Important Psychological Benefits of Writing Things Down

Important Psychological Benefits of Writing Things Down

Human civilization is pretty fond of writing. Case in point: the Kish Tablets, which is the most ancient document in existence, dates back to around 6000 B.C!

Today we still write – and experience the benefits of creative writing – but instead of busting out a notepad and jotting things with a pencil or pen, we now rely on PCs and word processors.

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Writing Therapy: 6 Reasons To Write Things On a Notepad

It is a shame that writing things down on the paper is becoming a lost art. But the good news is that you can still it…and according to psychology you should! Why does writing things down help? Why is writing so important? Writing therapy really helps! Here is a look at six health benefits of writing down things.

It Expands Your Mind

  • It Expands Your Mind

Writing down thoughts and feelings can help you to become more ambitious and even allows you to think outside the box. As you brainstorm, what could be better than writing down your thoughts and then expanding upon them in order to come up with the next big idea? Think about cool things to write down. You do not even have to share them with others. Writing down what you want now allows you to return those ideas at a later point.

It Improves Learning

  • It Improves Learning

The importance of writing things down should not be underestimated. Write down notes as opposed to just studying them off a whiteboard. Why writing things down helps you remember the information. Well, according to 2010 study conducted by Indiana University, writing everything down enhances the learning abilities of children compared to just reading information.

So, if you have ever asked yourself, “Why should I write notes in class?” now you have the answer!

Better for Memory Retention

  • Better for Memory Retention

Writing helps you remember. Aside from learning, the benefits of writing also include retaining more information. People who write everything down – including checklists and even addresses – are more inclined to remember important things when they need to.

The bottom line is that putting words on paper helps you remember and science backs this up. A 2014 study by the Association of Psychological Science found that when students jotted things on paper, they experienced improvements in memory that were not gained when written on a computer.

Prevents Distractions

  • Prevents Distractions

Let us face it. When you use a laptop or smartphone, you are going to get sidetracked. Celebs are going to tweet things you simply must read. Facebook friends are posting things and it super important! Put your devices away and stick to a good old fashion notepad and pen. You will be able to concentrate on thinking about the things you should write down as opposed to text messages.

It Puts Less Pressure on Your Brain

  • It Puts Less Pressure on Your Brain

Think of your mind as a hyper-complex, sophisticated, super powerful hard drive.

As you are engaging in emotional writing, writing down your feelings, and just generally brainstorming things to write on paper, it allows your brain to unwind, put those excess thoughts to the side, and allow you to fill your mind with useful things people write about. This is writing as therapy at its best!

It is a Good Mental Exercise as You Get Older

  • It is a Good Mental Exercise as You Get Older

Writing feelings down is the perfect way to keep your mind sharp as you get older. This is according the reputable science journal Neurology. The benefits of writing skills includes lifelong usage of your brain from childhood through advanced age. Writing your thoughts is extremely important for maintaining healthy brain functions throughout your life. So if you know what to write down now, the 80 year-old version of yourself will thank you down the road.

Keep a Journal

The advantages of good writing with the usage of a pen and notepad are real and you will truly benefit from the results in the short and long term.

The best thing is that it is so easy to get into the habit. It does not require any sophisticated or expensive hardware; just a pen or pencil and paper. Embrace the advantages of writing skills and use them to work on your daily aspirations. Keep track of your progress and see where it takes you!

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