Healthcare Essay


Assessing Risk

To start with, it is to be said that the following healthcare company under assessment is High Class Healthcare. With the regard to the need to calculate the likelihood of risks and potential areas of it within the company, it is necessary to begin with the identification of potentially vulnerable areas. Actually, the area with obviously negative tendency usually becomes a cause of a wide range of problems. Thus, taking this into consideration, a simple monitoring and observation can be suggested. In fact, this method has to be supported by accounting the related data: costs, resources, human resource commitment, percentage of impact on profits, and etc. Besides that, it is worth saying that SWOT analysis is crucially useful in this case. Namely, all positive and negative aspects of the company can be seen so that the attention will be paid to different extents in accordance with the seriousness of potential threats and weaknesses’ places of importance.

As for likelihood calculations, it is to be admitted that it can be predicted in terms of basic forecasts. For instance, a certain department is going to forecast its results for the following month. As a consequence, a particular minimum line should be set. In case the curve goes below the line, it means that the likelihood of risks is growing. What is more, it allows to be aware of potential risks on a regular basis.

As a result, it is necessary to identify groups, which will be responsible for arrangement and planning security activities. Therefore, it is to be admitted that security representatives of every single department should fall into two following categories. The first one is supposed to collect the related and valid data, forecast, and set below lines. In other words, it is the group, which provides the company with theoretical and statistical knowledge. In consequence, the second group is supposed to design and implement a certain set of security of activities in accordance with the data, which this group will receive from the first one.

Concerning the choice of the staff, which should be focused on these activities, it should be admitted that none of new staff have to be hired.

First of all, it can be explained by the fact that workers, which have quite meaningful experience in the company, will identify the problems faster than a new-comer. As a consequence, it is to be said that each department will be supposed to present their groups, in which every single member specializes on a particular aspect within the department. Taking this into consideration, it should be noted that these employees are expected to be removed from their regular working position for a particular period of time and certain frequency. Besides, these people are not recommended to be substituted.

Speaking about the potential challenges, which High Class Healthcare may face, it is to be said that the performance of this company is scientifically based in many respects. Thus, taking this into account, it is to be said that the first potential threat to the company is a loss of a scientific basis. For starters, it can be caused by a simple absence of positive outcomes of a particular research field. In such a way, the company may lose its current market shares. To put in a simpler way, it should be said that lack of scientific progress will lead to the absence of factors, which can provide the company with the ability to compete. These factors can be various: outdated equipment, absence of modern methods of treatment, inefficient databases, lack of practical knowledge, and so on. What is more, it is worth noting that a sphere of healthcare is under precise attention of the government. Therefore, it should be admitted that failure to pass a particular certification is supposed to be taken into account, as well. However, it should be also mentioned that this threat touches upon every single organization, which is regulated by the government because of the primary connection to the social sphere. All in all, it is the most dangerous challenges for High Class Healthcare

As a consequence, it should be emphasized that policies, state and national laws, and guidelines are playing extremely important role in the work of assessing risk. To begin with, it should be admitted that implementation of new policies and laws is nearly impossible to predict. To be more precise, the possibility of a certain tendency actually can be predicted by actual decision concerning particular law or policy cannot be surely known. Hence, it is to be said that that requirements, which may cause a risk for the company are hard to predict. In such a way, the organization is supposed to act just at the moment of certain new policy or law implementation. Besides that, it is also necessary to say that policies, laws, and guidelines are possible to limit the performance of the company indirectly. In other words, these limitations can deny the accessibility to particular sources or field of activity. Taking this into account, it is to be admitted that in such a way, the organization risks to face a considerable loss. Actually, it can be explained by the fact that an entire department can become out of use due to the drastic amendments within a certain law, policy, or guideline. Taken together, it is to be said that it is the key factors, which are influenced by the related to the firm policies, laws, and guidelines.

Infrastructure Security Using

With the regard to the security program of the company, it should be admitted that it is quite stable to face outer attempts of physical and virtual attacks. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that it was the right choice to incorporate a physical security for accessing the warehouse. Thus, in such a way, the risk of being attacked from the inside is excluded. In other words, a worker, who does not belong to the lab or information technologies department, will not be able to enter the warehouse. Hence, only people, who are to be trusted, can access the entrance to the lab and data warehouse.

On the contrary, it is to be noted that separate warehouses for the lab and the rest of the organization cannot be regarded as a reasonable decision concerning the security program. In fact, this separation only harms the inner security of the organization. In other words, in case some data is supposed to be sent to the lab from the main warehouse or vice versa, it may be lost due to a wide range of factors. As a result, it can become a vulnerable point of the security program. Thus, it is recommended to redesign the entire information system in terms of the mutual access to data marts. In fact, cloud computing technology is recommended. In such a way, all data will be in one database, and every department still is able to view data in a way, which it prefers.

Speaking about cloud computing in a more specific way, it should be admitted that it is possible to implement it partially. To be more exact, only the platform can be incorporated. In other words, the entire interface, layout of data marts and means of its processing and interpreting can remain the same while virtual data storage is common. Therefore, the basic principle of cloud computing is creating of one large data cloud so that every piece of information is visible for every single user of this data cloud. In case some department uploads certain data to the data cloud, the lab will see it, as well. Thus, in such a way, none of transformations and third parties is required for exchanging the data within the company.

However, it is still important to admit that the security has to be implemented, as well. To be more specific, every single cloud computing platform presupposes minimal means of security. Furthermore, it is possible to order an additional protection by the designer, which will provide the cloud computing platform itself. Though, these services are comparatively expensive but they provide a meaningful protection from undesirable data steals. In fact, a basic cloud computing platform does not report, which user has taken or uploaded a particular piece of data. Hence, it is the main recommendation concerning the data security program for High Class Healthcare.

Taking this into consideration, it should be admitted that the security of data center is supposed to meet the following requirements. For starters, as it has been mentioned before, it is to be admitted that the platform is supposed to be protected from the inside. In other words, the system is required to report about all data exchanges: uploads and downloads, updates, removals, and combinations. In such a way, it will be possible to trace the data processes within the organization. What is more, it should be admitted that reports have to be provided concerning any process within the data cloud. It can be explained by the fact that virtual attack is still possible that is why unknown user or device is expected to be reported immediately.

With the regard to the external threats, it should be admitted that the data centre is required to implement the simplest protection, which will just deny the access to any unknown user. Actually, it can be explained by the fact that it will distract workers from their regular duties.

However, it is worth saying that some serious attacks can avoid the protection and intrude the data cloud. Though, the solution to this issue is quite simple, as well. To be more specific, the organization is advised to create a back-up cloud, which will be used in case of emergency of virtual attack. Hence, in case the primary data cloud is attacked, the entire information is removed to the reserve data cloud till the attacker has been identified and prevented form the further attempts to interfere the data cloud.

Finally, it should be admitted that security zones play the primary role in the security program. First of all, it can be explained by the fact that any security program is primarily focused on the improvement of these security zones so that the organization is under the virtual and physical protection. To the broadest extent, the perfect security zone is one, which includes physical and virtual protections combined together. Taking these points into account, it is to be said that efficiency of security zones actually renders the success rate of the security program. In such a way, it should be admitted efficiency of the designed security can be estimated by the same likelihood calculation tools, which have been described in the previous section. All in all, it is the key points concerning the infrastructure of security of High Class Healthcare company.