Health and Medicine

In addressing the Lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, several objectives should be considered. One of the objectives is on developing the care for the LGBT people. An example is the nurses increasing their knowledge of gender identity and sexual orientation. Even though sexuality has been generally categorized between feminine and masculine, there are other aspects like needs, desires, and behaviors which should be understood by nurses (Hawkins et al., 2017). The other aspect of improving care for this population is establishing a welcoming environment when they visit hospitals.  They have been discriminated for a long time, which has led to poor health services as clinicians do not establish a good rapport. They have also been denied the chance to self-disclose. A non-discriminatory policy should be introduced, where nurses respect every client’s sexual identity and treat all of them holistically and equally. In addition, care would be improved where gender-neutral language is used. In this case, the nurses should relate with the people with an open mind and develop a non-judgmental attitude. Nurses should be made to understand that their role is to improve the health state of the client and not to alter their beliefs and values.

The other objective is that nurses should understand the health issues affecting the population, and together with them develop reliable solutions. For example, they should learn about hormone issues, which are taken by this population to attain masculine or feminine impacts (Carabez et al., 2015). Due to discrimination, most of them do not seek medical help, leading to consumption of wrong amounts.  The action would lead to either increased or reduced blood pressure, blood clots, or liver damage among others. The introduction of hormones in the bodies also leads to cancer, especially of the breasts, uterus, and liver. The information would enable the nurses to determine the cause of cancer in them and thus select a suitable cure. Other common health issues in the LGBTQ population are sexually transmitted illnesses as well as substance and cardiovascular problems.