IT Project and Team Management

The project aim was to develop an efficient forest surveillance system to make management easier and realistic. Surveillance cameras had better monitor the forest management than game warded on patrol.

The success of camera surveillance surpasses manual patrols carried out by game wardens. The main objectives were:

  • To develop a program, that is suitable for present and future needs;
  • To improve and develop remote sensing technology that use space sensors for exploitation of forest resources;
  • To improve tactics for large-scale integration of information to advance coverage at more scales
  • To promote, the development of collection of forest and environmental data

The tasks to be carried out are; setting up of remote small-scale stations monitored by automatic sensors of high resolution remote sensing, sample geographical positions for high resolution satellite images recording and spatial prediction of total forested areas based on medium resolution satellite and monitoring of the localities for meteorological data (Stanley, 2010).

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The timeline of the project is three months for the project to become fully functional and commence its intended purpose. The execution of the project is vey sensitive in that delays would interfere with the procurement, which based on amount of work done. The proceedings of the project are structured to take part in three phases. The first step involves acquisition of acreage, which is to be cleared for the setting up of buildings in which gadgets are to be installed. Secondly, the remote sensor and satellite infrastructure will be put in place. Finally, a test of the whole system is to be run prior to start of official operation fro the recording forest data.   Te contractor is payed on installments and he is responsible for the dues of the sub-contractors he hires (Kathy, 2009).

It is very important for the project manager to understand the scope and objectives of the project in order to run the project successfully. The organizational relation between the members of team involved in the project is vital for efficient and quality results. The project manager should have organizational skills for technical proficiency in the specialist division of the project. The project manager has the responsibility of encouraging performance among the team members. It is important to clarify the roles of each individual member in the project team to avoid likely conflicts. The performance of the team should be based on individual level. Team meetings are also necessary for proper communication in building work relations in which decision-making is inclusive of all members. Cohesive team organization is important for each stage of the project work to become successful (Stanley, 2010).

The main concern of every client in a project work is quality for durability and efficiency. Thus, the focus of the project manager should be solely on quality of work that is produced at the end. The standard set for a particular project are supposed to be met with no compromise. Quality work is god exchange for the payment made by a client. It is likely for the client to enjoy good service and long lasting efficiency of quality work. Low quality work renders the client to incur loses since there will be need for repair more frequently in case of quality work. The client will not achieve the goal of the project and the capital will have gone to waste. Legal measure to sue the contractor will lead to more financial constrains (Anthony, 2006).


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