Planning and Threat Assessment

Before the entire process, it might prove quite sensible to first closely scrutinize all what threat assessment entails and some few facts about it that have to be put into consideration before any step is taken. This may be useful in assisting the individuals who are carrying out the assessment to avoid mistakes or even jumping into issues with no prudence as the whole process may bare no fruit hence prove futile. So I must settle and gather much information even may be about some similar cases or even different cases that have had to be handled in a similar way, and why they either succeeded or failed. Well renowned resources allege that threat assessment has also sometimes been referred to as risk management and it is a process of identifying, further assessment and finally controlling of the risks that normally arise from some operational factors and then some decision making that is normally based on safety. Threat is normally characterized by the possibility and even severity of probable loss that is usually an outcome of the presence of an adversary if not foretold hazardous situation.

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Some Processes of the Entire Activity

Intelligence Gathering

This is with regard to the basis of our research which is solely about the client who is being associated with the supremacist group, and allegations have it that this is in connection with the homicides who are roving the territory. This means that the threat assessment may not entail anything else that falls besides the supremacists’ injustices issue. The group of eight will visit the client’s home and have a look of the entire environment, the premises, carefully taking note of anything that brings suspicion, or anything peculiar within the compound. We will have to work hand in hand with the security personnel that had been earlier posted to he clients home. We may also have to investigate some of the people who reside at the same place, be it the workers, or even those who are the client’s neighbors. The investigation will be not directly linked to the facts that the client is actually a criminal, but they have to be twisted in way that we are suspecting that the client is of great threat to the community, this would make the ones being investigated willing to give out any information they with regard to the client as they would feel it safe to do so.

Risk Analysis

Apparently this one has been said to be self explanatory. Activities taking place have really caused a lot of harm, deaths and looting of property. Cases involving murder are not the ones to be tolerated whatsoever. The worst of all is that the supremacists are not doing al these for revenge or even anything close to that, but they are deliberately doing it due to the alleged fact that they a fighting for power. This is not the best way to fight for power and actually the same does not entail use of weapons hence bloodshed. This is hence classified as a high victim loss as the innocent ones have been exposed to untold suffering and loss of life. These are some of the conclusions that can be made in the course of the threat assessment, considering that the group of the eight entails specialists.

Threat Assessment

The final completion of the risk analysis tends to pave way for the production of a standard threat assessment. It is notable of how a threat assessment prioritizes and even informs potential victims and further law enforcement in advance of possible criminal acts. The threat assessment tends to examine intervention techniques, some other intervention consequences and even crime prevention. Having all this in mind the group will prudently handle each and every portion of the entire process as equally important, making no assumptions as this may dearly cost the whole event and finally no justice is achieved. We will all have one fact in mind before carrying out the process, that threat assessments makes an attempt to measure the threatened harm, the likelihood or rather probability of an occurrence, and finally the immediacy of harm to a potential victim.

After making some several attempts to investigate those of the people who are close to the client, the overall information gathered will be quite relevant. The final conclusion by the group will determine whether we continue with the investigation. Actually further actions may even include ransacking the client’s house but this will have to be determined by the outcome of the former report. Anything that suggests the possibility of having any supremacist group, either directly or indirectly will have to be taken seriously and with lots of concern, as the menace has become quite threatening and sickening.

Risk Analysis/Threat Assessment Report Format

The whole investigation may be now put down in form of a report. This will be forwarded to cater for the legal process bound to take place in the court. Some more facts may be merged to back up the threat assessment outcome and this would serve as good evidence. A good report should entail some various aspects as follows:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Characters and Characteristics;
  3. Criminal Predicate;
  4. Warning Signs;
  5. Target;
  6. Consequences;
  7. Conclusion;
  8. Recommendations.


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