Most Popular Health Topics in 2018 (Bonus PDF)

Most Popular Health Topics in 2018 (Bonus PDF)

100 Best Health Topics

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  1. Adding More Fruits and Vegetables Can Lead To Psychological Improvement in Just 14 Days
  2. Current Health Articles: Study Looks at the Link Between a Lack of Sleep and Our Learning Abilities
  3. Poliovirus Effective at Killing Cancer Cells and Preventing Regeneration of Tumors
  4. Curing Baldness: Are We Reaching a Breakthrough?
  5. Reasons Behind Gray Hair, Baldness Uncovered
  6. Newborn’s Gender May Have Effect On Mother’s Immunity
  7. Recent Study My Cause Changes in Vitamin D Guidelines
  8. Ten Reasons Why Sex Can Increase Health
  9. Studies Finds Answers For Why Hair Turns Gray
  10. Health Articles 2017: Is “Good” Cholesterol Actually Just a Myth?
  11. Medical Controversy Topics: Health Debate Over Red Meat
  12. Health Articles For High School Students: The Impact of Videos Games On Brain
  13. Researchers May Have Discovered Breakthrough That Prevents the Spread of Cancer
  14. People Who Get Too Much Sleep May Double Their Odds Of Developing Dementia
  15. The Effects of Aging on the Brain
  16. Natural Cannabinoid Found To Reduce Anxiety
  17. The Use of Antidepressants May Worsen the Effects of Tinnitus
  18. Turmeric, Red Grape, and Apple Compounds Effective Against Cancer of the Prostate
  19. Spouses with Younger Partners Experience Quick Decline in Marriage Happiness.
  20. Saturated Fat as an Artery-Clogging Culprit Might Be an Exaggeration
  21. Health Events: The Effects of Sodium on Blood Pressure May Be Overrated
  22. Cannabinoids and Chemotherapy Working Together Demonstrate Effective Results Against Cancer
  23. MS could be reversed with existing allergy drug Existing Allergy Drug Demonstrated to Reserve the Effects of Multiple-Sclerosis
  24. Study Finds Link Between Coffee Drinking and Longer Livespans.
  25. New Medical Healthcare Treatment: New Method of Fighting Cancer Can Kill Cells in 3 days
  26. New Technique For Stopping the Spread of Cancer Discovered
  27. Mystery Behind the Cause of Bipolar Disorder Might Be Solved
  28. New Cancer Treatment Might Be More Effective Than Chemotherapy
  29. Link Find Between Lack of Gluten and Increased Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
  30. Research Finds that a Marriage Success Depends on an Active Love Life
  31. Keto Diet Found to Improve Memory, Lengthen Lifespan
  32. Study Finds Normal Blood Pressure Levels Depend as Much on Potassium as They Do on Sodium
  33. New Discovery Uncovers What Causes Parkinson’s Disease
  34. Dopamine could be to blame Link Find Between Lack of Dopamine and Lack of Motivation to Stay Active
  35. Cause of Clogged Arteries May Be Connected to Bacteria Rather Than Diet
  36. Acetaminophen Taken Before Birth May Reduce Masculinity
  37. Scientists Warm: Unless You Have Celiac Disease, Eat Gluten
  38. Health Articles for Students: What are the Health Effects of Dairy?
  39. The Female Orgasm: What Do Women Desire?
  40. Is it Risky to take Statins?
  41. Why Women Want Less Sex As They Get Older
  42. Study Shows Positive Link Between High-dose Vitamin C and Cancer Treatment
  43. According to Research, Vitamin C Successfully Attacks Cancer Stem Cells
  44. Stevia Effective At Controlling Blood Sugar Levels
  45. Cold and Flu Medication Found to Stop Growth of Cancer Cells
  46. Link Found Between Protein Interference with Brown Fat and Obesity
  47. Minimal Increase in Dietary May Prevent DNA Damage
  48. Study Finds Anxiety Might Be Linked to Bacteria in Stomach
  49. New Research Discovers A Type of Cell that Removes Waste from Brain
  50. The Ten Most Useful Sleep Applications
  51. Is a Cure for MS In Sight?
  52. Articles on Health and Fitness: The Effect of a Single Bout of Exercise on the Brain
  53. Health Researchers: Gluten-free Diet Does Harm
  54. Maintaining Brain Health As You Mature
  55. Bacterium Fosters Growth in Colorectal Tumor
  56. The Emotional and Physical Benefits of Yoga
  57. Five of the best apps to train your brain Keep Your Brain Sharp With These Five Apps
  58. Health and Fitness Articles for High School Students: Want to Lose Weight? Fast From Time to Time
  59. Artificial Vanilla Extract May Prevent Psoriasis
  60. The Consequences of Childhood Trauma on the Brain
  61. Research Finds Chili Pepper Compound is Effective Against Breast Cancer
  62. Vitamin B Might Increase Risk of Lung Cancer
  63. Study investigates Research Uncovers How the Brain Processes Fear
  64. Want to Maintain a Healthy Weight? It Starts With Eating Breakfast Everyday
  65. Positive Link Found Between Improved Diet and Overcoming Major Depression
  66. A Regimen of Vitamin C And Antibiotics Does Wonders Against Cancer Cells
  67. Research Discovers Link Between Pheromones and Sexual Behavior
  68. Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Has Harmful Effects on Brain
  69. Want to Reduce Inflammation? All You Need is 20 Minutes of Exercise
  70. Brain-training Game May Combat Dementia
  71. Link Found Between Eating Hot Red Chili Peppers and Longer Lifespans
  72. Black Tea Alters Bacteria in Stomach, Increases Weight Loss
  73. Top News: Antioxidant may slow down progression of MS
  74. Alzheimer’s disease: Scientists May Soon Know How it Starts and How to Prevent it
  75. Study Finds Loneliness Has Stronger Effects On Mortality Than Obesity
  76. More Gray Hair Increases Odds of Developing Heart Disease
  77. New findings May Help in Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
  78. Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Is There a Link?
  79. Sugar and Cancer: A Surprise Connection or Has the Sugar Industry Been Hiding Something for Half a Century?
  80. Glioblastoma: A New Treatment on the Horizon?
  81. Long-term sexual satisfaction: What Does Science Reveal?
  82. Link Found Between Brain Inflammation and OCD
  83. Want to Decrease Parkinson’s risk? Consume More Dairy
  84. Diet Drinks Are Not What They Seem
  85. Stem Cell Procedure Stimulates Hair Growth
  86. New Test is Able To Detect Latent HIV With Greater Accuracy, Cure Might Be Next
  87. Why Does Exercise Not Work For Everybody?
  88. Research Finds That it is Virtually Impossible to be Healthy and Obese at the Same Time
  89. Is an Anticancer Drug Actually Spreading Cancer Cells?
  90. New Research Discovers How Body Processes Pain
  91. New guidelines Increase Upper Hypertension Limit for Those Over 60 Who Are Otherwise Regarded as Healthy
  92. Want to Avoid Alzheimer’s? Extra-virgin Olive Oil Might Be the Trick
  93. Study sheds light Research Uncovers How Broccoli Protects Against Cancer
  94. The Key to a Less Harmful High-Fat Diet Might Be Cinnamon
  95. New Clinical Guidelines Developed In the Treatment of Lower Back Pain
  96. Novel Cancer Drug Shrinks Tumors By Half
  97. Statins Might Not Protect Older Patients From Heart Disease
  98. Antidepressants may increase mortality risk by a 33%
  99. New Compound Attacks Cancer While Avoiding Damage to Healthy Cells
  100. Researchers Find Genetic Link for Developing Eczema

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