Lack of Good Education

Education is the act of imparting knowledge into one’s mind that is, making him or her aware of the certain information that are not well clear or open to the immediate environment. It is the only magic bullet that is capable of lifting the society from economic doldrums. Lack of good education therefore refers to imparting low level or wrong information to the learners by the teachers or tutors. Poor education has been evident in various non performing institutions across the entire globe. It is therefore important to study the causes, effects and remedies that can be taken to eradicate it from such learning institutions.

The Causes of Poor Education

Poverty is one of the main causes of poor education. It is the state of destitution whereby one is unable to provide for himself or herself with certain important necessities that are quite vital for a living such as shelter, clothing and food. Due to limited income by the poor, they tend to use the available meager funds in acquiring the basic needs which is crucial for their future survival. The consequence of this is that the kids are taken to the institutions which either give free education or are low costly. Such schools lack proper learning facilities (Davis, 2006). Inadequate or lack of appropriate facilities automatically renders learning products from such schools valueless. Besides, most of the tutors are financially driven therefore, very few will be willing to teach in poverty stricken institutions where payments are very low (Davis, 2006). Lack of enough schools in the areas affected by poverty is rampant in certain states such as the Mississippi State.

Investigation and research asserts that the system of education in certain parts of the world is quite bogus. This may include trivial discussions of certain topics with little or no proper analysis of various facts in the topic. Giving students little or no time to think and contribute to the topics being discussed is a threat to the students since they may be able to learn their mistakes. Education system that focuses mainly on different branches of knowledge is of no help and may overload the student for no good reason.  Here, the learning institutions are much congested making the environment itself non conducive for learning. The learning materials are less compared student number. Delivery of lecture by the tutor is also not very effective since concentration of the students is much lower (Barbe & Swassing, 1979). Thus, many students end up not gaining the right information meant for them. The tutor may not be able to reach each and every student in person for clear and proper explanation of certain ideas not well understood by the students.

Poor or inappropriate education has great negative results on the society as a whole. First and foremost, the society will be slugging in terms of development since it will lack the appropriate members with knowledge and skills in various fields such as the entrepreneurial skills. Certain necessary individuals like the doctors are therefore lacking in such societies (Barbe & Swassing, 1979). The consequence is that health department in such areas has to hire such specialists from other areas. This maybe quite expensive, also to note is that the employment opportunities are limited to individuals with inappropriate education. In addition to this, invention and innovation are also limited due to lack of creative knowledge that can be employed in coming up with new ideas that may be applied in the innovation and invention process. In this case, industrialization is really diminished resulting to low production of goods and services. The resultant effect is deterioration of business activities in the entire society. General consequence of this is abject poverty in the entire society.


The effects of education on the society as a whole are therefore a great setback to the development of the economy. Hence, necessary and immediate remedy is required so as to eliminate this to facilitate economic development in different states and the entire nation. These remedies should be focused on the causes of the problem.


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