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What Is Definition Essay Writing?

This is a type of academic writing that aims to explain some words, phrases, terms, or professional jargon. It intends to provide a clear meaning of the given notions so that people get to understand them better. This essay type is normally assigned to define abstract terms that are not clear and specific, and thus hard to understand. When the understanding of terms depends on one’s intelligence level and viewpoint, it can be rather complicated to explain notions such as attachment, war, integrity, respect, honor, diligence, and so on.

In this article, you will find great definition essay topics, as well as valuable advice on how to create such a paper.

How to Select a Term to Define?

An underlying step behind writing definition essay is coming up with an appropriate topic. In case you are not assigned topics for a definition essay by your professor, you need to formulate a topic on your own. Still, you need to understand the given notion really well before trying to define it for your target audience. Start by checking the exact meaning of the term in the dictionary. However, when writing the essay, do not simply copy the explanation of the term from the dictionary but try to present your own explanation. Imagine that your reader is not aware of the concept at all, so try to formulate the explanation in simple and clear words. When defining some concepts, it seems that one can write endlessly about them – mostly, because they are abstract. Still, mind the word count limit and try to fit in it. To be more effective in sharing the content without exceeding the word count, try to narrow the topic.

Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

When formulating a thesis statement, take the term or notion to be defined, specify it, and then provide a clear and concise definition. For example, a commitment is one’s promise to do something.

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How to Succeed in Writing a Good Definition Essay Assignment

Before starting to formulate an exact meaning of the required term, you first need to get familiar with the principles of defining terms. Check out the types of definitions:

  • Structural: They are used when providing a description of how to assemble, construct or put something together.
  • Function-based: They are used for the explanation of functions, particularly what one thing/ step does and what it is followed by.
  • Analytical: In this document one should compare a specific term to similar ones with an emphasis on similarities and differences between them. For example, when one defines a specific breed of dogs, it can be easier to compare it with some other similar and more widely known breeds.
  • Definition by means of opposite meaning. It helps the reader better understand the concept thanks to contrary clarification.

The next few simple steps to writing a definition essay is to provide facts, examples, illustrations, and anecdotes as a means of better conveying the core idea of the notion. Keep in mind that the examples you provide should be easy to understand. When coming up with examples or anecdotes, think of whether they would be helpful to your target audience. What humor would be most appealing to your readers? Maybe you have a short story that would nicely explain the meaning of the terms?

NB: Any definition argument essay assignment should explain the meaning of the term while also composing a strong argument. From the very opening paragraph, you should make it clear to your readers what the term means, add some background information, and then provide examples, illustrations, and evidence for the topic development.

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Choosing the Best Definition Essay Topics for College Students

Picking the right term is the essential step in writing your essay. Try to choose the topic you are interested in or you are passionate about. Besides, it is strongly recommended that you choose a topic you are good at so that you do not spend a lot of time investigating the topic and finding background information on it. Keep in mind that, for a definition essay, abstract notions work best, so try not to pick some concrete terms, because you will not have much to write about. Moreover, controversial terms are also a great choice for definition essay topics. They will be great if you want to provoke discussion among your audience.

After you have chosen a term or concept for your essay, look for its meaning in a dictionary. Still, keep in mind that you are not supposed just to copy the explanation – you should explain the concept in your own words. The definition should merely help you set the starting point of writing. Pay attention to the origin and etymology of the chosen term. Delving into history will help you get a deeper insight into what the word meant back then and how the meaning has changed by now.
Check out some of the most popular definition essay topics:

  • family definition essay;
  • love definition paper;
  • racism definition essay;
  • humor definition paper;
  • kindness definition essay;
  • claim definition essay.

Keep in mind that the topic should be familiar and interesting for you to work on. A great advantage is if you have former experience investigating it. Guarantees

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  • happiness definition essay;
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  • alcoholism definition essay;
  • addiction definition paper;
  • trust definition assignment.

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