Testing Employees

Selection is the process of choosing the most excellent individuals who are best suited for a specific position in the organization or a firm. This process is undertaken after recruitment process, which refers to attracting of individuals in sufficient figure and encouraging them to apply for jobs in the firm. During this phase of selection, the employer is able to choose the capable individuals who can perform the duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

It is in selection process the manager put more stress on one step which is paramount when testing the employee. Employee testing is of great help to the organization or the firms because, it predicts the outcome of the performance for example, low income, increase of sales and happiness of the customers. Selection testing also improves on the production, employee retention. It increases on the defensibility of hiring procedure by using objective data and hiring and costs.

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Testing of employee in a firm is critical and advantageous therefore, the employee should ensure that they have done the best while choosing the candidates. This will help them in achieving good performance and the higher productivity outcomes. And they should focus on the abilities of the candidates, skills and the experience of the candidates who have applied for the occupation to resolve the ones with the capacity do the task. For example, the employer should use aptitude test while interviewing the candidates because is mostly recognized by most researchers to be of great help to get the best suitable individual in a particular area needed. The aptitude test helps the employer to see how the candidates can handle problems by solving, the ability to use new information, the reasoning capacity towards choice of job.

Also, when employee pass through testing it enhances the legal defensibility, equitability and autonomy in selection phase. This requires all organization to have the objectivity and equity while they are doing endorsement and they also doing selection process on the firms. Since testing of the employee follow the procedures like other phases in selection process. Employers can utilize the opportunity because; he is under federal law which makes sure that there is no discrimination in selection and equitability. This helps the business to be exposed legally accordingly they are able to cope with the situations when the difficulties arise concerning hiring process.

Similarly, the employee confirms also helps in legal defensibility during the process of selection. It’s important to make lawful the hiring process because the procedure will be illegally inequitable. This minimizes the challenges to the business which are usually related to the undesirable impact. The adverse impacts are the said to be issues surrounding the defensibility of the testing. It generally occurs when the minority groups are left out or they have adverse employment resolutions. For example, aptitude testing in selection process can have different groups having different accomplishment on the test.  Also, using tests is important but it is only when they are lawful and they are job related and consistent with the business.

The testing process also helps the employer in to   recognize the best qualified candidates through physiological tests which help them to know the general aptitude or cognitive. This helps them identify the candidates behavior and if it is applicable to the position that is vacant or applied.

Thus, this process helps in identifies the sought-after traits and the undesirables characteristic, shows cooperation, business ethics and autonomy of the applicant. And finally the employer will be able to create actual and desired conclusion which will not affect the business.

Another factor that is indispensable in selection process is screening applicant before employing them. This is because the health of the individual is related to the job that the candidate is almost to be offered but if the applicant is physically or mentally ill or his or her health is not compatible with the position applied automatically, he is rejected because he or she cannot perform the task as expected by the business and it will result lower organization productivity

Consequently, in this phase the manager usually examination the interviewers simple questions which are straight forward (i.e. name address, level of salary they are expecting, and also their experiences about the work). This helps the manager to reduce obviously those who are not suitable for the position. This reduces the cost of selection and the number of applicant pool.

It is paramount for the applicant to fill in the resume or CV which will be is found with the manager this involves the individual information, work history, experience of the past, medical issues and the education n background. This test shows the applicant profile and the capacity to perform the task and behavior which will anticipate the future of his job performance.

Another important aspect is selection test. This is crucial in this process of selection and the manager is a position to know whether he has made a wrong decision while choosing thus the tests should be of high standard quality in order to avoid wrong choices which will afterward influence the organization performance.

Besides, the employers should have a chance to exchange information with the applicant. This includes the testing of the abilities and skills (i.e. communicating and listening skills) enthusiasm is also manifested upon and career objectives. At this position the applicant can be given a realistic work to do for example if it is on information technology the candidate can be  given a computer program to work on  it this will show whether he or she is well versed with the position applied.

It is also necessary to look at the employee references and background checks. This reference helps the manager to take in additional insight on the information given by the applicant. Whereas, background checks verifies the  past; this which help to the manager to be  able to test the truth and the honesty of the employee which is indicated in the documents and the relationship  between the applicant and  other employee in previous companies and by this the employer should lessen the zeal of employing the candidate.

It is definitely easier for the employer to have effortless work when he has efficiently done testing on his employees because he will have minimal supervision on their duties and responsibilities in the business because he is able to have expectation in them without compromising on the quality of work done by them.


To sum it all up, testing the employee in selection process is essential in all management in all business. This is because, it enables the employers to match the applicant ability and the qualifications, identifies sought-after and undesirable qualities, distinguishes otherwise experienced individuals and also protects on the neglectful hiring.


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