Journal Entry: Internship Plan

I am undertaking my internship at NutritonicUS, a company that has designed and created health products in a bid to promote people’s health. Its products include sports supplements, minerals and vitamins, as well as children and adult natural gummy vitamins. Described below is my internship goal statement as well as specific goals that I desire to achieve by the elapse of the internship.

Internship Goal Statement

The value of effective communication in a person’s profession cannot be overstated. From this internship, therefore, I hope to develop my communication skills to help effectively meet others’ needs. Even with the 9 years of work experience, I feel the need to develop my interaction and communication skills more. I would also like to develop my leadership skills as I desire to own a business in the future. However, to effectively manage it, I need to be an effective leader. I also need to interact more with people from different cultures, an aspect whose importance today cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, from the responsibilities given, I hope I shall hone my leadership skills more. Further, I hope to demonstrate that even with my work experience, I am open to learning new things, facing new challenges, and exploring new opportunities. This shall possibly come with handling tasks that are beyond my comfort levels. I also hope to build networks by building professional relations. Lastly, I desire to diverse my employability opportunities and further build my resume for career advancement.

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Specific Goals

In spite of having numerous goals and targets for my internship experience, there are four specific goals that I hope to achieve by the end of the internship. First, my personal goal is to increase my customer relations skill with a diverse group by the end of my internship. This will push me from scenarios I have become accustomed to. As Coleman notes, going outside one’s comfort zone is imperative to being marketable in today’s workplace. My first job performance goal is to effectively comprehend the responsibilities, challenges, and working conditions of a project manager. This will be achieved by learning from the company’s current project manager. Further, by the end of the internship, from the responsibilities assigned, my second goal is to learn how to amalgamate tasks and deliver the best results. Lastly, by the end of the internship, I hope to have incorporated at least two leadership skills to solve a crisis or manage a conflict.

In conclusion, this internship will provide new growth opportunities in career advancements. It will also be a chance to face new challenges, test my limits, and advance my skills.