Two and a Half Men Essay Example

Two and a Half Men is a television show in the United States that started its broadcasting in 2003. The show was developed around Charlie Harper, his brother as well as his brother’s son. In that case, Charlie has been depicted as a bachelor who is involved in formulating commercial jingles in order to earn his daily bread. Moreover, he is shown to live a hedonistic life. In the initial five releases of the show, Charlie has been shown to be in several casual relationships. His character continues until season 6, when he finally engages with Chelsea despite the fact that the relationship is broken after a while. More events happen throughout the show and have a close relationship with current and past events in the United States meaning that the show can play a huge part in explaining a large part of history of the American people, especially at the time that the show was developed.

The show was created at a time when many things were changing in the American society. Much has emerged including sexual transformation, racial divisions as well as cultural diversity among others just as revealed in the show. The show began in 2003 with Alan shifting with Charlie after being left by his woman. He was thrown out of the house despite the fact that he was paying for it. That introduces the first aspect of the period within which this show was developed. This period can be termed modern time or that of technological advancements (Castells 22). The first episodes in the initial series of the show contain many incidences of sex along with gender constituents.

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The series is also composed of racial and cultural illustrations that have closely become part of the American history. The episodes in the series clearly depict American values, traditions and norms, especially during the times when it was produced. In the initial stages of the show, Charlie brought out major themes revolving around the American society at the current times (Coverdill, Carlos and Michelle 783).

Therefore, it can be deduced that the show plays a huge role in explaining the nature of the American society considering the fact that it was created at a time of major changes in the United States accompanied by gender, racial, cultural, and sexual transformations among others.

During the release of the show, gender stereotypes began to emerge strongly just like they are today in the American society. Charlie is portrayed as a masculine person just like an American stereotype. In that case, he is shown as a drunkard and a smoker. He also engages in sexual intercourse with several women in a manner that can be described as random. Most importantly, Charlie is involved in extravagant behaviours when he splashes his finances as a way of acquiring all that he desires in life (Hatfield 528). It is clear that his actions are closely linked with his notable nature, confident demeanour. On the other hand, his brother is a different person. Looking closely at the American stereotypes, Alan can be regarded as one with a little nature of feminine male. He has been depicted a weak-minded being who is having difficulties in dealing with women. The show seems to have been developed during a period when stereotypes were becoming evident and most males could follow after Charlie considering the fact that men in the society could regard him as a complete man (Lehighton).

Nevertheless, it is rare for men to follow Alan’s character since he seems weak and less masculine. The stereotype of masculinity was evident at the time of the show release meaning that it was a clear representation of events in the American society.

The period when the show was released was also a time when social classes took course in the American society and that can be evidenced by today’s statuses in the United States. Classing of people in the American society has been revealed to have advantages as well as disadvantages that have been clearly illustrated in various episodes of the show. From the show, it is precise that both Alan and Charlie were brought up within the upper class. In that case, Alan is to be a chiropractor and he is ridiculed to be a fictitious health professional.
Nevertheless, he is at a position to have all the advantages that accrue from being within the upper class. Looking at Charlie’s life, he spends and squanders money without caution. The American society has these classes of people, especially in the modern times, and in this case, considering the time of release as modern. Charlie is able to use much money due to his perception that he is in the upper class. In that case, it can be deduced that America operates in the premises of class society (Hatfield 529). Moreover, Jake is a clear representation of stereotypical upper class youngster. Just like the other teenagers brought up within the upper status of the society, he has the freedom to do what he likes and has little regard for his studies. In the modern times, children have adopted the “don’t care” attitude since they consider themselves as already attaining the American dream considering that their parents and guardians are endowed with much wealth. They spend time with their friends in bars and playing video games among others instead of concentrating on their studies (Sklar 65). Just because Jake is male and his family has much wealth, he sees nothing wrong in wasting money and resources. The show during the time of release is a clear illustration of changing times with social status.

Another theme that clearly illustrates the events during the time the show release is privilege, especially considering the fact that the American people have been enjoying rights or benefits differently. That has become evident in the times when the show was created and continues until today (Skorinko and Stacey 13). A privilege can be used to refer to right, advantage or immunity that an individual has over the others. The show depicts different privileges for the characters. That can be linked to the American society where males can be regarded as the most dominant category of people (McLeod 229). At the time of release in 2003, males were considered as superior and their nature led to their success. However, that has lately changed since women have taken up the initiative and emerged strong in fields where only men could dominate, for example engineering. The characters in the film believe that their privileges are far beyond those of the regular Americans. It is clear that the show was released at the time when the term “regular Americans” was becoming common across the United States. Regular Americans can be regarded as those who can only afford to live a common life which anyone can afford. In the show, the characters’ intelligence cannot be interrogated since they are Whites (Lehighton). Moreover, they believe that their male nature gives them a greater privilege over the ordinary Americans. Most importantly, their ability to pay is unquestionable since they are already in the upper class. That can be linked with the modernized American society with some people who have taken dominance in various aspects. For instance, considering the legal bodies, it is evident that the Senate has taken the mandate of making rules of the American people with the help of the House of Representatives (Skorinko and Stacey 17). Looking closely, one can deduce that most of the officials in these bodies come from the Whites and upper class society and are mostly males. It is also unfortunate that the rules formulated by these groups add interest to dominant groups and are regularly amended in order to add extra benefits to those in authority (McLeod 231). The way that the show developed its themes is a clear illustration of the American society at the time of release all the way to revolving modern time in the United States.

In conclusion, the period of release of Two and a Half Men is a clear illustration of what was happening by then. It can be deduced that the events represented by the show are closely linked to scenarios within the American society. The period of release of the show was marked by major changes in terms of gender, and cultural and racial stereotyping across the American society. The show has male characters who are clear representatives of events and situations across the United States. Charlie is presented as a male stereotype that exists in the modern America. It is evident that he believes that his masculinity enables him to do all that he wishes in his land. Moreover, he believes that his money can do anything for him in life. On the contrary, Jake acts as a representative of youths across the United States, who spends most of their time partying instead of concentrating on his studies. They have all grown in the upper class and believe that they are beyond the “regular Americans”. In this case, themes of privilege, social classes and stereotyping of various aspects of American society are evident especially during the period that the show was created.