Descrimination and Affirmative Action

Descrimination is an ethical issue that many people face at the work place. It is the differential unfair treatment of issues and people in different grounds at the work place that involve assignment of unbalanced duties to particular employees at the expense of the prefered others, biased promotions that are not based on merit, different remunerations of employees within the same job group and favouritism during hiring process.

It is primarily unethical and unprofessional to treat employees differently at the work place and this can be in line with race, gender, religion, and tribe or due to nepotism affiliations hence social injustice. Descrimination can be intentional or institutional based on company policies. People should be treated with respect and equally even in their diversity having that it is an ethical right not to be descrimated upon depending on the rights stipulated by the organization.

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Affirmative action in it self, is a corrective measure to descrimination that ensures that every employee is treated fairly without prejudice. It brings a moral balance regarding sex, race, religion based on the qualification when admitting, hiring, promoting and when assigning duties. This is a corrective measure to ensure that the right of minority group is considered. This is also in line with the virtue theory that takes into account the morals, behavourial and reputation aspect of an employee.

Affirmative action is justified to create equal opportunities for employees in organizations and institutions. However, the hiring, promotion, remuneration and admission should purely be based on qualification and merit. It should be a standard policy in the organization, that any person enjoys irrespective of gender, race, religion, and tribe or whether one is in aggreement with the supervisor or not. This policy should clearly state the expected minimum moral ethics, when dealing with fellow employees and clients to ensure high standard, which will eventually trickle down to high productivity of the employees.

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