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Cause and Effect Essays Describing Relationships

  1. Why are divorces so frequent in the developed world?
  2. What are the impacts of divorce on family members? How do children react to their parents’ decision to live separately?
  3. How does divorce impact children’s marital decisions later in life?
  4. Can distance make the two loving people less passionate about each other?
  5. Is co-living a good thing before marriage?
  6. Why is it so difficult for men to build strong relationships with women?
  7. Has the nature of marriage changed under the influence of feminism? How?
  8. Why are some women much luckier than others in meeting the love of their life?
  9. Does abortion change the quality of male-female relationships? How?
  10. How do mother-child disagreements influence other members of their family?
  11. How do social media affect marital relationships?
  12. Why are conflicts among siblings so common?
  13. Can childbearing and childrearing reduce one’s chances to make a good career?
  14. Are people in a strong family relationship healthier than their lonely peers?
  15. Can education change the patterns of family interactions?
  16. What role do grandparents play in raising up healthy children?
  17. How does sexual activity change adolescents?
  18. Can the quality of girls’ relationships with their fathers influence their own position in marriage?
  19. Are children growing up in single families happier than children growing up in families with two parents?
  20. How would you feel, if you had a twin sibling?
  21. Can laws and regulations change/improve the quality of relationships within families?
  22. Do poor parents regret having children, because their financial situation worsens?
  23. Why do parents seek to keep their children as busy as possible?
  24. What factors predetermine the quality of family relationships?
  25. Can the decision not to have a honeymoon be disruptive to a newly arranged marriage?

Cause and Effect Topics Related to Social Problems

  1. What are the factors that influence the levels of richness and poverty in the American society?
  2. Can being poor reduce one’s chances to make a good career and achieve a better position in life?
  3. Why are there so many homeless people?
  4. Are children living in poor families more economical than their peers coming from rich households?
  5. Why does the number of adopted children keep growing in the U.S.?
  6. Can violent game playing make children crueler in their relations with peers?
  7. Can non-governmental organizations be effective in fighting global climate change?
  8. How does the growing number of retired baby boomers change the demographic picture in the country?
  9. What factors can help women achieve a better status compared with men?
  10. How can religious discrimination impact stability and wellness in society?
  11. Why do people around the globe eat food products of inferior quality?
  12. Can low quality of water change community health and wellbeing?
  13. Why do people in the developed world keep facing discrimination and abuse?
  14. Why do healthy adults blame the disabled for their diseases?
  15. Do poor children experience concerns about their future, and why?

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Medical Topics

  1. Why are so many people in America overweight?
  2. Why are more and more children diagnosed with autism?
  3. Why do the levels of insurance coverage in the U.S. remain particularly low?
  4. Why do so many people face health complications and fail to prevent their disease before it becomes too serious?
  5. Why do thousands of people fail to comply with the treatment regimen prescribed by physicians and nurses?
  6. Why do the rates of vaccination in the developed world gradually decrease?
  7. Why cannot the advanced society cope with HIV and AIDS?
  8. Is climate change a serious issue, and what are its implications for global health?
  9. Globalization and infectious diseases – how the two influence each other?
  10. Why has the world been largely unsuccessful in eradicating the most serious viruses?
  11. What effects do stress and anxiety have on personal health?
  12. Why does the U.S. keep investing in cancer research, although it does not bring any visible results?
  13. Why are so many people diagnosed with cancer?
  14. Why do more and more people seek assistance beyond traditional healthcare?
  15. Why do they say that women who have had an abortion will not have any children in the future?
  16. How can birth control reduce women’s chances to have children?
  17. Is it enough to see an ophthalmologist once a year to avoid any eye problems? Why?
  18. Why do people lose their struggle with viruses?
  19. Why does the number of allergic people continue to grow around the globe?
  20. How can information technologies improve public access to healthcare?
  21. Why are cardiovascular diseases so prevalent in the U.S.?
  22. How can physical activity improve your health and wellbeing?
  23. What can motivate you to quit smoking?
  24. Why is it so difficult to quit drinking?
  25. How do disabled people build their relationships with healthier peers?

Cause and Effect Topics on Technology

  1. How do computer games influence child psychology?
  2. How does cellphone communication improve or disrupt personal relationships?
  3. How can cellphones make the lives of children more problematic?
  4. How do older adults cope with the emotional challenges surrounding computer games?
  5. Do people making online purchases spend more than their peers who prefer offline shopping?
  6. Can social media help teenagers build healthier relationships with each other? How?
  7. How does bullying affect adolescents’ successes at school?
  8. Why do teenagers love spending their time online?
  9. Why are some social networks more popular than others?
  10. How does the Internet influence the quality of human relationships?
  11. How can Google be so popular among users for so many years?
  12. How can table computers improve the quality of interpersonal communication?
  13. How can smartphones contribute to the development of productive organizations?

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Cause and Effect Topics on Education

  1. How does standardized testing contribute to academic achievement in schools?
  2. How do talented and gifted students feel about studying in a regular school?
  3. Does an ADHD diagnosis change the way children interact in school environments?
  4. Is it true that children do not like going to school? Why is that?
  5. Does the growing popularity of technologies make the process of learning easer?
  6. Can computers help students improve their study results?
  7. Can homeschooling replace traditional learning in schools?
  8. How do exceptional schools benefit students compared with regular public schools?
  9. How do school policies and decisions help create a more favorable environment for learning?
  10. How does single-sex schooling help improve students’ learning outcomes?
  11. Can the decision to wear uniform at school reduce the frequency of social conflicts among students?
  12. How do technologies change the school environment?
  13. Can students go to school all the year round?
  14. Why do so many teachers face the risks of burnout?
  15. Why are some public schools better than others?
  16. How do underachieving students build their relationships with more successful peers?
  17. Can arts and language classes make students better?
  18. Can physical training at school reduce the risks of childhood obesity?
  19. Can children spend more time at school and how will it influence their health?
  20. How can parents help children improve their learning results?

Topics on History

  1. Why did the Civil War began? Why did it end?
  2. How does the history of slavery impact different aspects of social and cultural life in the U.S.?
  3. Why did numerous civil rights movements emerge in the 1960s?
  4. How did WWII veterans try to integrate themselves into peaceful life?
  5. How did WWII influence the position of the Jews around the globe?
  6. How did people living in the Roman Empire cope with their religious controversies?
  7. How has the Arab Spring changed the world?
  8. How has the system of education changed with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  9. Did British and French colonialism change the economic and social wellbeing of people around the world?
  10. What were the causes of colonialism?
  11. What was the cause behind the American Revolution?
  12. What did the War on Drugs in America bring to citizens?
  13. Why do so many illegal immigrants want to flee to the U.S.?
  14. How does the growing number of illegal immigrants influence U.S.’s social wellbeing?
  15. Can illegal immigration be damaging to global trade?
  16. How did the invention of electric devices change the world?
  17. How did the most prominent women influence the course of global history?
  18. How does the U.S.’s involvement in military conflicts abroad change the distribution of political forces globally?
  19. What caused the 9/11 tragedy?
  20. Why is totalitarianism so common in the world?

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