Compare Single Life to Married Life Essay


Both married life and single life have their disadvantages and advantages. The difference between them is the extent to which the pros outweigh the cons. Based on my opinion, I would prefer single life to married life.  

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Freedom (Responsibility)

Single people enjoy more freedom as compared to married couples (Cox 177). This is because in single life, individuals live their lives as they please, and consult no one on anything. In married life however, the couple is accountable for one another and consultation is a must. Besides, individuals in single life can go out with their friends whenever, but married people have to ask their partners if they concur with the idea of going out. Single people do not have time limitations since they make their program on the basis of what they want, whereas married people have to fix their partners in their plans. Nobody gives single people commands on what to and not do. On the other hand, married people bother each other on what to and not do. For example, a man may wish to hang out in a night club with his friend. In single life this is a one man decision, which is contrary to married life where the man has to consult the wife so she does not feel neglected being left alone in the house. 

Additionally, people in single life are only responsible for themselves while married people have to be accountable for their partners. Unlike married people who think about their children and partners, single people only have to think about themselves. As such, you may find a single person decorating their homes or venturing in things that only reflect who they are, whereas married people have to consider the image of their partners and/or children. Single people live their lives as an adventure, and they explore almost everything that comes their way. Married people on the other hand, are restricted and can only do what they agree on with their partners. In single life, individuals live alone, and their life is that simple. Contrary, married people live as a husband and wife with children, and their lives are not as easy.    


It can be said that freedom and lack of numerous responsibilities in single life are linked to better health. Factors that may result in health related issues including countless responsibilities, tolerating moody and nagging partners, and misunderstanding with the other spouse are not present in single life. Single people also take precaution regarding their health as they know that they lack a spouse to assist them. In single life, one has increased time to take part in various activities such as exercises. This assist one to remain fit thus, preventing weight gain, and other related disorders. A survey carried out in 2011 showed that sinlge people have a low likelihood of gaining weight as compared to married people (Cox 180). Going out with friends and having fun is a characristic of single life which is linked with better health. On the other hand, married life is full of responsibilities, misunderstandings and these may result in health related conditions such as stress. For instance, when a mother is required to take care of his partner, children, and work at the same time may subject her to emotional stress. In case of a bad marriage, couples are subjected to various conditions including cardiac death, depression, as well as other chronic diseases.  Furthermore, due to the numerous responsibilities involved, married people lack time to engage in exercises and this has been evidenced to result in weight gain. 


In single life, a person is able to enjoy financial freedom unlike in married life. Single persons spend their finances how they want without seeking the opinion of another person, who may get angry. However, single people are required to cover solely all their living expenses but such expenses are usually low. In single life, one is soley liable for his/her own debt. This means that single people would do all they can to stay out of debts. On the contrary, there is no financial freedom in married people. Before making a decision on how to spend the finance, a spouse has to consult his/her partner in order to get their opinions. In some instances, such opinions may differ resulting to misunderstanding. Certainly, married people cannot use their money the way they desire as this may upset their spouse. There is less financial burden in married life as financial resources are pooled together, but there are also numerous living expenses to take care of (Cox 178). In married life, when one party involves him/herself in debts the other spouse becomes fully liable. This may be inconveniencing especially for those spouses who like involving themselves in debts without consulting their partners. Getting married is expensive, and such costs may amplify incase of a divorce. 


From the discussion, it is true to say that single life is better as compared to married life. Single life is linked with more freedom, fewer responsibilities, better health, and financial freedom. On the other hand, married life requires a spouse to consult with his/her partner in all activities.