Organized Crime

There are several genres of crimes but organized crimes have its uniqueness. Organized crime is a non ideological enterprise that involves a number of persons in a close social interaction, organized on hierarchical bases and contains some ranks for the purpose of securing profit and power by engaging themselves in illegal and legal activities. The hierarchy positions and those involving functional specialization are assigned on the basis friendship or kingship, or at some point they are assigned according to the skills that one acquires. In organized crime, no positions which are dependent on the individuals occupying them at any particular time. Permanency in this field is only assumed by those members who strive to retain the enterprise integral and active in pursuit of its goals.

It is a field known to eschew competition and struggles for monopoly on an industry or territorial basis. Individuals involved in organized crimes are ever ready to use violence or sometimes bribery to achieve ends or maintain discipline. They have restricted membership although nonmembers may be involved on a contingency basis as long as they abide by their norms which may be in written form, oral and are mainly enforced by sanctions that comprise murder.

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Due to misunderstanding of what is meant by organized crime, the federal Organized Crime control has identified a number of attributes that has a practical dimension. The attribute works as a base determiner of whether a particular group of criminal constitutes organized crime and therefore, necessitates to be approached in a way different from any other ways of approaching other territories or else groups of conventional crimes. According to Gregory K. Moffatt, organized crime is believed to consist of norms like free from political issues, is hierarchical way of working, limited members, monopolistic, exhibits a willingness to use illegal violence and it’s  governed by explicit rules and regulations.

Different Genres of Organized Crimes in Different Countries

Transnational organized crime is now considered one of the main threats to human security, impeding the social economic, political and cultural development of societies worldwide. It is a filed that has manifested itself in different activities like drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, firearms, smuggling of migrants among other activities. There have been different genres of organized crimes in different countries and some invented in early 1612 like the Yakuza of Japan.

The Yakuza or else the organized crime in Japan was always traditionally local, fragmented and changed radically resulting into much larger and more powerful groups since world war II. These groups have spread beyond Japan with powerful members taking up residence in Hawaii Thailand, Hong Kong and the continental in United States. The Japanese organized crime have broadened almost every area and the level of crime including gambling, prostitution, smuggling and drug trafficking been their objectives.

The derivation of many today’s gangs in the United States has the same similarity to that of Yakuza of Japan. The Yakuza are believed to have originated since 1612 as men known as Kabuki-mono got known to the local authorities as they used to have odd clothing style, distinctive haircuts, shoddy behaviors and carrying long swords which got everyone’s attention. It is believed to have resulted as a result of unemployment by thousands of samurai warriors due to Japan civil war betwixt 1863-1868. Like most of the gangs in the United States, Yakuza members are not reluctant to be identified as such. They have several similarities such as the use of guns and they identify themselves from other people by the use of tattoos and swagger about in exaggerated clothing. These groups of organized crime are predominately male since they are highly secretive and they do not trust women to remain tight-lipped in their business.

In both patties, they threaten facets in their mother countries including the economy and the national security at large. Technology have played a big role in encouraging organized criminal to carry out their activities in a well organized manner since there are using internet services to communicate.

Organized crimes in China tend to be different from that of United States as China criminals mostly influenced by its culture and like the U.S. who are not affected by their culture. Despite the differences, there is increasing evidence of the international interconnectivity of modern organized crime. The Chinese criminal organizations do operate in Mexico as they smuggle girls through Mexico into the United States for the purpose of sex trafficking demands.

Just like the Japanese, Chinese also have some dissimilar with the United State.  They operate in the United States but in less well-organized groups. Generally, these groups are street gangs and they do attract new Chinese immigrants who when they arrive in the U.S, find it difficult to adjust to the mainstream of American life and sometimes they work for tongs and have different names such as Flying Dragons, Eagles and the black Eagles and like the Japanese who uses different names making them have little dissimilarities.

Mexico organized crime has emerged with a lot of power such that its government is threatened. It is believed to be almost a text-book example of a nation known to be poor, but the most serious threat towards its stability is the growing power of transnational smuggling organizations. For the last decades they are believed to have connected with international criminal elements and many of their narcotics and human-smuggling operation were undertaken in Mexico.

The Mexican organized criminals are most treacherous as they are well-armed and motivated by the billions of dollars they make each year by smuggling drugs and people illegally into the United States. They are very supercilious as they threaten, extort and buy off Mexican and American officials and they don’t hesitate killing someone who hiders their way to succeed in their missions.

Russian organized crime is known to have resulted from old Soviet state. At that time, the level of corruption in the Soviet Union was great such that it fostered criminal enterprises including bribery, extortion and several sorts of illegal uses of government offices. It is after the fall of Soviet state that the new Russian government was not strong enough to combat organized crime hence the Russian Mafia thrived.

Similar to other organized crimes in different countries are at one degree or another independent of the other. At some situations they have different name since in Russia they have the Mafia and unlike that of the Chinese who have several names like Eagle among others. The Russian organized crimes differ from that of the United States as they are not much involved in drug trafficking, gambling as they prefer to carry out counterfeit schemes and scams such as health-care fraud, forgery and also fuel-tax evasion schemes.


If one tends to study the nature of organized crime its impacts as well as comparing one county to the other, one will end up exhausted without having a solution as people from America, Mexico among others are addicted to the use of drugs since this act as the backbone for the organized crime epidemic.  The United State is well known to be addicted to drugs and by fighting the organize crimes, the first step should be taken to the Americans and inform its citizens on the effect of Drugs and by doing this  organized crime will eradicate as time goes by.


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