How I Became the World’s Greatest Junior Tennis Player

Hailing from an economically depressed family meant that education was the only hope for me to make it in life. This is the same case for many people who happen to share a similar background with me. All the people in my life persuaded d me to achieve academic excellence, to see me join Harvard and become a world renowned Doctor. This meant I could have possibly been a medicine practitioner.

However, soon I discovered the passion in sports and struggled all the way to the top. My journey towards being the greatest Junior Tennis player in the world started with many challenges and hurdles. I had to brace myself to undergo them. One of my challenges was my social background. From an early age, I was not privileged to have access to sports activities. There was simply no time to waste since I was busy contributing towards my family well being and income. Initially, there was resistance from my parents. They did not consider tennis as my future career. I had a difficult time trying to explain to them that it was the perfect career for me. It is only after the coach convinced them that I was not leaving school for playing tennis and  they agreed to support me. I can attribute my success to a supportive group of people around me, especially my team coach and to personal dedication.

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I was among the highest performers in class, and my friends could not understand why I wanted to give up education for doing tennis. What they failed to realize is that I was willing to pursue my education to the top most qualification.

In the world of sports I started during one of the usual school-break holidays when missionaries formed the recreation club. The aim was to keep teenagers in my home town occupied with any activities during the weekend and holidays. My parents thought it was a virtuous idea for me to join the club so that I could interact with people of my age. At that I opened my eyes to the completely new world. This was nothing I had envisioned of in my life. Initially, I made minimal attempts since I was consent to face the embarrassment of missing the ball. With the motivation and words of support from my couch, I plucked up the courage to hold the bat and aim at the tennis ball. My siblings were also supportive, and this gave me the sense to continue making attempts and soon I started to learn the tact of playing tennis.

Finally, I began to acquire a strong fervor for this game and my preference for tennis as a career to education, as a profession career could not be kept secret any longer. After the immense training, I was ready for the field. I trained regularly so as to develop my tact and learn new loops in the game. Eventually, the coach decided to place a bet on me, and he gave me the opportunity to play in a local community tournament. This was the golden chance that changed my life and showed to the world as a renowned sportsman. A scout of the national junior tennis team was present during this match, and out of the many skilled and better players than me; he identified the potential in me. A few months later, he made contact with my team couch and inquired on whether I was willing to join the Junior National team. This came in as shocking, but startling news to me. I agreed to be part of the squad that would represent my nation in the friendly tournaments ahead of the world’s Tennis League. This was just beginning of my rise to the top in the world of sports. Though I did not make such a powerful impact during this match, it made other teams recognize my presence in the sports and soon I signed a contract to play in the Australian opens junior league. After a period of two years, I became number ninety-nine in the list of the world’s best Tennis players. Afterwards, I got the tag as the world’s greatest junior tennis ball player.

Currently, I can attribute my success to two salient aspects of life, motivation and hard work. I had the privilege to have supportive people who provided me with the support I required to be the world’s greatest Tennis Player. I also had to be persistent in order to accomplish my goals; to be a perfect tennis player I need strong motivation as it was a time-consuming process, and finally I was able to make it against all odds.