Writing Well

Writing well is not only an opinion for teenagers but it’s a necessity too. Along with reading comprehension, writing skill is a predictor of academic success and fundamental prerequisite for participation in civic life and in then global economy. Lack of suitable writing skills has resulted in schools drop out by teenagers who don’t meet the basic levels required by most colleges or employees.

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My Main Writing Skills

Writing which can also be used as a tool of wring can work more efficient if elements or else the writing skills are properly used. I have acquired several writing strategies which comprise of different stratagem like planning, revising, as well as editing of my essay. Other techniques that I have acquired include the proper summarization of my work, proper combination of sentences, prewriting of my work to get well organized ideas, set specific goals on what I’m writing about, collaborative writing where we revise our work with other apprentices and sharing ideas as well as getting equerries from the staff are some of fundamental skills that I have acquired resulting to improvement of my reading and writing.

Though I have acquired some writing skills, there are still other challenges that one get in writing different kind of essays. For instance, a persuasive essay aims to influence the audience agree with the authors assertions and therefore it was a challenge to me as I didn’t know on what to write to make people agree with my opinions. Coming up with a debatable topic was a hectic thing as I required a topic which is of interest knowledgeable to everyone in order to create a meaningful argument.  Taking a Position in the essay, writing on objective and using evidence as well as Providing Counterarguments are some of the challenges I got while writing my essay.
For one to improve in research and writing a persuasive essay several strategies must be but into convenient. As mentioned earlier, proper planning, revising, editing of my essay, proper summarization of work, excellent combination of sentences, prewriting of my work to get well organized ideas, set specific goals on what I’m writing about, collaborative writing among other strategies  can help someone come up  with a quality essay. Other methods include having courage in one’s chosen topic where at this point I can effectively choose a topic without much struggle.

Taking a position on the topic to write about in an appropriate manner is no longer chaotic since I have to be specific on the stand as my position in the thesis should be well expressed and come up with topics which are not much general like abortion is bad or else that of smoking kills millions of people in a given year and come up with better debatable topics which would make my persuasive essay perfect.

The aspect of writing a persuasive essay that can allow me become a professional is by impending proper use of the strategies like proper editing, bountiful proper attention to my thesis, clear objective which are well supported,  amassing supportive facts that are not disposed by or a defense that may conquer my essay. Prioritizing the facts for greatest effect also matters a lot while writing a perfect and strong essay. I present most powerful arguments first before the compelling evidences and therefore getting good support and therefore the arrangement of the essay should flow in a format to match the supporting facts with the major points been  elucidated.


Building up proper writing skills is a dream that every student has in order to make like flow essay as some student drops out from the institution they are in as a result of rejection for their meager skills. Students should learn to be going through their essays and thesis severely, they should know how to arrange their points and coming up with proper augments of their own and not just coming up they topics that are openly known to every one and by doing this, one will come up with effective thesis of his own.


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