Winter Sunday and My Papa’s Waltz

The poem those winter Sunday by Robert Hayden is comparing the experiences with the character had with his father .I realize that the poem helps to understand the alternative interpretation, on the other hand we can say this poem tries to express a sadness feeling induced by some person. The character expresses of being in some sadness and agony. Further he goes a head telling of his experience with his father who is indifferent and cold to him. But even though this is happening the character understands the bitterness reasons. This could be through the father’s experience. From this we can say the father cares but he is showing his love in an indifferent way.

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On the other hand my papa’s waltz is a poem that receives different analysis from different persons. From the first stanza, one can say the father of the character is a drunkard also a condemnation of the pain the father is inflicting to the persona. This is true because of the phrases and images as depicted from the poem. But a better analysis shows a different scenario, “papa” is connoting affection as it is used by the character. “Romp” similarly reflects a playful way of relation.
Also we can say the mother of the character is dismayed by the disorganization of the house as the father and the son are playing. (I hung on like death and still clinging to your shirt) this can make us reason that the father’s death is foretold even though the son is unwilling to abandon his father despite the pain even years after the author write the poem. This gives us kind of loving shown from father to son.

The above poems above have one thing in common. They are trying to express the complex relationships the characters had with their fathers. They are trying to express the emotion conveyed by the author.


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