The Role of Creativity in Dress and Fashion

Fashion is generally considered to be a creative sphere

Some may argue this statement is incorrect as the only thing one needs in dress making, for example, is the ability to cut and sew. Then, the question arises – why people wear different clothes? They get dressed not just to feel warm, but also to create a certain look for themselves or for those who surround them. They wear something to be beautiful, striking or just different and special. Consequently, if one makes clothes, he or she needs to be creative to bring something new to ordinary things. One may say that there is no need to invent the wheel for the second time, but the designer has to be creative in order to make a dress look unique. If there were no creativity in fashion, all people would have worn the same things.

Young-ha Kim’s saying “The magic question is, “What for?” But art is not for anything. Art is the ultimate goal,” is relevant to fashion. Dressmaking is also an art, like poetry or music. When one makes unique clothes, he or she does not think what the purpose of it is, but just has a goal to create it. As any other kind of art, fashion is creative because it exists to invent something beautiful; as an art in general, it exists for the sake of itself.

Creativity in fashion is the constant theme across different cultures

All nations wear something – jewelry, shirts, dresses, etc. – and creativity in their dressings is the thing that makes all of them different. The fashion industry links the past and future, tradition and innovation, old and new, and so it links cultures. Special dressing lets the separate culture exist as it distinguishes this culture from the other one, but at the same time, it unites the nations under the common denominator – all of them are creative to be unique. For example, African peoples wear a lot of bright jewelry; some of them put plates into the holes in their lips because they consider it to be attractive.

All in all, creative thinking is an inevitable part of fashion. To put it another way, one has to produce something different and beautiful for it to be called fashionable. The designer of clothes should not only observe and explore what is already made, but imagine it in a different shape or color, create some piece of clothing that would suit a particular person and make him or her special.


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