Why Students Should not Pay for College

Students should not pay for their college fee because the higher education is very expensive and most students may not get access to it. However, it is important to pay college fees by a student it is much of significant free learning in the colleges since all students deserve the knowledge. Higher education is relatively expensive compared to the cost of the education granted in secondary education institutions such as high schools.

Most students that graduate from high schools find it difficult to enlist colleges and universities due to low income from their families that cannot pay them the fees required. Putting in mind the costs of the education of a student whose background is that of poverty, it becomes hectic for him to access the university education. Though there are financial aids granted by some governmental and non-governmental companies and cooperatives, they are not that of significant to the education fees. However, students should never be discouraged because there are separate organizations and agencies that provide college grants to students to fees and related expenses.

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Students who are able to access college education without financial aid can easily get to the colleges and learn compared to the poor students who have to seek all possible ways to obtain their fees. These students by so can not see the knowledge that is obtained from colleges and so end up in poverty. Colleges should understand that existing cash savings certainly tempting but the long-term effects on the children could be devastating. Public Agenda, which is a nonpartisan company to contemplate on hundred students and found out those recent graduates from most high schools, are dropouts. It came up with statistics indicating that 63% of people who graduate from college said that they had received financial support from their families. Just 42% of those whose guardians did not help them managed to graduate from the colleges.

The Funding of the Student`s Education

Students from colleges should not pay for the college tuition as most of loans that are offered by the government for example the US government does not pay for the student`s interest and preferably the interest occurs during college. Students who successfully may acquire the credit for their learning more so those from a poor background, find it hard to prove themselves as they need some financial aid to be used in additional expenditures in college. Items such as learning instruments that are intrinsic to the education of the student are not brought to their approach since resources to obtain the tools are not sufficient.

Colleges should realize that though financial aid is awarded to students, not all students qualify to receive it. The financial aid is usually based on established guidelines and rules that an intended group of students gain access to apart from the poor. The aid though in provision also encounters matters of corruption and so the minority students do not find the opportunity to it. This kind of intervention on the financial aid that is allocated to the poor in the society leads to the poor remaining in poverty and so beggars. It is great significant to note that though the students are given financial aid by various boards still the colleges demand some cash from he poor parents. These have resulted to lose of morale of parents in educating their students to higher education since they cannot manage to pay the required amount.

The amount of aid given by financial supporters to the funding of the student`s education is usually not enough compared to the amount of cash required. This has resulted to dropping out of students from colleges since they cannot manage to find the surplus amount required for their fees. The loan given to the students is usually of a given percentage and requires the student to add some in order to get access to education. Allocation of the money though is based on the student`s need though some people on the high rank have found it away of earning themselves an extra coin and so molesting the lives of the poor students.

Students from the poor families have found it thorny to settle down in school and achieve education since they are always on the run looking for fees from the loan lenders and may end up quitting education. Once a student is in class, he also requires a relaxed mind just like other students in order to have a favorable environment for study. Compared to the other students who have the resource they are definitely to peruse their careers. A student who is always on searching for is school fees do not classes and so he cannot get the quality of education that is expected from him by the school.

All students should qualify for the financial aid since it is meant for them. Some colleges have come up with rules and regulations pertaining how the financial aid are allocated to students through some ways, which discourage some students from getting access to the aid. In some of these colleges students taking certain courses are given a higher financial aid compared to others who even end up getting as little as 10% of the total aid. This suppresses students more so the poor who cannot manage to pay themselves the required amount of fees causing panic on their future education.

On the other hand, students should pay for their education in colleges because the loot they pay enables the institution to develop by for example up grading facilities. Most of the fees paid by the students is used in construction of new learning environment that is much conducive for learning and   tools and equipments required by the students for education. As financial aid supporters provide some aid, parents should find it also their responsibility to find the remaining amount to educate their children. To a large extent the college fees has been made affordable to most people by revising it and so parents should now be able to struggle a little to pay their children`s fees. These include the aid given to students through loans.

From the recent statistics, it has been found out that college graduates enjoy a strong and the great advantage over lesser-educated Americans on average. The Pew researchers estimated that the average college creates 650,000 dollars more in his lifetime than a high school graduate and so recommended education is accounted for since it is an investment. It is of significant for the resource to be paid later by the student in later when employed.

Paying for education in colleges makes the student be more responsible as the student is aware that he or she is using his own resources and so works harder. Comparably most of the college student spend most of their time in matters that are not connected with their studies and end up  loosing the opportunity they had and wasting the aid they had bee given.whe a student pays his own fees he even becomes more keen in hi studies and yet he scores well in his studies.

Though all the power of parents is to pay fees to their children in colleges, it is important for the government to pay fees for all students. These will ensure training to all children to the colleges also equal access to education. Colleges should emphasize on liberal education on the students since it is important to inform the community as a whole and to avoid class divisions.


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