The Effects of Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods on U.S History

Sport has been the most famous discipline in promoting the status and popularity of a country like the specialization of Jamaica and United States of America in sprints. This case golf has been essential and played by nationally and internationally recognized amateurs like Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen and the current world famous tiger woods. They have been great and inspirational amateurs of golf. Sport like golf does not only gain the popularity of a country but promotes fame of the participant both locally, nationally and even internationally.

The sports personalities are great inspirations to the development and character of the fans for the sports persons. Golf is hence a key sport that has many following. Sports persons then influence the personalities and characters of fans while they emulate their preferred sports personality. They tend to act as role models to many people in the society despite the personality differences and variation. In this essence, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods were inspirational personalities in golf amateur and celebrated role models by fans. This research thus looks at the impacts of these personalities on the history of United States and their role modeling influence.

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Bobby Jones’ Legacies

In the early years of the twentieth century at 1920s, bobby Jones shaped the feeling and look of the American golf. His legacies are still recognized and remain deep in the American history. Tiger wood is the current golf personality that has raised the flag of his nation and earned worldwide recognition. They have a difference in terms of temperament and personality factors for instance Jones called a penalty stroke against his side by moving his ball in the rough accidentally. Just like tiger woods, he lost some vital competition championship due to praise for integrity by fans.

The United States open tournament has been promoted and gained popularity in world sport through golf amateurs Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones. Both have had the prestige of winning this championship because of the prize award and the prestige associated with the tournament. They have contributed to the fame of the united states in golf from the 18th century that was played ion the Rhode Island. This was the first stage of the tournament on a nine-course ground. At that time, the championship was won by golfers who had immigrated to the United States. However, the rise of bobby Jones and tiger woods have changed the course of championship in the United States open.

As competition increased, it did not last longer that the U.S. Open began featuring the world’s top golfers in the sport. By the year 1920, the U.S. Open had become one premiere event of the world golf. The main reason why this occurred was that the tournament featured some larger-than-life golfers. These golfers were entertaining where people enjoyed watching and hearing. For example, the great golfer Bobby Jones won the United States, open golf. The popularity of the tournament improved greatly when bobby won in 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1930.

In this essence, Tiger Woods among other famous golfers have won the tournament. In comparison, they have both the prestigious prize of golf associated with this tournament. Both bobby and woods have won the tournament more than once. They have contributed to the development of golf and popularity of the unite states open. They are great American amateurs that have made significant earnings and prestige while promoting the American image. They then contribute to the American history on golf. The U.S. Open has currently featured other popular winners since the time of Bobby. They include Golfers Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus who all won the United States open golf tournament.

Other than attracting great golfers, the Open tournament has risen in significance, and more people have been able to view and enjoy the game in the past years. This attributed to the inspirational golfers like tiger woods. The American tournament was covered comprehensively by the national media in the year 1954. During 1977, ABC media showed every hole during the final two rounds of the tournament where entertaining golf amateurs featured.

By early 1990s, even NBC obtained the rights to air the United States open championship. This was because of the passion created among the fans by great golfers like bobby Jones. Currently, not only has the airing of the tournament to be a significant thing for golf fans. It led to high volume of revenue for the PGA and the networks broadcasting the championship. This is because of the advertising money that it can demand the space of advertisement when the tournament is to be aired.

Bobby Jones won the Grand Slam of Golf in the year1930, which included the United States Amateur at Merion. This led him to the emulation by the media and gains the title, ‘The Impregnable Quadrilateral.’ This was his description phrase that came from his. He was a subject of interest in the development of the press where he created a single sport writer who was attached to him. This is because he was important athlete in those days. There was even a writer for the Atlanta Journal newspaper who was Jones’ main P.R. man in that section. Bobby Jones set out to win his Grand Slam in 1930, which had become a topic of discussion amongst the newspapers, and around golf course. There was a lot of media discussion as to whether a single individual could win all majors in the same year. This later became to be known as the Walker Cup. Written medium was the main method by which news was expressed in the then ‘Roaring 20’s’. Tiger Woods has won four majors and too was referred as ‘A Grand Slam’. They both enhanced the development of media and sport reporting.

Tiger Woods’ Contribution to the Golf History

In comparison to the current popularity of golf, Tiger Woods has also encouraged live coverage of golf proceedings just like bobby Jones. There has been purchased of rights to air United States open tournament more than it was during the bobby Jones times. Although there was interest of media, it increased significantly. This has built interest among fans thus contributing to the American revenue levels. Both golf amateurs have contributed to the American revenues in advertisements and fans entry to playgrounds.

