Top Ranked Health Issues

Non-Communicable Diseases

The World Health Organization ranks non-communicable diseases as the number one death cause with examples being the heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Research shows that 11% of the deaths result from this area which includes injuries (Ryan et al., 2016). Of all the health challenges ever faced the world, none has been as critical as the amount of non-communicable diseases. These illnesses share similar risk factors which are tobacco use, unlimited alcohol use, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical exercise. The world now is struggling to put heads together on how to curb these diseases through the use of drugs and natural remedies.

Obesity in the United States of America

Obesity has emerged as a national concern in the United States of America. Research shows that over 35% of the American residents are obese with the figure expected to be even higher (Diseases, 2017). Poor eating habits cause overweight issues while they can also be transferred genetically. Poor eating habits include taking junk foods in restaurants and lack of exercise as people do not have time to work out. To solve this situation, there should be passed laws that force employers to provide gym facilities and design work schedules in a way that enable people to find time to cook. On advocacy, civic organizations need to introduce seminars that teach people on the causes and effects of obesity.

Lung Cancer in Texas

Research shows that 15% of adults are smokers. Although the rate has decreased, it remains a healthcare challenge as it is the leading cause of cancer. The report also states that 18% of the individuals have abused drugs in one way or another which is the leading cause of the disease. There should be a program launched in schools to teach young children on the effects of drug abuse and the conditions related to it. On advocacy, the government should be pressured to enact laws that will increase substance abuse to 23 years. The law enforcers must bring to court those who are selling such drugs to the minors and adults advised to reduce intake.