Web Security

Web security refers to all the activities that are designed with an aim of protecting the use as well as the integrity of the network and data. The main aim of the network security is to control the access to a network. The security identifies threats in a network and then stops it from either entering of spreading in that network. It does this by combining several defense layers on the edge as well as in the network. The task of each layer is to implement policies as well as the controls. There numerous web securities used to protect network.

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Among those systems it the network access controls. This type of security network allows one to control who can or can’t access the network. This is done by identifying the users or the devices that are granted access to the network. By doing so, a number of security policies such as blocking can be implemented. Another web security is the application security which is designed with an aim of protecting applications (Sebesta, 2015). This security secures your network by ensuring that your applications are free from the threat of being hacked. Another common security network is the antivirus or the antimalware software. This security protects your network from Trojans, spyware and viruses. The antivirus continuously scans your network in order to detect any threat or hiding malware.

Email security is also one of the web securities which are used to protect your network from phishing attacks on your emails especially in cases of business that deals with many emails. This security prevents hackers from accessing personal information in the emails which could compromise your business operations. Wireless security is implemented for protecting wireless network from hackers. Wireless security is important since there are lot of business being conducted on the cloud thus meaning wireless network and access point. Data loss prevention is the type of the security used to protect data from being lost (Sebesta, 2015). In order for an organization to ensure that their staffs do not send information that is sensitive outside their network, DLP security can be used since it blocks printing, uploading as well as forwarding of critical information. The most recommendable security system is using the wireless security since it prevents both hacking and data loss.