The medical field is one of the fields that experience numerous situations that require a lot of factors to be put into consideration before making any sound judgment. In this case, the physicians at the hospital where Molly was working as a nurse frequently assumed that they knew what was best for the patient even before consulting the patient or the patient’s family. This is very inappropriate coming from medical practitioners and also considering the fact that the men and women working at the hospital were honorable and genuine as well as always putting the patients’ welfare before anything else. In the medical field, it is very important to closely analyze and evaluate medical decisions in relation to the health of a patient. Why is this so? This is because; a simple error or a misjudgment may result to catastrophic consequences on the patient which calls for extreme careful handling of the patients’ cases. There is also a written oath of not to harm which in this case was the oath of practice for physicians in the hospital.

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In this case, Molly’s decision not to file a complaint with the hospital director and the state medical society regarding the physicians behavior can be seen as one that required a lot of consideration and close evaluation. This is because, failing to file a complaint or report the matter to the relevant authorities can be seen as one that would encourage similar practice and encourage subsequent similar situations on the [part of the physicians. It is a fundamental fact that there is the existence of the doctrine that governs the right to informed consent with respect to health related issues in the medical practice. The importance of the right to consent is so as to make the patient an equal partner in the therapeutic relations by empowering the patient in the health practices. Molly exercised very sound decision in handling the matter with the surgeons since she was able to analyze the effect of her decision regarding the matter both the hospital fraternity and on individual basis. It was not doubt that the punishment on the surgeons such as revoking of their medical licenses would have set an example preventing similar occurrences. However, a negative publicity of the hospital would lead to the increased perception that traditional medicines were better than western medicine which would have eventually resulted to a decline in the number of Navajos seeking medical help from the hospital.

Personally, I would have done the same thing but would have tried as much as possible to inform the relevant authorities such as the internal management team of the hospital regarding the physicians’ behavior. This is in line with the fact that the matter could be solved internally without exposing the hospital to negative criticism to the general public. Exposing the surgeons’ behavior would have resulted to the surgeons not taking for granted the code of ethics and performance in the hospital that was not to harm. Understanding the rule of law is one of the fundamental requirements at professional level hence the continued ignorance of the law results to frequent abuse of power and constant disregard of the interest of the general public. The person who is bound to suffer the most in an occurrence such as this one is the patient. Molly decided not to report the surgeons but privately warned them of the extensive damage their actions would have caused had the patient’s family realized that their father had been circumcised. In my case, since the physicians agreed to behave in the future, I would follow up on the matter the following day by closely supervising the operations of the two physicians and ensure that any misconduct whatsoever is reported to the relevant authorities.

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