Learn How to Make Electronic Books with Pictures for Children

Why There is a Chance that Your EBook is Doomed to Failure?

How to Create Unique Picture Ebooks for Kids

The creation of electronic books for little kids has always been tasked to the most popular and best selling illustrators and writers. When a person wanted to make interactive children’s books, he/she should have paid a large amount of money to the electronic book creation company in order to do it. (There were a few online services who could publish books for little kids on Apple devices, for example there was a Book Creator).

This year, in September, Amazon company developed the KDP children’s Book Creator, which gives an opportunity to every person to make pictures book for kids or even picture books for adults for the Kindle and upload the books to Amazon. Such books can be created in the format of a landscape (in order to mimic the print books layout). In addition, they may contain pop-ups of the text, which can be enlarged with the help of a click or a tap. Such function makes book for kid to read easier.

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Side note:When you use the KDP children’s Book Creator, it means that you publish a book via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program. There are various royalty structures that can be used within the program. In addition, you may choose whether you want to be included in KDP Select. It gives Amazon company a right to distribute the child book you have created for a certain period of time in exchange for the marketing perks.

There is no doubt that the KDP Kids’ Book Creator has some weak points (Amazon company tries to improve this program due to clients’ feedbacks). It can be still considered a good beginning. Professionals who have been working in the publishing industry for many years perceived such an opportunity as a game changer.

How the Game Changed with the Help of New Free Software Offered by Amazon

It is obvious that Amazon tries to invest in children’s learning books with the help of Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet and Kid’s Book Creator. There is no doubt that under such circumstances, Amazon needs new content.

Now, you need to answer the most serious question: Are you ready to learn how to create a children’s eBook and not to miss such a unique opportunity? You have to remember that not all Amazon self publishing kids books are successful. Some of them do not become popular after being released.

Are you sure your kid story with pictures has all the chances to attract readers’ attention?

Check Out Positive Signs that Your Kid Story Attracts Readers’ Attention

  • Your book can appeal to the targeted market. Oftentimes, publishers have to refuse the authors just because the targeted audience is not big enough to compensate the publishing expenses. However, it does not mean that the book has no right to exist in this world. All you have to do it to reach the consumers directly in order to search for a particular topic in your manuscript. In case your book describes a child character with an allergy to a certain food and the ways that he/she has to control the time of snack, you can start writing a blog or guest posts for parents related to cooking and nutrition. A number of parents who are bloggers as well prefer guest posts related to child care. You can always mention about your book in a bio.
  • You have a high number of online followers already. The popular blog of Jessica Shyba, which features her pictures and pictures of her toddler and a dog helped her to make a good agreement with the popular publisher. Now you can see that social media helps to reach success and build a career of your dream. All you have to do is to post pictures of children reading and use correct hashtags.Of course, Jessica Shyba could self-publish her book. However, nowadays, writers as well as illustrators have an opportunity to reach their potential and loyal readers with the help of blogs, YouTube Channels and Twitter, Facebook, etc. it helps you to increase your potential customer base despite the fact that there are people who are ready to purchase your illustrated book.
  • You have a strong desire to establish yourself as an expert writer or illustrator. It can take ages to wait for the agent or editor to say ‘yes’ to your manuscript. If you publish two electronic books, it means that you are doing your best to create a positive name and build a professional career. When you create good content and market your published books in a smart way, you have all the chances build a strong platform for successful publishing deals.
  • You tool time and studied your craft. Remember that your books will be always compared to those created by best-selling authors and illustrators. That is why your book should be able to stand up the possible scrutiny. Visit classes in illustrated books writing, learn what fonts for children’s books are best, visit a critique group and take classes in the workshop. Finally, work with a professional and experienced editor. Make sure your future book received positive feedbacks from the readers.

Why There is a Chance that Your EBook is Doomed to Failure?

When you feel like you are not experienced enough in illustrating books, hire a professional illustrator. It is quite easy to find a freelance illustrator online.

However, if you want to create illustrations by yourself, please take graphic design classes in order to learn the basics of image placement. Remember that illustrations do not have to contain too small details.

Finally, remember that technology is not the biggest obstacle to book self-publishing. Believe it or not but the KDP Kids’ Book Creator software is quite easy to use. Learn how to make a children’s picture bookand build your professional career.