Music Essay

Schubert (Erlkonig)

Schubert in his lied uses music to communicate the mood, the tone to the audience. Schubert employs music to help the audience get along with his message easily. Using music, the poet is able to show the tension that surrounds the characters while in the forest. In the lied, the poet brings out the mood of the poem, helping the audience attach more meaning to it through the use of music than reading it could. For example, through tempo, Schubert is able to bring out the anxiety of the father and the pace of the horse and he worries about his son and the Erlkoning. 

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Schumann (In the Lovely Month of May)

In the song, In the Lovely Month of May Schumann uses music with a lot of expertise to bring out the actual meaning, emotions and mood of the lied. The audience can easily acquit to the message through the music in the song. For example, the harmony between different keys in the piano signified the way it is possible for different people to unite and get along with each other through young love. This harmony also brings out the effect of love. Through such techniques of music, Schumann brings out the intended meaning of the lied.

Schoenberg (Mondfleck from Pierrot Lunaire)

Schoenberg uses music in the song Mondfleck to bring out the message in that the conflicting nature of the lied comes out strongly. Schoenberg uses conflicting characters in the presentation in the form of singers and on the same note, uses conflicting keys and tones. This shows the conflict that resides with humanity; conflict that occurs where harmony is most essential. For example, Schoenberg uses a female singer for a male role in the lied bringing out the controversy in the lied. In addition, he uses conflicting instruments all through, only to harmonize them in the last stanza.