My Husbands Back Literature Essay Sample

The poem my husbands back by Minot Susan most speaks about a very bad and emotional day. She went ahead describing what is going on in her life in the poem. She talks about the love she has on her husband and is seen in the poem. The poem talks about finding someone to lean on depend on and also a person that will offer to help at times when things are tough and the one to light the fire when kindling is wet as seen in the poem where the husband play the role when he takes the responsibility of lighting the wooden stove and made her forget the bad feeling she had by ensuring everything is in place.

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Theme of Love and Women Problems in the Poem

The poems indirect meaning was all about love and helping through restoring hope. When the woods were covered with ice cake and could not catch fire the author described how her husband ensured that fire was on. To add on that, her husband was around when everything was complicated and he gave hand  and hope was brought back as seen when she talks about ,” the giant world which was whirling on her head  stopping thoughts ceased to spin”. The other indirect meaning of the poem or the poems message is love exists in both the poor and rich. The feeling expressed by the author and how she described her husbands back shows how love existed amongst them. Most probably, she termed her husband as a very helpful and loving person who cares and ensures that the ones he love are fine. This is seen in her description of how she leaned on her one arm and crawling on it forever and at it turns out that at one point in world turning out that she had travelled everywhere and get to.  It also means that she is satisfied with his love in the same statement.
Connotation is defined as the feeling or ideas invoked from a word for a person to add on its literal or primary meaning, also the implication of ideas or feelings. Connotation used in the poem to describe the environment or place where the author is. In the poem the author talks about a pot of burnt rise meaning that she is poor. Also the author uses connotation to explain how helpless she is when she talked about a wet wood caked with ice. The author was using the connotation in expressing her desperate situation which called for help.

Moreover, the author explained how poor they were through connotations. In her description of her husband’s shirt being snug and plaid she definitely brought the picture on how poor they are. When she says that her husbands back is as firm and compact like the back of a young man. It describes her husband as a strong man and she relies on his help. Also in the poem the author talks about the baby flushing with flu while slipping on a pillow meaning that the environment is cold because of snow coverage.

The tone used in the poem varies from time to time. When she talks about the wet woods that cannot catch fire and because of being wet and caked with ice, the tone is suggesting sorrow while the tone changes immediately she talks about the giant world swirling on her head and most thoughts are stopped and she sizes to spin. This shows that the mood and tone is seen lively and hope is found according to the tone. Therefore the poems tones vary from high to low depending with the mood.

To conclude, the author generally speaks about love and how a person can love through actions as it happens to her. She also talks about women problems in the poem and thus representing feminist.

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