Abnormal Psychology and Popular Culture

Abnormal behavior is widely treated nowadays not only in closed cabinets and establishments, but also on the television. This is a great step indevelopment of abnormal psychology.

To begin with, what is abnormal behavior? It is the kind of behavior that deviates from the accepted standards: harm, anxiety or oppresses others. Abnormal behavior in any way interfere with the public presentation of the norms of human activity. There are several approaches in psychology, differing views on the nature and origin of abnormal behavior. One of the problems associated with the definition of abnormality, is that our conclusions about the abnormal or normal behavior is largely dependent on the chosen perspective. Thus, psychoanalysis (psychodynamic treatment) can be considered homosexual abnormal behavior while it to behavioral approach is classified as normal behavior. Many psychologists are now inclined to believe that some people have a biological, psychological or social and cultural predisposition to a particular form of abnormal behavior, which is then activated and supported by psychological stress (paradigm predisposition to stress as one of the explanations of abnormal behavior).

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The TV show “OCD Project”of the channel TLC production talks about psychological problem, called “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and abbreviated as “OCD”. Six participants, who ruined relationships with friends and family because of this terrible syndrome, take part in the program. Many of them have lost a good job. All of them hope that Dr. Tolin with the help of intensive therapy will help them to get rid of the obsessive actions or deeds. An experienced team of psychologists is trying to help all six participants to escape from the clutches of this terrible syndrome and give them a chance to start a new life throughout all the TV project “OCD”. David Tolin specializes in this kind of disease not for the first year, and he has acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge that will help the participants to return to a normal lifestyle. Being like everyone is not going in cycles of bad thoughts and actions, which are completely meaningless. They will learn to control their emotions. It is necessary for each participant to set a specific target in the course of treatment, and overcome the fears that he or she had not been able to overcome. In general, the treatment course is rather long and very exhausting for the unfortunate patient. In the scientific circles, it is known as an “exposure therapy”.

That is exactly the therapy, whichDavid Tolin appliesin his practice to six recruits, who want to get rid of the “OCD” forever. That is the purpose of the doctor; he does not set himself on the task of somehow alleviation of this symptom, he wants to get rid all of the participants from obsessive-compulsive disorder, once and forever. The program is just filled with a kind of drama, because it is not easy to watch, and many viewers do not understand these people. Perhaps some of them will say that this is complete nonsense. However, there are many creative people, many intelligent and prominent people affected by OCD, destroying their lives completely. Many books were written about this illness. Known therapists knew about it a hundred years ago. And finally, TLC Channel launches a series of issues in which qualified doctors help people to find a new taste for life. “OCD Project”–is full of drama story about smart, creative and sensitive people, whose life for one reason has turned off the track, and the situation is out of control. A long way from debilitating destructive thoughts to the fundamental transformation of the personality, caused by a unique therapeutic method is waiting for heroes of the program.

There is an opinion in the clinics of neurosis that patients with invented fears should not communicate with each other. Doctors believe that fears are imaginary, because they are the thoughts that a person thinks. For example, according to a doctor,a patient is not a homosexual man, and thinks that he is gay and does not give any opinion from the doctor or he cannot convince himself. And it is believed that this is this category of patients with invented fears. As well as the fear of harm, etc. These categories should not be mixed, because there is a belief that it is possible to catch the fear of other people. However, I think it is only the state of mind. In this state, fears may have a place, even if the person is completely isolated from the TV and people. As long as this condition exists, phobias can flow from one idea, image and words to another. This condition is very complex and cannot be removed by clicking the finger.

There is some negative information that falls right into the depths of consciousness and causes strong negative feelings as fear. The vision begins with the help of thoughts, obsessive scary images, transferring negative feelings in it. Internal dialogue is not terminated and ends with a dead end. You can fight mentally for days, but in the end thoughts come to a standstill with the proof of the reality of fear. The next difficult time is thoughts, uncontrollable by the human, that is, images and words. The reaction of mind to this unreal naughty world is shown in the form of fear of losing control on himself and his soul and personality. Indeed, the fear goes beyond reason. The brightness of thoughts is very strong. Fears buckets may crumble and the body suffers from fear and despair. There is a notion affectivity. Affectivity understanding increases from the brightest unrealistic thoughts and lead to suffering, fear and despair. The idea of ​​a negative cause horror and exhausting fear. For example, we find something in ourselves that the mind cannot control in a neurosis.

Thoughts, emotions and body reactions are not accurate in this state. And with the appearance of a spike, the emotion of affectivity occurs. Feelings and emotions are going through the roof. And so is with all the spikes. In the OCD and phobias the feelings, thoughts and reactions of the body cannot be controlled as it should. And then it does not matter if someone saw something terrible or human with new fears. That is a state of imaginary fears when a person experiences unrealistic suffering; it is the cause of fear, and not information from outside. Fear of watching programs about OCD is also a spike. I think that such programs cannot help people to heal their fears, but they can significantly ease them. What concerns tolerance and withdrawals, the patients should be tolerant and show a will to heal; only in such a way the OCD can withdraw. Besides, we should not forget that there are different types of impulse behavior. That is why doctors have to analyze each patient’s behavior seriously to choose a right way of treatment.

In today’s world, reality TV shows about abnormal behavior and the ways of its treatment gain popularity very quickly. “OCD Project” is a show, where six people are fighting with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which causes their fears and phobias. High qualified doctors are fighting against the disease, which patients are willing to fight, so it is obvious, that most of them will be healed. Such programs are very important, because they help people to deal with themselves.