Software Testing

Software testing is an actual activity, which allowed bringing lots of IT products to a new level. However, this activity requires high qualifications, good preparation and knowledge in many terms. This paper will provide an explanation of such things as Agile development methodology, Metasploit, Scalability Testing, Payment Gateway, and Obfuscation.

First, Agile is an iterative development method in which the entire project team participates in all activities. Requirements evolve as the iterations continue through collaboration between the client and the self-organizing teams. Since coding and testing are carried out interactively and gradually, during the development of the final product will have quality and meet the requirements of customers. Every subsequent iteration leads to an increase in the embedded work product and is delivered for testing user techniques (Huston, 2013). The feedback received from the client in this way will be a contribution to the subsequent iterations. Constant integration and testing are keys to Agile Development success and becoming an important component of all phases of development, ensuring continuous product quality. Ongoing feedback from all project participants adds to the quality of the product. In Agile, communication is paramount, and customer inquiries are accepted as needed. This gives customer satisfaction that all inputs are accounted for, and product quality work is available throughout the development.

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Second thing to note is that Metasploit is the most popular and effective penetration testing software in the world. Its capabilities include web application scanning, password auditing, social engineering, and even smart exploitation (Singh, 2013). This helps identify security weaknesses, focus on the right risks and increase safety.

Next, scalability test means testing a software application to measure its ability to increase or decrease its scale beyond its functionality. The main goal of scalability testing is to define a user limit for a web application and ensure end-user security under high load (Software Testing Help, 2018). Another goal is to be able to handle the server and whether the server will fail if it is under heavy load. For example, for testing a web page, the main parameter of verification will be the maximum possible number of simultaneous users. Also, depending on the application under test, attributes are checked, for instance, network usage or user interface.

Another thing to discuss is payment gateway, which is a hardware and software complex that automates the process of accepting payments on the Internet. The payment gateway is developed by the payment system, which defines its specification and is responsible for its support. Usually, the payment gateways have four components that ensure its working principle. They are a form of payment, a payment page, a payment status page, and a payment result page. Since the buyer is usually required to enter personal information, all communication on the payment page is carried out using the HTTPS protocol. It should also be noted that payment gateways have several advantages. The payment system can easily extend the functionality of the gateway without any action from the sellers. The seller does not need to spend money on hardware, software development, and worry about the safe storage of customer data. The buyer provides personal information only to the payment system, and not to each individual seller.

The last but not least, obfuscation of a code means bringing the source text or executable program code to a form that preserves its functionality but complicates the analysis, understanding of the algorithms of work and modification during decompilation. Such obfuscation can occur at the level of an algorithm, source text, or assembly text. To create an intricate assembly text, specialized compilers can be used that use unobvious or undocumented features of the program execution environment. There are also special obfuscation programs called obfuscators.