Scholarship Essay

Since the early childhood, I was involved into the world of science and engineering. Everything started with Lego and puzzles. With time parents helped me to discover the world of technology. My father and I made planes and small cars with the help of building sets for children. However, I was really involved into the process and tried to understand everything at the elementary level. Then, by chance, I used and implemented my knowledge to explore the world of science. As a result, the practical and theoretical aspects in the process of learning helped me to define my field of work.

Currently, I am a student of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. I am a Bachelor in Science and my major is Mechanical Engineering and Curricular Sequence in Project Management. I plan to graduate in May, 2015. I help freshmen to get involved in the academic and social life of the Industrial & Mechanical Engineering Departments since 2009. As a member of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, I started to work as a member of the marketing team. My current position is Digital Media Manager. I created and developed a database with all proposals, newsletters and event summaries for sponsors. I also created a new webpage and manage SPHE’s digital networks for effective communication with members.

I am mostly interested in design and development. This is what inspires me the most and makes me think out of the box, find new solutions and apply gained knowledge.  I have participated in few different projects so far. The one I am proud of is the project I have worked on in the Center for Highrate Nonmanufacturing, at University of Massachusetts Lowell. I was engaged in the work of Plastic Engineering Department as REU Intern. Together with others I researched characteristics of superhydrophobic surfaces for use in potential self-cleaning applications. We manufactured samples with micro features on the surface using Injection Molding Technology, characterized micro feature were reached with the help of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy. The final result we have reached was an increase of hydrophobicity by 37%. Now I am actively involved into two projects.

STEM scholarship is an immense opportunity for those who want to be a part of the national development. This year may bring a lot of achievements on the way of innovations for the Great Minds in STEM. STEM scholarship is a basis for young leaders, who are ready to face challenges on the way of promoting STEM vision. I strongly believe that the next twenty-five years will be marked by the same dynamics in the development and engaging of the Great Minds in STEM. I know that experience gained with the help of STEM will influence my life at all levels. In order to know how to implement all my knowledge, I plan to be certified as a Project Manager according to the PMI standards.

After receiving bachelor’s degree, I plan to continue my studies and further develop in the area of nanotechnology. The next step will be to receive Master’s degree and then PhD, which will help me develop and make researches in the sphere of nanotechnology, so I improve existing ways of nanotechnology usage. I would like to work in the sector of Nano biotechnologies, so with the results of my work I could help people to live a better life. Nano biotechnologies allow working on the tissue creation and developing nano particles as biomarkers. Moreover, I believe that with the development of nanotechnologies, people will have a chance to fight tumor, cancer or any other DNA disorder. I would like to make researches in this area, as this is a good way of implementation of interdisciplinary knowledge. On this edge innovations are born. With innovations, I want to help to create the world, where human and science cooperate. So, all investments in human development will help to achieve a better life, full of joy and happiness. The STEM community is able to make such impact and act sustainably.