Racial Profiling Essay Sample

Racial Profiling Essay
Racial Profiling Essay Sample

February 20, 2020

US law enforcement has witnessed significant backlash from the society because of racial profiling, which has become a serious issue over recent decades. We have prepared a racial profiling essay sample so that you could examine this contemporary issue from multiple perspectives as well consider the far-reaching implications of racial profiling in the sphere of justice.

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The following essay consists of five parts. First, it explain the concept of racial profiling. Second, the essay examines the background behind racial profiling and the reasons for its existence. Further, the author of the essay discusses the advantages of racial profiling. The arguments against this phenomenon are discussed in the paragraph that follows next. Finally, there is a critical reflection on the prospects of racial profiling within the US justice system. The essay proposes a view on why racial profiling should continue to exist as well as why the society should try to eradicate it. Such essays are typical for justice blogs and they are suitable for a sociology class.

Racial Profiling in US Law Enforcement: A Reflection

In the sphere of law enforcement, the practice of paying more attention to certain individuals based on their appearance and demographic characteristics is called racial profiling.

As the term suggests, racial profiling means formulating an opinion about an individual based on their race, but it also expands to other characteristics, such as religion, ethnicity, etc.

The concept originated in the United States, where it both has a certain pragmatic value and causes civil rights issues. On the one hand, racial profiling works from the pragmatic point of view. On the other hand, it is problematic at the level of civil rights, because racial profiling is the reason why a person attracts the attention of law enforcement based merely on their demographics.

The controversial nature of racial profiling raises significant concerns in the society.

Racial Profiling Essay Sample: A Sort Of Discretion Or Safety?

Every person and the country are binding in the dilemma of Law. The significance of the laws can be examined with the fact that without the applicability and effectively comply over the law a person cannot do anything. There are numerous laws under which diversified operations are performed.

Law enforcement practices repeatedly have incongruent collision on dissimilar racial and racial groups. To take one well-publicized example, the current deliberate on racial pro. Ling has shown that motorists on freeways are much extra probable to be explored by police looking for prohibited drugs if the motorists are African-American. Parallel accusations are made in association with custom searches at airports, and in a number of other situations concerning policing. The main prospective of this study is to jot down our conceptual thinking over the racial profiling and its pros and cons. To educate our readers pertinently, we have included the proper mean of racial profiling, and what it depicts? Apart from that some words regarding the public concern over that issue has also been implanted in the paper. Let’s discuss every single thing in details to grab a fair idea.

The concept of racial profiling is the inclusion of racial or ethnic characteristics in determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a particular type of crime or an illegal act or to behave in a “predictable” manner. It is often confused with the more comprehensive offender profiling and has been perceived to be directed most often toward non white individuals. Although this practice has been common for centuries, the practice became particularly controversial for the end of the 20th century in the United States, as the potential for abuse by law enforcement came to light.

For an expression that is so congested, it is understandable that racial profiling has several definitions. In “The New Face of Racial Profiling: How Terrorism Affects the Debate,” author Sherry F. Colb states the following:

When I refer to ‘racial profiling,’ I mean the law enforcement practice of taking the race of a potential suspect into account in deciding whether to initiate investigation of that suspect. One need not consider race to the exclusion of all other factors to be engaged in racial profiling. Rather a ‘profile’ will often contain a variety of factors: if one or more of them are race, then we have a racial profile.”

Motor vehicle theft issues are quite common, which comes under the umbrella of racial profiling. In USA, the police officers objected not only a particular community or race but certain characteristics, which are not related to racing. According to the officials, racial profiling helps out the police and law & enforcement agencies to successfully search out the culprit. However, a number of critics have also been done in the subject of the racial profile act from the people, like,

  • Race would ideally not be considered for any reason in a police action.
  • Race should not be considered as the primary factor for suspicion.
  • It can be used in a specific crime and can be recognized with hair color, height and weight. The terminology used for such provisions are called “Be on the Lookout (BOLO)”

The disagreement on racial profiling focuses on the fact that some racial groups are suspiciously the target of prohibition, but sometimes the provision can bring certain good repercussions for the society.