Historically, the oldest player ever to win United States open championship was Hale Irwin. He won the tournament in 1990 at the age of 45 years. He was the oldest player ever to make such a cut after the first two days that ad been Sam Snead in 1973 at 61 years of age. There were other four key players like Bobby Jones, Willie Anderson Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan who have also won the championship four good times. The only golfer amateurs that have won the United States open and masters in the same year include Arnold Palmer, Craig Wood, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is the most emulated character and role model in American golf. Unlike Bobby Jones, he has managed to win the United States open tournament and the masters’ tournament at the same year among other golfers. He has then contributed to the history and prestige of United States open tournament. However, they have contributed to the popularity of American golfers thus creating their position and recognition in the world. Unlike Tiger Woods, Bobby Jones played golf at an early age because he was battling with his health condition. Golf was then prescribed as the only measure for his health condition and to strengthen him. It later turned out to be his passion. It is an ideal role model that disability in one point is not an inability to other spheres of life. He had the inspiration of the family background, and he loved golf from the beginning. He matured quickly and won his children’s title at the age of six.

The crowd following him was a cross-section of the global population, awash in more colors than the crowds at a major had ever been before he burst onto the scene. Unquestionably, there were in excess of audience of color in the United States and around the globe than there had been before his arrival. In addition, blended in with the mass of players tangling with Tiger for the Masters title down the stretch were youngsters from all over the planet, from literally every golf-playing continent, who readily admit that he was a major reason they took up the game and who used him as their role model.

It is currently a strange paradox in all sports today’s United States country, and it is played out at Augusta National, for the millions of television viewers. Tiger Woods was the center of attraction or attention and the most magnetic presence in the sport of golf. He has drawn the loudest gallery and generated another massive audience for the commonly known ‘nail-biter’ of a Masters Tournament finish. In golf, before Tiger Woods there was no single-player at the major golf sports that looked like Tiger. After about fifteen years when Tiger Woods broke the perception and the walls of the historically discriminatory or exclusionary sport and the people it aggressively excluded the most. There was also one other African-American golf player on the PGA Tour and championship.

Currently, the conditions have changed in each and every aspect of sporting in golf. More black people of African-American descent are playing the game. Prior to Woods being a pro in golf, estimates viewed the number of African-American recreational golfers relatively below a million. Today the shift in this trend has changed in America where it is more than two million African-American recreational golfers. Consequently, more people are watching golf, either in person or on television. This great achievements and development in golf proves that black people in the United States are involved in golf like they never had been before. The Tiger effect brought by tiger Woods was a key phenomenon even before he gave the then generation the Jackie Robinson moment. This occurred at the 1997 Masters championship that is still in effect to date. This was the same in the discipline of tennis where Serena and Venus Williams’s sisters have brought African-Americans into a country-club sport with unprecedented proportion during their decade-long primes of excellence. There was annual, continuous growth on the number of websites, organizations, and networks for the black golfers’ that kept increasing yearly. It depicted for blacks who play at college levels.

In his case then, tiger Woods has been an inspirational proponent of equal and full participation in sports in the United States regardless of the ethnicity, color, and race. He has encouraged the African-American to participate in sports. This is seen the participation and dominance of blacks in other sports activities like tennis, basketball and sprints. He has then contributed in the integration of all country’s citizens in sport regardless of color. This feature is the key reason behind the historical excellence of United States in sports like sprint and basketball. Just like bobby Jones who retired and developed golfing fields across the United States like the Augusta national golf club.

A larger part of the discussion and conversation about extra-curricular activities of tiger woods after the 2009 car accident was motivated by a demographic. This argues that, until his emergence, Woods could not care on any aspect of life of any golfer or amateur. Incidentally, none of these proponents of the idea could join Woods in playing golf at its highest level that he does. However, they have some common similarity in terms of motives and reasons that led top their participation and success in sport. Jones was triggered by prescription of golf as a way to strengthen his health while Tiger Woods developed a great interest after a car crash episode. Jones had quit playing golf because of the ill health later in 1934 though he was inspirational. He even played the masters in exhibition basis.

Currently, they are still the best bet against the odds of Tiger and Bobby winning the Grand Slam. They have been perceived as inspiring role models where they developed and played golf with passion and interest. Bobby Jones won major titles, and as Tiger has done hence professional golf today for all intents purposes. This is where the greatest number of fan-ship and interest in the game. They were great models in sports that build strong basis of fan-ship not only in golf but other sports. This great significance of fans is still there even currently at the American sports. The odds are still against this happening even by Tiger Woods. The achievement of Tiger Woods is still seen as luck playing a factor given the uncontrollable aspects that still need to go right for him.


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