Coca Cola Essay Sample

Coca cola was invented in 1886 by doctor john Pemberton who was a pharmacist. The coca cola formula was concocted by Pemberton in a three legged kettle in his backyard. The name was suggested by Frank Robinson, Pemberton’s bookkeeper from its two main ingredients; coca leaves and kola nuts. Coca cola was first sold to the public in 1886 in Atlanta at a soda fountain in a pharmacy. The pharmacy sold a fountain drink made by mixing coca cola syrup and water.

In 1887, the coca cola formula was bought by Asa Candler who was a pharmacist and a businessman. By late 1890s, coca cola was one of the most popular fountain drinks mostly because of Pemberton’s aggressive marketing.

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Both big city dwellers and small city dwellers enjoyed carbonated drinks at ice cream salons or soda fountains until 1960s. The soda fountains popularity began to drop as fast food restaurants and bottled drinks became popular (

One of the coca cola’s strongest selling points is that it has a legacy. It was used by our grand parents, parents us and our children will use it.  Another selling point is that its taste has remained the same over the years. Its slogans also seem to go well with different age segments of its consumers. For example to reach a target of 10 percent to the 18-24 age segments, some advertisement targeting the group has to be developed. This can include advertising with sports like basketball, football and others. Another way is manufacturing healthier drinks such as diet soda and lemon-lime flavors as they are seen to be healthier. Energy drinks are also a favorite of this group and can boost the company’ sales. Sponsoring youth projects like sports teams, community projects can also be another good marketing strategy.