Multiculturalism or Assimilation

According to Jeb Bush, the immigration experience increases vitality that is unique and extraordinary to the United States of America. Jeb is against the idea of having a multicultural society. Jeb asserts that America is better than other countries due to the values that the Americans share which help in defining their identity. He is against the idea of people identifying with certain races and ethnicity. Jeb supports the process of assimilation where different races interact freely without creating pockets of isolation. He argues that forming isolation pockets deter the process of assimilation and these results to limiting people’s aspirations. Jeb argues that it is good for the federal government to support citizens in the process of assimilation. Jeb further argues that what is important is embracing the shared values and the right-to-rise society. He argues that those illegal immigrants who are in the United States of America can acquire legal citizenship if they are assimilated. In this excerpt, I will show why Jeb is wrong by condemning the concept of multiculturalism.

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Jeb used the term multiculturalism in the literary sense to mean a social model whereby different cultures live in isolated pockets without being assimilated. In the real sense, multiculturalism is used to mean a proper way in which one can respond the various religious and cultural diversity. Multiculturalism brings tolerance to other culture, and this brings about unity to the society that in turn boosts economic development in a given country.


On the other hand, assimilation can be used to mean the process that a group’s culture or language come to resemble those of a different group. Assimilation brings about an erosion of culture that is vital to the identity of a country. According to Jeb, assimilation should be encouraged and even supported by the federal government. He argues that assimilation will bring about unity in the United States of America which is wrong since if we will lose our culture the United States will be a country without identity.

Connections between Assimilation and Ethnic Identity

Assimilation occurs in several circumstances, and it makes people lose their ethnic identity. There different types of assimilation that include; behavioral assimilation whereby the newcomer absorbs the values, cultural norms and performance patterns of the host society. The other type of assimilation is the socioeconomic assimilation where the newcomers are integrated into the formal political, social and economic institutions of the host country and become full members of the host country. While undergoing the process of behavioral and socioeconomic assimilation occurs in a linear manner whereby the passage of time and the succession of a given generation leads to an increase in the economic, political and cultural and the residential integration into the American society. Or it can happen in a non-line manner whereby the passage of time and normal the Asian Americans end up reviving their old cultural traditions behaviors, norms and end up choosing to remain isolated from the American Society.

Response to Jeb’s Argument

According to Jeb, the federal government should facilitate in communities efforts to assimilate. If the federal government facilitates the process of assimilation, it will be as if the government is fighting against itself. This is because by facilitating assimilation the federal government will be helping in destructing the identity of the United States of America. Jeb argues that communities should not create pockets of isolation. However, on the other side the pockets of isolation is what defines the different groups of people who live in the United States. Jeb sees the concept of creating isolation pockets to be the process whereby communities isolate themselves from other communities. Jeb is wrong in his view since despite the United States having several races they have managed to a unit to form the united country. On addition to this the presence of different races in the United States is what has made the United States of America unique from other countries. On addition, Jeb argues that the only way for the illegal immigrants to acquire citizenship is through assimilation. This is wrong because someone can become a United States citizen by other methods such as registration.

Advantages of Multiculturalism

Although Jeb argument is against the concept of multiculturalism, there are several advantages that come about by a country practicing the concept of multiculturalism. Some of these advantages include the fact that it enhances communication among people having different perspectives and traditions. In the process of communication, they share ideas and various perspectives, and this makes them learn a new way of seeing the world. As a result multiculturalism brings about development in an intellectual way that is against Jeb’s idea. On addition being in a multicultural society brings one to an open-minded population and this forces, people, to start seeing things from a different perspective.
When different races co-exist and cooperate in the development of communication, it helps in promoting respect, and this brings about tolerance among different cultures. As a result, people feel comfortable to live and interact with people who come from different countries who have a different perspective from theirs. A multicultural society reduces the concept of racism and promotes the concept non-discrimination in the society and, as a result, a peaceful living environment is created to all.
Multiculturalism can also enhance national unity by reducing conflict and hate that might divide the country. Multiculturalism can strengthen a country especially in situations where there are programs that are aimed at promoting understanding between different races and eliminating racism. Multiculturalism also helps assists citizens to take part in the political, economic and social life of their society. Multiculturalism also brings new ideas, for example with the fusion of many cultures in the United States of America the American citizens have acquired new ideas that are of benefit to many. For instance, several foods are now available, and this is due to multiculturalism some of these foods include the Chinese food and the tacos. On addition, there are different cultures and sports that have come about such as soccer and hockey that originated from Europe and Canada respectively. Assimilation can also increase immigration since the migrating people are assured of retaining their ancestry and cultural values. As a result, this makes a country to be more cohesive which brings about economic development. Therefore, since there many advantages that accrue to a country by practicing multiculturalism Jeb’s argument is wrong and if implemented can bring about adverse effects to a country.

Disadvantages of Assimilation

There are several disadvantages of assimilation that can affect a country adversely if it encourages assimilation among its citizens. Some of these disadvantages include loss of culture that might affect a country heavily especially if it depends on tourism for its revenue since when culture is affected it might not be able to raise enough revenue for its citizens. Assimilation might also bring about lose of identity since different people will lose their culture in the process of assimilation. This is because people leave their personal and cultural individuality with an aim of embracing another hence losing the foundation of what molds them and the things that make them exceptional. Assimilation may also lead people to do unlawful things such as drug trafficking, robbery, and prostitution. Therefore since these disadvantages can affect a country greatly Jeb’s argument is wrong.


Jeb in his argument did not consider several factors that are involved when talks about the concept of multiculturalism. On addition, he neither considered the results that might come about incase the federal government decides to facilitate various communities to assimilate. Although there are several advantages of one living in a multicultural society there are some disadvantages because at times, people may think that multiculturalism brings about the destruction of culture hence they fear to lose their identity. Therefore, one can conclude that multiculturalism has both advantages. However when compared to the disadvantages the advantages are more. Therefore it is true to say that multiculturalism has several advantages when compared assimilation. Therefore, Jeb’s is wrong in his argument.