks and months pouring over it while you were writing it. Consequently, you are emotionally involved in it and will not easily spot grammar errors, structural mistakes, awkwardly written sentences, and so on. Therefore, it is vital to find another person who is both knowledgeable in the subject matter and experienced in academic writing. For instance, our editing and proofreading service is very popular with advanced-level students. We can always provide them with a Master’s or PhD-qualified expert with knowledge in their field to review, proofread, and edit an entire paper. Our experts will give your work that final polish to impress your examining committee. You can, of course, enlist our proofreading and editing assistance at the very end when everything is done. Many students, however, tend to send us each individual chapter as they complete it and prior to submitting it to their course supervisors to have it approved.

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Guarantees and Benefits of Using Our Writing Service

If you choose Great-Essays.com as your helper, there are a number of benefits and guarantees you will enjoy and which you will not get from other writing services. For example, with us, you will get:

  1. A fully confidential service: Our systems are encrypted and completely protected against the possibility of hacking by outsiders. When you register on our site, we allocate a unique customer reference number to you. To date, we have never been the victim of hacking and we do not disclose personal information about our customers to other parties. No one else will ever know you used our writing services.
  2. Original, custom-written papers: Any paper you receive from Great-Essays.com will be original and fully custom-written from scratch. You need never worry about getting a plagiarized paper from us.
  3. Authentic research material: Every piece of source material we use is totally authentic just as every text is freshly written from scratch. Furthermore, every paper is checked before it is sent to the customer.
  4. We meet every deadline.
  5. Free revisions: If there is any section or part of your paper you are not entirely satisfied with, simply inform your assigned writer. They will happily incorporate any changes you ask for.
  6. Reasonable pricing: The prices at Great-Essays.com are entirely reasonable and will reflect the level and type of help you ask for.
  7. Papers delivered progressively i.e. by chapter: As our writer(s) produce each chapter or section of your paper, you will be sent a draft for review and approval. Our writers will not move forward until you are fully satisfied with the work done at each stage of the process.

You Are Not On Your Own

It seldom happens that a Master’s or Doctoral level student completes their thesis or dissertation without a certain amount of help. Seeking assistance with such an important project is not a reflection on your capabilities or skills. On the contrary, it says you are sufficiently smart to recognize the benefits of getting a helping hand. In choosing Great-Essays.com, you get the best assistance the Internet has to offer!

The fact is that Master’s and doctoral-level students regularly seek assistance from Great-Essays.com. When we receive such requests, it is not a case of us just writing your paper as many other writing companies do. Instead, the service we provide you with is highly personalized and fully customized, which means you are involved in your own project throughout every stage of the writing process.

One of the best aspects of getting assistance from Great-Essays.com is that we make sure you are in control of everything we do on your behalf. We differ from most other writing services in this respect. We do not ignore you or leave you out of the loop until we are ready to deliver your final paper. Of course, we do need as much detail as you can provide and we need to know if you want assistance with your entire paper or just with certain sections. And we also need to know to what extent you want to be involved!

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