Borderline Personality Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorders is a cluster-B disorder that has essential features form a pattern of recognized instability and impulsivity of self-image, interpersonal relationships and effects. This disorder is mostly seen in early adulthood within different contexts and situations. It may continue to exhibit even in adulthood if not treated early. In the movie, the orphan, Esther shows many signs of borderline personality disorder. She is also seen to have dysphonia. Dysphonia is a hormonal disorder that makes one seem younger than their real age. This makes her cade complicated. In the movie, there are other members who can be said to exhibit signs of borderline personality disorder, although to very insignificant extents. The whole of this movie portrays the symptoms and effects of borderline personality disorder. It is also clear that it is difficult to manage or treat the disorder, since it is hard to diagnose it. Every action that Esther takes in the movie is engineered by the disorder. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the signs and symptoms of emotional intensity disorder.

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Signs and Symptoms of Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder has many signs and symptoms, though they differ with individuals. That is; the symptoms and signs that show in one individual may not be the same in the other. Some of these symptoms and signs include extreme fear of being abandoned, intense irritability and anger, as well as intensive sensitivity of rejection. Other signs include sensitivity while relating with others, they are unable to regulate their emotions, hurting oneself, and impulsivity. High sensitivity has both to positive and negative consequences. They can get extremely happy over a very small favor or get very upset over a very minor misunderstanding. There are several incidents in the movie, the orphan that give good examples and demonstrations for these symptoms and signs.

To begin with, it is clear that borderline personality disorder causes high sensitivity beyond what normal human beings experience. For instance, when Jon and Kate through a party to celebrate Esther’s adoption, she was very overwhelmed this clearly shows some abnormality in her behavior. She really appreciated and hugged Jon will total gratitude. Throwing a part for a child that you have adopted is quite normal. A person who is not suffering from borderline personality disorder will treat this as a normal treatment and even if, he or she will; get excited; it will be to a regulated extreme. On the contrary, Esther gets so excited over the part that it is worthwhile noting in the movie.

Secondly, the inability to regulate their emotions is evident widely in the movie

Everything that Esther does is engineered by her inability to regulate what she feels about others and about herself. For instance, Esther feels that Sister Abigail is a threat to her living happily with the family of Jon and Kate. Since this irritates her, she decides to attack Sister Abigail. She attacks her until she kills her and also threatens little Max that if she ever says, they will go to jail together. The she also reacts when she realizes that Max and Danny plan to expose her for who she is, she attempt to kill Danny in a fire, but fails. At the hospital, she attempts to kill Danny again but also fails. These incidents clearly point out her inability to control what she feels and her emotions at large.

Thirdly, another symptom of borderline personality disorder that is clearly seen in the movie is the fact that an individual suffering from this disorder is prone to hurting himself or herself. When Kate grabs Esther’s hand when she brings her white roses from Jessica’s grave, Esther later breaks her hand mechanically so that she can say that it is Kate who grabbed forcefully breaking it. Under normal circumstances, individuals are not ready to cause themselves pain in order to blame it on someone else. On the contrary, Esther is ready to bare the pain of a broken arm in order she can blame it on Kate. This is also contributed to by her inability to regulate her emotions. Since she felt so hurt that Kate did not appreciate the flowers she brought, she could go to any extreme in order to blame Kate for it.

Lastly, the fear of abandonment is one of the strongest traits or symptoms of borderline personality disorder

This may not strongly show in the movie but it is evident. At the end of the movie, Esther asks Kate not to leave her. After all the harm she has caused the family, after hurting everybody that Kate cared for, Esther goes ahead to ask her not to leave her in the water. This shows that Esther is afraid of being left alone in the water or being abandoned, even though if she gets out she may continue hurting the people around her. It is also evident when Jon hears her seen at the orphanage and goes to have a look at the person singing. When she notices that he is about to leave, Esther greets him, catching his attention. This also portrays the fear of being abandoned in the orphanage as others get foster families to adopt them.


More Incidents of Borderline Personality Disorder in the Film

There are many more incidents in the film that show symptoms and signs of borderline personality disorder. For instance, when Esther pushes Brenda over; she does this in vengeance for what Brenda did to her in school. In most cases, actions of an individual suffering from emotionally unstable disorder are engineered by a combination of these feelings. That is; it is hard to single out actions and say that this result from high sensitivity only, or from intensive fear of abandonment. Mostly, one action results from a combination of several of these symptoms.

Interestingly, even if emotional intensity disorder makes one feel uncertain about his or her personality, it does not incapacitate the individual from reasoning. For instance, Esther locks the door when Kate tells her to take a bath. Since Esther is of age and feels awkward to bathe with an unlocked door, she goes ahead and locks it. It is also seen when Esther hears a sound of her bible falling. This tells her that Kate has seen something that she intended it should remain a secret. This shows normal reasoning, although she suffers from dysphonia and borderline mental disorder.

In conclusion, borderline personality disorder is hard to diagnose and/or manage. As clearly evident from the movie, the orphan, Esther was taken to hospital several times, yet the doctors and medical practitioners did not diagnose her with any problem. Every time she would be taken to hospital, doctors and medical practitioners would blame Kate for mistreating and mistrusting the young girl. It never occurred to any of them that she was not a small girl but an adult suffering from hormonal disorder, thus looking young and at the same time; suffering from borderline personality disorder, thus the abnormal behavior. It is also clear that borderline personality disorder is not a condition that can be easily seen unless medical diagnosis is done. This is evident from this movie because, everybody else in the movie, apart from Kate, believed in Esther’s innocence. Even sister Abigail, had spoken well of her when Kate and Jon went to look for a child to adopt. Everybody though that Esther was a good mature young girl. That is, she was mature compared to her age. It took Jon the whole movie to realize that Esther had a problem, when she came trying to seduce him. This is what brought him to the realization that he has been living with something that he did not know.

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