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Ban on Smoking in Public Places

Introduction and Claim

Smoking in public places is the immoral behaviorof people who do not take into account the fact that they poison the life of non-smokers with the smoke. Each person has faced with such people who smoked around them and thought of nothing. Thus, it is relevant to argue of what restrictions must save people’s health?

The number of smokers has increased in recent years. There are lots of examples when a mother holds the baby with one hand and a cigarette with the other one. It is relevant to argue if a society has to take smoking as the norm, or governments’ laws have no weight. Smoking in public places is hideous and dangerous to others. Why do people treat to themselves in such a way and how a non-smoker can protect himself/herself from a smoker?

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Background to the Issue

Cigarette smoking is the inhalation of the smoke of smoldering dried or processed tobacco leaves. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds. More than forty of these compounds cause the occurrence of cancer. Nicotine, carbon dioxide, cyanide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and other compounds are contained in tobacco smoke.

Cons and Pros of the Argument

It is no secret that smoking cause irreparable harm to human health. Moreover, the passive smoker inhales no less dangerous poisons than the smoker. A passive smoker can be anyone in the same room with a smoker, which is dangerous for the non-smoker’s health. Most often, a passive smoker can be in public places such as parks, stadiums, cafes, restaurants, and others.

The government of many countries establishes care programsfor its citizens. Sometimes it is necessary to protect one group of people from another. Thus, a ban on smoking in public places has been established to protect non-smokers from smokers. This restriction is implemented in different ways in different countries. Thus, a smoker will have to pay 10 Yuan for such violation in China (Huang, Zheng, and Emeryn.p.). In Germany, the offender may be fined from 5 to 1,000 euros. Finland has become the first country in Europe launching a program for complete smoking cessation.  According to the plans of the government, Finland will become an exclusively non-smoking country in 2040.

There are many reasons for the restriction on smoking in public places. The most important of them are a concern for the health of the non-smokers, as well as help the smokers quit smoking. In addition to the significant effects of tobacco smoke for the health of young people, the risk of smoking in the future is increasing. The youth is very sensitive to both health problems and social influences. It is necessary to assist smokers to stop smoking. Thus, the limitation in public areas reduces the visibility of smoking, which becomes less frequent in society and leads to the fact that social norms begin to change. As a result, smoking becomes immoral behavior in such society. Smoking in kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals, places of culture and leisure is strictly forbidden. In addition, it is imperative for certain types of institutions to set an example of health care by limiting smoking.

At the same time, the attempts to impose restrictions on smoking in public places are required to meet with resistance. After all, it is inconvenient for the smokers as it has been allowed and banned now. There are lots of people who support the myths about smoking. The first myth is that smoking does not cause any harm to the people around them. The second myth is that smoking restriction violates the smokers’ rights. The third myth is that it is allowed to smoke everywhere, and no one shows a bad example, as well as each person decides whether to smoke or not.

The common ground between the opposite sides of the arguments is that the ban on smoking is a necessary step to make future generations live in a healthier society. However, a strict ban may only force the youth to hide and violate smoking, so other people do not know about it. This situation can lead to more harmful situations in society. It is why it is a fair step for the government to find a compromise and let the smokers smoke in special places in order not to affect the non-smokers, which can make the both parties to be satisfied with the outcome.


There are different opinions of whether the ban on smoking has created significant changes in society. Usually, it depends on the level of the country’s development. Thus, there is a tendency to maintain a healthier life all over the globe. However, most-advantageous countries have managed to implement the laws causing the smokers quit smoking. At the same time, less developed countries have another situation. For example, there are many cases when it is possible to see a person smoking near the sign of ban on smoking. Many arguments can appear all the time of whether it could be a protest or simply a failure to take the ban. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in schools and children’s centers, including higher education institutions and hospitals. However, the smell of tobacco can be noticed in these organizations. The smokers will always find a place where they can smoke and no one will notice them. Thus, in order to impact on smoking in public places, it is not enough to establish a simple ban, signs and social advertising. Smokers have to incur substantial financial losses. This step can force them to quit smoking. At the same time, the creation of special places for the smokers allows to smooth the effect of the ban and let the smokers choose a healthy lifestyle without any force from the third party.

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