Human Resource Management

One of the most important tools for the management of any given organization to achieve and maintain success levels is efficiency of human resource management policies and strategies adopted by the given organization. Proper human resource management strategy in any business organization setting is very significant in that it ensures that there is efficient alignment of the people’s and the employee’s policies with the policies and objectives of the organization management in order to achieve organizational goals and success. This paper will carry out an analysis of a case involving Happy Hotels, a small group of hotels situated in cities in the Midlands.

The Hotel management has embarked on an expansion plan of their business and they are contemplating on whether to incorporate human resource function as part of their expansion plan so that the hotel meets its performance goals and aspirations as planned. As a human resource consultant based at the hotel Chain’s headquarters with a real picture of the hotel’s operations, I will be taking the management of this hotel through the advantages and the role that professional human resource services would play if integrated in their expansion plan.

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Firstly, human resource management is significant in an organization to maximize the returns of the investment made by the organization management. This is due to the fact that proper human resource strategies enhance the efficiency and the quality of output delivery of the employees as well as the general respect and reputation of the outside world about the operations of the business. For instance, human resource management department in an organization is responsible for employee recruitment, selection as well as on boarding, also referred to as employee resourcing. These are some of the most important strategies that ensure the work force of an organization is well equipped with the relevant skill, experience and competence to offer the most quality service delivery that are in line with the international standards of the industry. This in turn facilitates an organization in countering the stiff market competition so that it maintains the market command and its rate of sales thereof. As such, Happy hotels management stands a very good opportunity to invest in employing professional human resource services, especially now that the Hotel plans to expand and recruit more staff including a hotel manager and shift managers for the up coming additional hotels.

The other significant function of human resource is overseeing that the organization as a whole maintains awareness as well as the compliance with the local, state as well as the federal labor laws. This function is very vital so that the organization’s operations remain legal and justified which prevents possible interruption of the business operations. Happy hotels is such a busy business which remains in operation around the clock and the last thing that would happen is a case where one of the branches being shut down due to the organization compromising on the legal and local labor responsibilities. With this understanding, I would advice the managing director of Happy hotel, Mr. John Brown to involve human resource professionals in his expansion plan given the fact that new employees will be joining the business at very new places which uphold different local traditions. The new employees should be trained so that they are familiar with the expectations of the locals of the new places and also the federal labor laws. According to the information presented in the case of the Happy hotels on the past trends of the hotel, there has been a significant increase in the employee turn over in the existing hotels. This is a clear indication of the inefficiency of the human resource management department in the organization. Proper human resource management advocates for employee development and motivation as the major tools of holding and achieving employee loyalty in an organization. The statistics on the rate of employee turn over in the organization indicates the inefficiency of the prevailing managers of the hotels to coordinate and motivate the employees so that they remain loyal and productive to the organization. I would assure the management of Happy hotels that their incorporation of professional human resource specialists will help build the morale of the employees in all the branches of the hotel. This will be achieved through policies such as rewarding productive workers and offering incentives such as medical cover employee insurance cover to ensure the safety and loyalty of the employees to the policies and goals of the hotel. The new manager that is to be appointed should possess the relevant skills and competence in managing the welfare of the employees so that the new hotels that are underway don’t suffer from the employee turn over as the existing hotels, a factor that compromises on the rate and quality of service delivery of the hotel to its clients.

The other aspect of human resource management that Happy hotel is really missing out is on the employee mobility within the various branches of the hotel. According to the case presented of the current situation of the hotel, there is no apparent cooperation and correlation between the various hotel managers. Each manager has been solely responsible for all aspects of the human resource management of their respective employees in the various hotels, a policy which is totally against the criteria for expected strategies of viable human resource management. The various managers from the different hotels should be able to relate and reflect on the policies and the collective performance of the hotel employees to ensure that the organization achieves the best out of their services. If the managers of the various hotels are left out to operate on their own, the hotel will develop divided attention and there is a likelihood of employees following different diverse policies and hence end up not meeting the hotel policies, goals and aspirations. More over, the employees will have divided loyalty the standards of the hotel might be compromised which would really cost the hotel in terms of service standards and customer turn out rate. Proper follow up of the above policies and human resource strategies will be significant to the hotel to utilize its resources to the optimum and realize some significant profit margin which is basically the goal of running any organization.
On conclusion, I cannot overstate the significance of viable human resource management in any given organization whose aim is to grow into an international business setting. Professional human resource management policies in an organization facilitate the reconciliation and the correlation between the policies and strategies of an organization with the interests and concerns of the employees and the customers; which is the key aspect in efficient output delivery and quality control.


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