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Writing a good research essay is a challenging task for any student. Beyond the quality of your writing, you should know how to choose among multiple research essay topics. As you know, finding good research essay topics for an excellent research essay has never been easy. You need to be sure that the research essay topic ideas you decide to consider for your paper will be equally interesting for you and your audience. More importantly, they should be in line with your professor’s essay requirements. When you expose yourself to great college research essay topics, you are more strongly motivated to produce a paper of superior quality. Besides, you can choose easy research essay topics to speed up the whole process. In any case, choosing from our strong research essay topics is a perfect decision for any student, who wants to impress his or her teacher and win academic recognition in college or university. Choose what you like and go head!

100 Top Notch Research Essay Topics for You

    1. How do you think insecticides influence human health?
    2. What were the first sports to be represented during the Olympic Games?
    3. Who was the most prominent ruler in Ancient Rome and what happened to him or her?
    4. What is GPS and how does it benefit drivers?
    5. How did the long bow improve the military achievements of the English?
    6. What effects does smoking have on public health?
    7. Should the state design free-of-charge programs for former combat participants to help them return to peaceful life?
    8. What place does Alcatraz occupy in the international history of criminal justice?
    9. Who are ninjas and what role did they play in the history of the world?
    10. Why did the Roman Empire disappear from the face of the earth? What happened to its people?
    11. What effects do violent computer games have on adolescents?
    12. Who organized the assassination of Kennedy and what happened to the murderer?
    13. How did the Magna Carta change the course of events in England?
    14. How did Freedom Riders change or improve the world?
    15. How did ancient sailors find their way in stormy seas?
    16. How were witches treated in puritan America?
    17. Who invented the bicycle and how did the first bicycle look?
    18. Can the humanity preserve the endangered species?
    19. Why is it so important to have enough time for food and sleep?
    20. What is the most prominent architectural creation one can see in Rome?
    21. How does the use of steroids change the human body? How dangerous is it for humans to use steroids regularly and for a prolonged period of time?
    22. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison – who was more successful in changing the world?
    23. Who was the first to travel to the South Pole?
    24. Who was Socrates and how did his life end?
    25. How is bulletproof glass made?
    26. What is Roanoke and what happened to its residents?
    27. What technologies are used in the aviation industry to make airplanes safer?
    28. Has the Patriot Act benefited the American society? How?
    29. Who were gladiators and how did they live?
    30. Is global change a myth or a reality?
    31. What were the most famous cases involving UFO?
    32. What are the main explanations proposed with regard to dinosaurs and their tragic disappearance from the planet?
    33. What is alchemy and how does it work?
    34. How have trains changed the life in America?
    35. Who was Osama bin Laden and how did he die?
    36. What role does Darfur play in global conflicts?
    37. Oil spills – how damaging are they to the environment and what is done to minimize their future risks?
    38. What were the origins of the global financial crisis in 2008?
    39. What happened to Galileo Galilee?
    40. Who were the three most prominent women in the human history?
    41. How can police ensure high levels of public security during public events without applying to violence?
    42. What security measures have been implemented in public transportation after 9/11?
    43. Can texting help teenagers become more literate?
    44. What does it take to be a religious person?
    45. Is prison overcrowding a serious issue for the U.S.?
    46. What does it mean to be a Buddhist Monk?
    47. How do asteroids threaten the Earth’s survival?
    48. Why is it illegal to climb up the pyramids in Egypt?
    49. What is rap music and how did it emerge?
  1. What can homeowners do to save electricity and water?
  2. Describe a mammal you believe to be unique.
  3.  How does spending one’s time under the sun can increase one’s risks of cancer?
  4. How did the creation of gunpowder change the power and force of the military?
  5. What threat does the Internet pose to the future of the music industry?
  6. Who creates computer viruses? How do they impact users?
  7. Is gambling a good source of earnings for a man?
  8. What role did Theodore Roosevelt play in rebuilding America during the Progressive Era?
  9. How do giants like Wal-Mart influence market competition?
  10. How has piracy changed the music industry?
  11. What were the first animals to be domesticated by humans? Why?
  12. How did women struggle to protect their suffrage rights and what challenges did they face?
  13. Can gun control reduce the scope and incidence of violent crime?
  14. How does spam work?
  15. How has the Manhattan project change the world?
  16. Is vaccination a viable solution to the most dangerous infectious diseases?
  17. How did the Cold War change the distribution of diplomatic forces in the bipolar world?
  18. Why did Germans invent submarines and what impact did they have on people during WWI?
  19. How to cook a hamburger?
  20. What is Bushido and how does it influence warriors?
  21. List the most typical diseases facing the elderly and describe what care should be provided to relieve their sufferings.
  22. Can lie detectors be 100% accurate?
  23. Over-the-counter medications – should drugs be freely available to patients?
  24. Why is scuba diving dangerous?
  25. What is Darwinism? How did Darwin view the process of the human evolution?
  26. How do sharks hunt?
  27. Does genetic engineering have any future? What are its dangers and risks?
  28. Who are CIA agents and what do they do?
  29. What is the principal cause behind the growing number of storms and tornadoes in America?
  30. Can hybrid cars help humans become more resource-savvy?
  31. How does science help resolve the most difficult crimes?
  32. Can censorship solve most legal and ethical problems posed by the Internet?
  33. What did Tatar-Mongols do to conquer Russian territories?
  34. How are the Great Depression and the financial crisis of 2008 similar and different?
  35. Why is it that Google remains the most popular search engine in the world?
  36. Why are some TV shows more popular than others?
  37. How do black holes emerge and what is their function?
  38. What were the biggest dangers Gulliver encountered in his fictional journeys?
  39. How are the economies of the U.S. and Russia similar and different?
  40. Can humans improve their capacity to hear and see in darkness?
  41. Who is Jane Eyre and what is her story?
  42. Can medical marijuana increase the risks of drug addiction?
  43. How does the human brain process information?
  44. Why is it so important for countries to invest their finances in space research?
  45. Are any treatments currently available for HIV? Are they effective?
  46. How did journalist change public perceptions of the Vietnam War?
  47. What was the most devastating epidemics affecting Europe in the 20th century? Why?
  48. What role did Martin Luther King play in advancing the mission of the civil rights movement?
  49. Why do some people see desert mirages and some other don’t?
  50. Why was communism so successful in Russia and Europe for the major part of the 20th century?
  51. Is nuclear power a threat or hope of the humanity?

We at are confident that you will find the above list of research essay topics to be useful. Do not hesitate to choose what you like and transform it into a cohesive piece of academic writing. Of course, you can modify any of these topics to suit your unique academic needs. You are also most welcome to share your research topic ideas with us. We will be happy to include them in our list of research paper topics. Whatever you decide to do, we are here to be your helpers and guides. Just let us know what you need, and we will be glad to help!

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